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BUILDING A CULTURE OF WELLNESS. INTRODUCTION Vickie Greenwold – Division HR Parker Hannifin Started in Accounting 20+ years in HR Hold PHR Certification.

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2 INTRODUCTION Vickie Greenwold – Division HR Manager @ Parker Hannifin Started in Accounting 20+ years in HR Hold PHR Certification Taught PT at Madison Area Technical College – 7 years 2 Grown Children and 1 Grandson Curler Avid interest in Holistic Medicine for many years

3 CHALLENGE – BRING WELLNESS INTO THE DIVISION Start at the beginning 2005 – Refrigerating Specialties Division Annual Health Clinics Flu Shots Subscribed to a Wellness Newsletter EHS program covered proper lifting and some body mechanics

4 BUILDING THE CULTURE Corporate support Starts at the very top Strong belief in the benefits of wellness Metric driven – what’s in it for the company Coverage included in benefit program Goals set for Division by Corp Mgmt.

5 BUILDING THE CULTURE Champion Location level Key to success of program HR, Nurse/Clinic, Wellness Coordinator Influence to make change Drive to make it happen Doing it for the right reasons

6 BUILDING THE CULTURE Knowledgeable support Need a Lisa Champions have other responsibilities also Don’t have the connections Advocate at Corporate Works through problems with administrator Makes recommendations to Corporate regarding coverage Connection to practitioners

7 BUILDING THE CULTURE Management Support Local All levels – GM, Plant mgr., front line Supervisors Participation by mgmt. is important Productivity vs. long term results What’s in it for me?

8 BUILDING THE CULTURE Budget to support activities What is the spend How to best use it – bang for the buck What can you promote for free? What are employees willing to contribute? How can I provide ROI to get money for the next year?

9 BUILDING THE CULTURE Engaging Employees Parker is in rural areas Little exposure to holistic medicine Education is vital Show not tell Start small continue to build Employee satisfaction is best advertisement

10 BUILDING THE CULTURE What was our process? Small presentations during employee meetings Handouts on wellness initiatives Newsletter Bulletin boards Promoted CAM benefit Competitions – Biggest Loser Books in our library Health Fair CAM demos and sampling Pilot group Built on site treatment room Practitioners on site – massage, polarity, acupuncture, laser

11 ADVICE / CAUTIONS Don’t be competitive Combined modalities more powerful then just one Build relationships With the Champion and employees Partner with HR Watch what you say Do not tell an employee their pain is work related Take feedback well Bring ideas to the table Be aware of the politics Everyone has their agenda

12 RESULTS Increased participation in CAM Medical costs trending down Engaged employees Increased morale – employees feel good Opportunity to tie into Safety Holistic option vs. surgery Fewer musclosketal issues

13 STRETCHING PROGRAM Based on worksite observation. Customized to job tasks performed at RS location Designed by Mary Jo Ruggieri, Ph.D, RPP Plan and video shared in Employee Mtgs Stretching team champions recruited Champions trained on first module Champions lead morning warm up exercises at board meetings Office champions lead front office in warm up Very positive feedback received


15 SUCCESS STORIES Four planned surgeries were cancelled. Several WC recordables/lost time avoided. Examples Torn rotator cuff. Laser, Polarity and Massage implemented. Employee reports Dr. did new MRI and tear is almost healed. Trigger finger. Surgery scheduled, laser treatment immediately returned mobility. Polarity and massage are correcting MSI. Reviewing workstation to improve repetitive motion issues Neuroma in foot: Laser and polarity treatments continue to reduce pain and improve mobility. Employee complained of extreme pain from carpal tunnel. Hands fell asleep at night, couldn’t hold a fishing pole. Dr. wanted to do surgery. Tried laser, helped with pain but didn’t totally resolve issue. Started polarity. RPP worked on neck while employee used laser on wrists.

16 SUCCESS STORIES Employee injured thumb due to introduction of substitute part in the manufacturing process. Immediately began laser and had RPP work on area. Pain gone in 2 days. Shoulder pain. Self treating with laser and adjusting work station has provided a return to full use. Employee no longer wants to do surgery Employee had pain in shoulder from reaching. He tried using the laser and received relief of MSI. We adjusted the work station and he is back at regular job.

17 TESTIMONIALS Laser “Really works, it took the pain away!” “No more pain in palm of my hands, absolutely fabulous!” “Incredible! – knees are so much better, I can walk and bend them now. It is so much easier to get out of my car.”

18 TESTIMONIALS Polarity “It is relieving the tension in my neck – this is the best thing Parker could have done for it’s employees!” “It is absolutely worth the time and is helping with my digestive system.” “I feel the root cause is being addressed in a natural way. The stretching exercises she gives me are great and can be done at home. I feel she understands how the body works and what areas to work to get results.”

19 TESTIMONIALS Polarity “I am doing polarity but she is using the laser too. My Dr. thought I had carpal tunnel. I couldn’t fish, couldn’t hold a coffee cup. She (RPP) worked on my neck and shoulder (not my hands). It’s great, I can use my hands for everything, my arm isn’t numb. Polarity is great and no surgery!”

20 WHAT NEXT? To maintain a culture you can’t stop! Statin study Working with Lisa Goal – natural vs statins Decrease cholesterol Nutrition Improve dietary habits Introduce healthy foods Create awareness of impact of choices Exercise



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