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Rsum Writing ACE. Why you need a Rsum  A brief, concise document to SELL YOU to an employer  To spark an employer’s interest in YOU, like the cover.

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1 Rsum Writing ACE

2 Why you need a Rsum  A brief, concise document to SELL YOU to an employer  To spark an employer’s interest in YOU, like the cover of a book, CD, DVD  Even without experience, you have something to offer!

3 An effective rsum gets you AN INTERVIEW… not a job offer!

4 Creating a Rsum STEP 1 Write your personal information

5 Creating a Rsum STEP 3 Identify skills and abilities Work Skills Checklist pp. 12-13 Review the list and mark every skill you possess – use a check mark ( ) These skills can be something you learned from: Are there other skills/abilities you have that are not on the list? Write them in! Now…which of these are your best skills? Review what you marked and circle the top 10 (or 8 or 5 – whatever you think are your best) Rank the skills you circled in order of importance In order of importance, transfer your skills and abilities to the skills section on p.9 of the Rsum Information Worksheet

6 Basic SkillsLife Skills

7 Creating a Rsum What is an accomplishment statement? A well-formulated statement sharing the BENEFITS and RESULTS from your efforts (work, school, volunteering, etc.), as well as the ACTION you took to achieve this outcome.

8 Creating a Rsum STEP 3 Create your accomplishment or contribution statements The elements of Accomplishment or Contribution statement should include: Action Word (s) – Past-tense action verbs (pp. 18 – 20) Use unique and colorful action words Quantify at all - #, %, or $ Benefit or Outcome Examples: Directed a team of 3 classmates who completed our project on time Created and managed summer lawn care service and grew to 10 customers in 1 st year earning $2,500 Raised $500+ for St. Baldrick’s Foundation

9 Accomplishment Statement

10 Basic Accomplishment Statements Brainstorm your accomplishments – they can be from: Don’t worry about writing them out correctly, just write down ideas Home School Volunteering Playing a sport Club or Group On your own Now, work at writing your statements, remember: Use action words (past-tense action verbs) Quantify at all times (#, %, or $) Identify the Benefit or Outcome Take your time – don’t rush yourself! After reviewing your accomplishment statements with the instructor, list them on p.9 of the pp. 9 of the Rsum Information Worksheet.

11  Result or benefit that came as an outcome of your work.  Make sure you state the value that you added and that you make it tangible and quantifiable.  What did you do to achieve those benefits?

12 Benefits of Accomplishment Statements: Create an AWARENESS of the skills and abilities that will be the foundation of your job search. Gives concrete CREDIBILITY for everything you claim in the way of qualifications and abilities. Simple documentation of the VALUE you can bring to an employer. Greater CONFIDENCE in presenting yourself to a potential employer. Allows you to understand that you are not “asking for a job”, but rather you are OFFERING A CONTRIBUTION to an employer.

13 H ow to write Accomplishment Statements: Always start with a past- tense action word. Use colorful unique words. Avoid wordiness and unnecessary adjectives. Attempt to quantify at all times. When different elements are significant to the accomplishment, put them all in one accomplishment. State first the benefit to the employer and then what you did to accomplish that result.


15 Write it!  Include: Unique, Colorful, Action Words (pp. 18-20) Quantify at all times # % $ Benefit Outcome  Ideas for accomplishments:  Increased profits  Reduced costs  Reduced errors  Found an easier solution  Found a cheaper solution  Found a new opportunity  Reduced conflict  Reduced losses  Improved quality  Improved teamwork  Made things smoother  Made things easier  Did what couldn’t be done  Sped things up  Foresaw a need  Foresaw a problem  Foresaw and opportunity  Accomplished the same with less  Accomplished more with the same  Accomplished more than others  Prevented a problem  Protected against a hazard  Provided new resources  Solved a chronic problem  Created something from scratch  Overcame obstacles  Received an award

16 Creating a Rsum STEP 4 List your work experience(s)

17 Creating a Rsum STEP 5 List your volunteer experience(s)

18 Creating a Rsum STEP 6 List any sports, clubs, or groups you have participated in

19 Creating a Rsum STEP 7 – FINAL STEP Write down education and/or training, start with the most recent

20 Now that you have your DRAFT RSUM  Use the example on pages 7-8 to type up your draft. As time goes by:  Add your new work experiences  Make sure you keep this rsum up-to-date

21 While you do not list references on your rsum, you may want to put together a list of references to be available when asked by an employer…pp. 11  What is a reference? Someone who know you and your habits well, such as: Teachers Coaches Group/Club Sponsor Pastor/Priest/Rabbi Youth Group Leader

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