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Puede hacerse el mejor don de la clase.

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1 Puede hacerse el mejor don de la clase.
Una Competencia Puede hacerse el mejor don de la clase.

2 ¿Qué tienen en común las siguientes personas?

3 Tirso de Molina was a Spanish Baroque dramatist and poet
Tirso de Molina was a Spanish Baroque dramatist and poet. He was born in Madrid, and was originally named Gabriel Téllez. He became a priest in 1610. Due to the realistic character of his plays, his rival playwrights denounced him as a corrupter of public morals. This was in 1625. He transferred to Salamanca, determined not to write for the stage any longer. In 1630, he wrote a play that made him universally known. Tirso de Molina

4 Mozart was a prolific composer during the Classical Era.
He was born in Austria, and lived from 1756 through 1791. He composed over 600 works. An opera that premiered in October 1787 won him acclaim in Prague. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

5 George Gordon Byron (1788 –1824) was a British poet and a leading figure in Romanticism.
He is regarded as one of the greatest European poets and remains widely read and influential, both in the English-speaking world and beyond. Amongst Byron's best-known works is a poem spanning 17 cantos. It is often called the epic of it’s time, and ranks as one of the most important long poems published in England since Milton’s Paradise Lost. Byron's fame rests not only on his writings but also on his life, which featured extravagant living, numerous love affairs, debts, separation, and marital exploits. Lord Byron

6 José Zorrilla y Moral 1817-1893 was a Spanish romantic poet and dramatist.
He was educated by the Jesuits at the Real Seminario de Nobles in Madrid. He wrote verses when he was twelve, and is responsible for writing the longest-running play in Spain. That play was written has been performed in Spain at least once every year on All Saints’ Day for over a century. He was always poor, especially for the 12 years after Though his plays were still being performed, he received no money from them. Finally, in his old age, critics began to reappraise his work, and brought him new fame. He received a pension of 30,000 reales, a gold medal of honor from the Spanish Academy, and, in 1889, the title of National Laureate. José Zorrilla

7 Johnny Depp was born John Christopher Depp II in Kentucky on June 9, He is an American actor, known for his portrayals of offbeat, eccentric characters. Films featuring Depp have grossed over $2.2 billion at the United States box office and over $4.7 billion worldwide. He starred in a 1995 film, based on two different sources; the modern-day story is based on director/screenwriter Jeremy Levin’s short story, while the flashbacks are based on the more familiar legend, especially as told by Lord Byron. The film and soundtrack feature the original Bryan Adams song "Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?" Johnny Depp

8 El personaje de Don Juan The term nouns donjuán (wolf; womanizer) and
donjuanismo (wolfishness, womanizing) are found in the Spanish dictionary. Although the translations have negative connotations based on the original character, reference to don Juan may also connote romanticism, as his character has been modified in various versions of the legend.

9 Tirso de Molina El burlador de Sevilla y convidado de piedra (The trickster of Seville and the guest of Stone) is the play written in 1630, attributed to Tirso de Molina. The don Juan character was not a nice one. He placed bets about being able to conquer the most women and kill the most men.

10 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
The most influencial version of the don Juan legend is the opera Don Giovanni, written by Lorenzo da Ponte with music composed by Mozart. It was first performed in 1787.

11 José Zorrilla Don Juan Tenorio is a religious-fantasy drama in two parts. It was written in 1844 by José Zorrilla. This is the more romantic of the two principal Spanish-language literary interpretations of the myth of don Juan, as he is allowed to fall in love in this account.

12 Lord Byron Byron published the first two cantos of Don Juan anonymously in 1819, after disputes with his regular publisher over the shocking nature of the poetry. It was eventually released volume by volume through his regular publishing house, until public outrage in 1822, that resulted in Byron’s publisher refusing to continue to publish the works.

13 Johnny Depp The 1995 film, Don Juan DeMarco, stars Johnny Depp as John R. DeMarco, a man who believes himself to be don Juan, the greatest lover in the world. DeMarco undergoes psychiatric treatment to cure him of his apparent delusion, but the sessions have an unexpected effect on the psychiatric staff, some of whom find themselves inspired by his delusion.

14 ¡Feliz Día de los Enamorados!
You will all receive a passage from Zorrilla’s Don Juan Tenorio. On February 13th, each student will participate in a contest by reading the passage aloud in Spanish, using his very best pronunciation. The most convincing don Juan in terms of pronunciation and intonation will earn a half letter grade boost for the third quarter.

15 Vamos a practicar 1. Lean solamente las vocales. 2
Vamos a practicar 1. Lean solamente las vocales. 2. Vamos a subrayar la sílaba acentuada. 3. Lean el trozo de nuevo con todas las letras. Comendador, Yo idolatro a doña Inés, persuadido de que el cielo me la quiso conceder para enderezar mis pasos por el sendero del bien. No amé la hermosura en ella, ni sus gracias adoré;

16 lo que adoro es la virtud,
Don Gonzalo, en doña Inés. Lo que justicias ni obispos no pudieron de mi hacer con cárceles y sermones, lo pudo su candidez. Su amor me torna en otro hombre

17 regenerando mi ser, y ella puede hacer un ángel de quien un demonio fue.

18 Vamos a practicar 1. Lean solamente las vocales. 2
Vamos a practicar 1. Lean solamente las vocales. 2. Vamos a subrayar la sílaba acentuada. 3. Lean el trozo de nuevo con todas las letras. Co-men-da-dor, Yo i-do-la-tro a do-ña I-nés, per-sua-di-do de que el cie-lo me la qui-so con-ce-der para en-de-re-zar mis pa-sos por el sen-de-ro del bien. No a-mé la her-mo-su-ra en e-lla, ni sus gra-cias a-do-ré;

19 lo que a-do-ro es la vir-tud,
Don Gon-za-lo, en do-ña I-nés. Lo que ju-sti-cias ni o-bis-pos no pu-die-ron de mi ha-cer con cár-ce-les y ser-mo-nes, lo pu-do su can-di-dez. Su a-mor me tor-na en o-tro hom-bre

20 re-ge-ne-ran-do mi ser,
y e-lla pue-de ha-cer un án-gel de quien un de-mo-nio fue.

21 Don Juan De Marco Have you really ever loved a woman? –Bryan Adams (Close the slide show. Click on slide 21, and click the icon between the two hearts to play the video clip.)

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