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Y O U R T R A D E R I S K S, U N D E R C O N T R O L.

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1 Y O U R T R A D E R I S K S, U N D E R C O N T R O L.

2 Who is Coface and what do we do? ●Founded in France in 1946; International expansion in the 1990s ●Global headquarters in Paris, France ●North American headquarters in East Windsor, NJ ●Collections division headquarters in Metairie, LA ●Canadian collections headquarters in Toronto ●Subsidiary of Natixis – one of the largest banks in Europe ●Rated: AA- by Fitch A2 by Moody’s Coface: Worldwide Trade Facilitator Coface facilitates business-to-business commerce worldwide, offering solutions to all companies – whatever their size, nationality, or business sector – for managing, protecting, financing and collecting their accounts receivable.

3 Commercial Collections Coface Collections North America, Inc. is a full service collection agency that works along with many associations and provides its clients with a powerful infrastructure, sound business ethics and strong investigative experience. These services can be tailored to your needs to help you control past due accounts both domestic and international. As a client of Coface, you will benefit from our flexibility and commitment to customized collection efforts, reporting methods and payment schedules. We are fully licensed, registered and bonded in all required states and provices. Coface Collections can help you improve the performance of your revenue cycle

4 Commercial Collections ●Investigation Sophisticated investigative resources to gather and analyze information for optimal results. ●Negotiation Financial information and pertinent facts that we research and gather enable our collectors to negotiate from a position of strength. ●Collection Our approach combines state-of the- art technology and resources with expertise, experience and finesse. ●Networks Our investigative divisions enhance our ability to collect worldwide through our field investigative network, financial profile, and our international network, the largest in the world. ●Client Services We offer several specialized services to our clients: Fast Track Remit, Recovery Task Force, On-line Stat, Business Activity Scan and and Education Services, all designed to help facilitate your debt recovery process. Coface Collections North America, Inc. is a member of the Commercial Law League of America, the Commercial Collection Agency Association of the Commercial law League of America and the International Association of Commercial Collectors.

5 What we can do for you…. ●Discounted contingency rate for members ●Twice monthly remittance of monies collected ●Abililty to send a credit professional to your debtor’s business or residence to discuss payment. ●Industry leader in Receivables Management: Our business expertise includes Information Services, Collections, and Commercial Trade Credit Insurance. ●Global presence in 93 countries and 6 continents ●Coface Accounts Receivable Express (CARE), a low-cost online pre-collect service for reminder letters and calls to help ensure your receivables are paid. ●Complimentary Debtor Alert: A daily warning system notifying you and all your locations of the companies in your industry that have been placed for collection the previous day. ●Complimentary Business Activity Scan: With only the telephone number of your delinquent client we can provide vital behind-the-scenes information about their financial stability, which is necessary for you to make an informed and intelligent collection decision.

6 Associations we are endorsed by: ●AAAS – Automotive Aftermarket Association Southeast ●APSA – Automotive Parts & Service Association ●ATSSA – American Traffic Services Corporation ●BIA – Building Industry Association ●DHI - Door & Hardware Institute ●ISA – Industrial Supply Association ●NACM - National Association of Credit Management ●NACMNE – National Association of Credit Management / New England ●NCA – National Confectioners Association ●NCTDRA – N.C. Tire Dealers & Retreaders Association ●OTDA – Ontario Tire Dealers Association ●PIAS - Printing Industry of America South ●PTDA - Power Transmission Distributors Association ●PWA – Performance Warehouse Association ●RPA – Retail Packing Association ●TIA – Tire Industry Association ●LBMAO – The Lumber and Building Materials Association of Ontario

7 Additional Features and Services When you choose Coface Collections North America as your debt recovery partner, you gain access to a host of additional features & services: Extensive licensing and full insurance and bonding Spanish and French-speaking collectors Credit services and individualized outsourcing Confidential aging analysis Vendor credit services Membership in several collection associations, CCAA, CLLA & IACC

8 Contact us For more information, please contact: Monique Alexander Association Development Director Tel: (800) 318-6494, ext 212

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