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Communication and Theatre 310 Organizational Communication Working with Integrity.

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1 Communication and Theatre 310 Organizational Communication Working with Integrity

2 When you are hungry, eat... When you are tired, sleep... Implications?

3 How is studying Organizational Communication “equipment for living?”

4 Mindful communication: Personal responsibility Genuine reflection Choice of frameworks Listen/consider other perspectives Ethical strategy Purpose

5 Becoming more mindful: Sensitive to conflict Perceive potentially positive and negative outcomes Uncertain how to interpret episode Situation is troublesome or unique

6 Being more mindful in the workplace: analysis Consider situation and develop appropriate strategies Organizational culture Power relations Race/gender/class

7 Develop choices: “The first train that leaves the station?” Outcomes Organizational Relational Personal

8 Adapt message to context: Inform Persuade Help/advise Understand

9 Feedback/evaluation: Pay attention to outcomes Be adaptable (corrective)

10 Conscious Integrity Doing what you promise Being fair and just Willing to speak Malden Mills

11 What is a grammar of organizational communication? Relationships Structure Network Leadership/followership Message sharing Media Channels of communication

12 How might management be poetry? Balancing order and chaos Making sense using story and metaphor instead of literal language and technical rationality When you take your pill It’s like a mine disaster. I think of all the people Lost inside of you. R. Braughtigan

13 Dalai Lama: “Instructions for life in the new millennium” Take risks Each moment is an opportunity for learning Respect/responsibility You can lose the relationship over the “little stuff.”

14 Correct mistakes Spend time alone Change based upon values Silence is powerful Living an honorable life = no guilt Since we make it up, why create a frigid climate in relationship?

15 Share knowledge Be gentle with the earth Explore unknown places Judge success by its worthiness

16 End of Working with Integrity Session

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