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T-76.4115 Iteration Demo Tempus PP-Iteration 17.10.2005.

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1 T-76.4115 Iteration Demo Tempus PP-Iteration 17.10.2005

2 T-76.4115 Iteration demo 2 Agenda  Project status (15 min)  achieving the goals of the iteration  Timeline mostly met  Core use cases defined  Documentation available  Tools in use (Wiki, Dotproject)  Project group formed and responsibilities and main roles defined  Project architechture  Development environment mostly defined  project metrics  Timeline  Reported working hours  Work results (10 min)  presenting the iteration’s results  Documentation  Use cases  Research  Technologies  Used work practices (10 min)

3 T-76.4115 Iteration demo 3 Introduction to the project  What is this project about?  The main goal of this project is to develop, test, document and deliver a SIP- based calendar solution for the customer, Nokia Research Center.  Developed by extending the open source Mozilla Calendar Project  Design is based on IEFT SIP calendaring event draft, which will most likely be revised as the project progresses.

4 T-76.4115 Iteration demo 4 Status of the iteration’s goals  Define the main roles of the project group  ok  Understand the domain, especially SIP and network calendaring  ok  Understand the goals of the project  ok  Define the core requirements on a high level  ok  Perform as much additional requirements work as possible  Not much achieved  Plan and set up the process infrastructure such as working and communication methods  Mostly ok  Set up the technical infrastructure such as servers and software tools  ok

5 T-76.4115 Iteration demo 5 Status of the iteration’s deliverables  Project plan  OK  Requirements document  Only contains proposed core requirements  Quality handbook  Ok for this iteration, still needs work  Risk Management Plan  Ok for this iteration, ongoing process

6 T-76.4115 Iteration demo 6 Realization of the tasks Team StatusRealPlanDiff(Left) Project planLauri Pitkänen, Juha Vuojärvi and Janne Koilo OK 2638-12 Requirements specificationAllOK 1524-9 Risk management planLauri Pitkänen, Juha Vuojärvi and Janne Koilo OK 1815+3 Course lecturesAllOK 3450-16 Personal SEPA practicesAllOn-going or not started 1030-20 Progress reportLauri PitkänenOK 23 Reporting and correspondence AllOngoing 2050-30 Meetings and meeting kick off AllOK, not yet held 2548-2318 Project infrastructure set- up Sakari LaitinenOK 2421+34 Quality handbookJuha Vuojärvi, Lauri PitkänenOK 120+12 ResearchJanne Koilo and developersOK 3050-20 Total 216329-11322

7 T-76.4115 Iteration demo 7 Working hours by person  Reporting problems with the Dotproject system may have lost hours. This is being worked on. Person RealPlanDiff Sakari Laitinen 2540-15 Lauri Pitkänen 4956-7 Janne Koilo 50 0 Juha Vuojärvi 3253-21 Annu Myllyniemi 1126-15 Anu Markkola 1326-13 Herman-Filip Björklund 1226-14 Juha Koponen 1226-14 Paula Hellemaa 1226-14 Total 216329-113 Realized hours in this iteration

8 T-76.4115 Iteration demo 8 Quality assessment Functional areaCoverageQualityComments Project Plan2 Reviewed and accepted Requirements1  Not reviewed properly SEPA1  Not really started Quality Handbook1  Still needs work Legend Coverage: 0 = nothing 1 = we looked at it 2 = we checked all functions 3 = it’s tested Quality:  = quality is good  = not sure  = quality is bad

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