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PMDC Guidelines for Prospective Candidates. By Muhammad Shahbaz

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1 PMDC Guidelines for Prospective Candidates. By Muhammad Shahbaz
MBBS,MS(Current Student)SDU ,Qilu Hospital China. Member of ISL(International Congress of Lymphology and Oncology. Best young Lymphologist speaker 2009 Sydney Australia.

2 PMDC Official Website:

3 Eligibility . Documents needed for getting Eligibility.



6 After getting Eligibility :

7 Steps: From Year ,PMDC has divided the exam into 3 parts.

8 New Format of NEB PMDC.

9 Guidelines of New Format:






15 Part1: Basic subjects.

16 Part 2 : Clinical Subjects.

17 Part 3 : Viva.

18 How to Prepare : Keep to point.
There are topics mentioned in the New format ,Stick to the topics. Review the courses which you have learnt during your 5 years time. Read MCQ books written by the famous professors of the medical colleges . Don’t leave any subject ,Forensic and Community medicine and minor subjects have marks too.

19 Books : No need to study the gigantic books. Just stick to the review books which can also be revised easily very near to the exam. *Read the community medicine book (either by prof. Naveed Alam or prof. Nauman Hashmi) thoroughly as many MCQs come from the community medicine. *For pathology, study from Firdaus or Board Review Series Pathology (BRS), and you can rely on the topics given in the exam format by PMDC. For other subjects, not all the questions come from the format. So be ready to see few questions coming out of course (still related to medicine). Do the General Pathology complete. For systemic pathology, do whatever is given in the format. *For physiology, Firdaus or BRS physiology are best books to study. *For gross anatomy, you must do the upper and lower limbs complete. Small book of Snell’s clinical anatomy is good for that. *For embryoloy, study from Lange or High Yield Embryology. Concentrate on clinical problems relating embryology such as neural tube defects etc. *Neuroanatomy from Made Ridiculous simple *Microbiology from Made Ridiculous simple *Biochemistry from Lippincott or from any review book as many students find it difficult to study from Lippincot. *Pharmacology from lippincot *Firdaus for Forensics.

20 For medicine, you have to study from Inam Danish or Davidson
For medicine, you have to study from Inam Danish or Davidson. No review books for Medicine. *You can also prepare psychiatry from these two medicine books. *Go for surgery review by prof. Shameem and do the topics from the exam format. *For behavioral sciences, book by prof. Mowadat H. Rana is a good choice. *For Opthalmology, study from Opthalmology by Shafi M. Jatoi. *For ENT, Study from Dhingra...or from ENT Review by Prof. Firdaus. *For Dermatology, do from ABC of Dermatology by Prof. Tahir Saeed Haroon . If you own a CMDT, do the dermatology from there. Its relatively easy in CMDT than in ABC. *For Gynecology & Obstetrics, Ten teachers or Arshad Chouhan or Terse all are good. *For Paediatrics, Book by Prof. Pervez Akbar Khan is a good choice. *If you r interested in reading MCQs, get the MCQ books written by Dow's professors... Tasaddiq Concise Medical book series

21 For Part 3: Do the General physical exam, History taking, ECG, X-Ray studies, Cranial nerves…and no need to mention that your concepts should be cleared to justify your answers in viva. For this step, Macleod or bedside techniques are good choices. Also do the instruments names from surgery, ENT, and opthalmology. Do stress on APPROACH TO THE PATIENT, how to get to the patient, introduce yourself, take consent, take history and inform the patient before touching him/her for physical examination. These are the key points which examiner notes when he/she gives you command for any physical examination of a patient.

22 After Passing all 3 steps.
You will be issued temporary Registration license from the PMDC .You can start one year House job in any Recognised/Affiliated Hospotal of PMDC.

23 Answer Sheet for MCQ s:

24 For further details:

25 Thank you

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