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How tall and time wise was the recent flood? By Molly Dunne and Matthew Crighton!

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1 How tall and time wise was the recent flood? By Molly Dunne and Matthew Crighton!

2 How long did the Queensland floods go for? The flood went for 1-2 months in December 2010 last year and January 2011 this year! It started on the 10 of December in a small town called Rockhampton! The flood ended in January 2011!!!

3 How high was the Queensland flood? The Queensland's flood was 10 meters tall and 10 metres deep in some places! There was so much water in the flood! Lots of people who couldn’t swim had trouble cause they couldn’t touch the ground or couldn’t reach the surface and not much people at all are 10 meters tall, they couldn’t really go walking or swimming in the water or they would of got cut by something flowing down the water!

4 How much people were killed in the Queensland flood? There are 35 people that died and 9 people who are still missing and presumed DEAD!!!!! Fire-fighters police and rescue teams are all still helping to clean up the neighbour hood after the flood!!!

5 Lots of famous beaches and theme parks just missed out on the torrents of water luckily! These are some things that got destroyed, homes, sheds, pools, trucks, cars, furniture, buildings, supermarkets, shops, schools, pubs, farmlands, cafes, washing machines, books, construction sites, trees, keys, food, roads, electronics, maps, ladders, banks, toilets, parks, pets, animals, people, clothes, fences, chairs, tables, towers, ovens and so, so, so, much more!!!!!!!!!

6 How was the flood formed? The flood was formed because it rained so much after a drought that the lakes, rivers, dams and more couldn’t hold all of the water that the water overflowed and became a flood!!!

7 What places were affected by the Queensland flood? The flood affected the capital of Queensland Brisbane, and small towns like Dalby, Rockhampton, Emerald, Ipswich, Toowoomba and Bundaberg!

8 Floods In Victoria Victoria’s flood is still happening. It started on the 12 of January 2011! There has been a total of 1,730 properties flooded and 17,000 people who lost the electricity in the flood! 2 people were killed in the Victorian floods.

9 What places affected victorias flood? The floods in Victoria affected Horsham, Shepparton, Swan Hill, Charlton, Rochester, Carisbrook, Beaufort, Skipton, Glenorchy, Rupanyup, Murrabit, Echuca, Bridgewater on Loddon, Creswick, Clunes, Kerang, Maude and Warracknabeal!

10 How high was the Victoria’s flood? Victoria’s flood was knee deep in Charlton and Carisbrooke but 4 meters deep every where else! Victoria’s flood was nowhere near as high as the Queensland’s flood but still did damage!!!

11 Thanks for reading! By Molly Dunne and Matthew Crighton!

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