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Super Models Unit *Scientists*

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1 Super Models Unit *Scientists*
The Scientists that contributed to the developments of models to explain the history of the universe.

2 Aristotle 384BC-322BC Greek Philosopher
One of the 1st to propose ideas on the universe and astronomy Thought Earth was round because of the shadow from the moon

3 Ptolemy (Greek) Model of earth at center of universe (Earth-Centered Model) Said the planets and sun orbited the earth Used math to explain his model His model could accurately predict position of the known planets (A good model can be used to make accurate predictions!)

4 Copernicus (Polish) 1473-1543 Model with sun at center of solar system
This model did a better job explaining observations. (Models should be able to help explain how things work; models are changed to include new information.) This contradicted the beliefs of the church Died with his work still dismissed.

5 Tycho Brahe Danish Believed the moon and the sun orbited the Earth BUT ALL other planets orbited the sun

6 Kepler 1571-1630 (Models change as new info is available.)
German Mathematician Built on Copernicus’ Sun-Centered Model. Used math to show that orbits were elliptical, not circular. (Models change as new info is available.)

7 Galileo Galileo Galilei, was an Italian physicist, mathematician, astronomer, and philosopher Was certain earth was moving but couldn’t figure out why everything stayed fixed to its surface. In 1609 – One of the first Scientist to use telescope Took “toy” from Holland, remodeled it and used it to look at skies; this was the telescope. (Technology influences models—allows us to gather more accurate information.)

8 Galileo (Italian) If moons were orbiting Jupiter, they could not be orbiting earth This shattered church’s model of earth at center of universe! (Change model as new info becomes available.) First observations made in 1609 of Earth’s moon with his telescope. (sketches)

9 Galileo (Italian) Threatened with death Retracted claims
Published findings Threatened with death Retracted claims Sentenced to confinement in his own house (for years) with no guests; continued his studies.

10 Newton 1642-1727 Technology influences mental and physical models.
Self Taught mathematician Improved telescope This greatly advanced astronomy Technology influences mental and physical models.

11 Newton (English) Universal Gravitation
Every piece of matter in the universe pulls every other piece of matter towards it, and vice versa.  Laws of gravity that apply on earth also apply to rest of the universe.  Gravity depends on mass and distance.

12 Newton (English) Newton’s crowning achievement United all work that had preceded him about models of the solar system/universe Described path of moon around earth, then looked beyond ; “Gravity” was the explanation

13 Edwin Hubble 1889-1953 American
1924-1st to prove that galaxies exist beyond the Milky way The universe is more than just us

14 Geocentric Model Earth-Centered Model
Moon, sun, and planets orbited the Earth Geo - Earth

15 Heliocentric Model Earth and other planets orbit the sun Helio = sun

16 Highlight the following scientists
Ptolemy Galileo Copernicus Newton Kepler Hubble

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