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Graphic Designer references by Milan Olah (Mils).

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1 Graphic Designer references by Milan Olah (Mils)

2 Ground Exchange I had to create new tiles from this sample. My client needs to present its products in an environment that looks real.

3 Slimming I would like to demostrate how to make someone slimmer.

4 Face retouch Every photo needs basic correction, especially on face.

5 Into a rainy night Sometimes I have to change the photo completely. I transformed this city picture to a rainy night photo. For a complete change, details are very important. In this photo I not just changed the sky and color, I paid attention to the shadow changes in the night and the reflections in wet environment.

6 More Drinks I was given this photo for a campaign of Pub Crawl. I was asked to put more drinks on the photo.

7 Pin-up I had to transform this modern photo to an authentic pin-up poster. (Unfortunetly the photographer cut the girl’s hair.) The image is one of the backgrounds of a website that I created.

8 Image Supplement I needed a wider photo for a website but I couldn’t cut the picture horizontally. I had to delete some objects from the side of photo then I filled up the vacant space.

9 Photo Restoration For a few years I engaged in saving and restorating old, damaged photos, videos and soundtracks.

10 Logo creating I think a good logo is simple for the best identification, but reflects activity and style of the company.

11 Banners I make banners for Google Adwords display, remarketing and facebook advertisements.

12 For a Google Adwords display or remarketing campaign I create the banners in 19 different sizes.

13 Product Image editing I edited imagery for several webshops. As a background I usually use white color because it’s clear and elegant. Changing the background color is more difficult when there is fur, feather, lace or other semitransparent material on the picture.

14 Pre-press Click I make my works in print quality (300dpi) and color mode (CMYK).

15 Video editing I cut this video from amateur video tracks made on parties organised by We Love Ruin Pubs in order to promote the next event of the company. I made this video banner for Exactor to promote its partner, Generali.

16 Graphic design, Online marketing www.partybikebudapest.h u Graphic design, Webdesign, Online marketing Graphic design, Webdesign, Online marketing Graphic design, Webdesign, Sitebuilding Websites I contributed to the development of more than 70 websites in the last 7 years as graphic designer (imagery), webdesigner, sitebuilder and often as an online marketing specialist. Here are a few examples of different styles of my websites. Click



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