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By:Juan,Mati, Tobi and Sofi

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1 By:Juan,Mati, Tobi and Sofi
Ancient Greece By:Juan,Mati, Tobi and Sofi

2 Parthenon and Acropolis
Tobias Erechtion by unkown Parthenon and Acropolis altar for Athena polias by unkown The aCROPOLIS HAS A TYPE OF ARCHITECTURE CALLED dORIC AND Ionic Brauronion/ sanctuary of Artemis brauronia by unknown The parthenon was made of white marble.

3 Parthenon and Acropolis
Tobias Parthenon and Acropolis Propylaea by Mnesicles Architectures were Ictinus and Callicrates. The biggest and most expensive statue was made of wood, ivory and gold it was 12 meters tall when there was an attack to Greece they removed the gold part and store it in. Sanctuary of Artemis by unknown

4 Parthenon and Acropolis
Erechtion Parthenon and Acropolis Propylaea Brauroneion Parthenon altar of Athena polias

5 Buildings and houses Matias
Greek houses were often built around a central courtyard, the finest houses even had bakeries inside Matias Houses composed by: the slave room, the bathroom which was only one in each house, the hall, the bedroom for the people who rented your house, an altar where they gave presents to the gods, a room where the well was, a room for the craftsmen, the androd were only men could go, the kitchen and the women's quarters.the houses also had a small statue of hermes in the entrance to protect the house.

6 building and houses 2 Matias
houses were made of adobe, sun dried bricks made of straw and clay. building and houses 2 Greeks had rules, the most important one was that if you were a guest you couldn't go near the women quarters were or the master of the house may think you want to run away with his wife The roofs were covered with reed which is a tall grass or with tiles.

7 walls decorated with elaborated tapestries
walls decorated with elaborated tapestries. They also made the floor with very fine mosaics, with patterns and pictures made with stone bulding and houses 3 If the greek people didn't have a place to stay including sleep and eat large towns had hotels called katagogia.

8 Education Stylus and wax board Abucus
Wool being turned into yarn being turned into cloth Abucus Sofi

9 The Kitharistes was the music teacher
The Kitharistes was the music teacher.They taught the kids how to play the Aulos and the Lyre. Teachers The Paidagogos was a family slave The Grammatistes taught reading,writing and math Sofi The paidotribes was the gym teacher

10 Three types of columns; Doric, Ionic and Corinthian
Juan Columns and Styles Three types of columns; Doric, Ionic and Corinthian Vertical and horizontal lintels. Inspired by wood trunks that support the buildings. Plain top Sturdy and top plain. This style was used in all Greece. The first temples were made with the Doric style.

11 Juan Ionic Thinner and elegant. Top decorated with a scroll-like design, used in Greece and the islands. It has a fancier base. Scroll-like design

12 Corinthian Juan Acanthus leaves The Corinthian style was use in the greek world, but it appears in Roman temples. The top of the column with acanthus leaves. The Corinthian column is because Corinth city.

13 Hope you enjoyed it! The End

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