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By: Blas, Bauti, Max, Sasha. Rule number 1: ENJOY.

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1 By: Blas, Bauti, Max, Sasha. Rule number 1: ENJOY

2 Wars Epēius was a craftman, he was the one that designed the Trojan horse(also known as the wooden horse)and the one that chose the soldiers. One of the soldiers was Odysseus. When Paris “prince of Troy” escaped with princess Helen was when all this happened. When the king realised he went very angry. He had a plan, the Greek were going to make a big wooden horse, hide in it and give it to the trojans and at midnight they would get out and open the doors for the other Greek A man called Homer wrote a poem about a war. In 1250 BC there was a war similar as the one that Homer described in his poem Sasha All around Troy there was a wall and the Greek couldn't pass it.

3 Blas The article will look at four Spartan weapons, their spear, two swords and their shield. Each Spartan was expected to provide his own weapons and armor. The Spartan weapons were well honed for the war. The Spartan soldier always took a secondary weapon, that secondary weapon is a sword called xiphos. Weapons and Armor xiphos BLAS

4 Spartan army T he Spartan army was known far and wide for their fierceness, brutality, and efficiency in battle. MAX Spartans were obsessed with war.They spend their entire time training.Spartans people didn't like foreigners. spartans had the strongest military army. Some female if they want they can go to wa Sparta were divided in groups. One of them was the Peloponnesian league that means they can borrow soldiers whenever they like to fight

5 As hoplite soldiers began to dominate the greeks armies, knew tactics were needed, and methods of fighting changed completely. In the bronze age, warriors had fought individually. Hoplite soldiers fought in organized formations which required good discipline and exact training. If the enemy line was forcing(that the line was still straight) the two phalanxes had two push until one line broke and then they came and fought. Bauti

6 SHIPS The most and powerful ship and famous was the greek model called trireme. At the start of the battle, enemies often faced each other in two long imaginary lines. The upper rowers called thranites sat in rows of 31. The middle rowers were called zygites. The bottom rowers called thalamites, they also sat in two rows of 27. BAUTI

7 YES HOPE YOU LEARN ABOUT OUR TOPIC Greece Thanks for watching

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