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1 It was 6.30 am. The servant came into the room of the lord and the lady and woke them by shaking the pillow slightly. Their bed was a canopy, behind.

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3 1 It was 6.30 am. The servant came into the room of the lord and the lady and woke them by shaking the pillow slightly. Their bed was a canopy, behind the bed there was a wall decorated with colourful fabrics with soft colours and geometric figures. In front of the fireplace there was a reversible bench, next to the bed, a chest, where the feudal lord and his wife placed their clothes. When they got out of their bed they made the toilet, they dressed, and washed their faces. The lord of the castle was tall, his hair was blond and his eyes brown. He put on trousers, a shirt and a heavy coat to go to Mass.


5 2 After getting up the feudal family went to the chapel to attend the Mass. The church had a small pointed dome that was decorated with frescos about Jesus, backed against the wall there was a wooden altar, and on its right a beautiful iron candelabra. The chapel was divided into two rooms separated by a grate, one for the nobility and one for the servants. The walls were painted with bright and contrasting colours. A priest wearing a white robe celebrated Mass. After the celebration, the family went out and had their breakfast.


7 3 The lady and her daughter were in a room of the castle, sitting on a wooden armchair, on which there was a soft red cushion with gold ribbons. The lady was weaving the linen tablecloth for the party that was to be held the following week. In the meantime, she gave advice to her daughter, who was sitting beside her, to weave a beautiful towel for her marriage. The woman was about forty-five, she had got brown eyes and blond straight hair. The twenty-year-old daughter looked like the mother in the lineaments of her face and colour of her eyes, but she had soft curly dark hair. Both were wearing long red linen tunics, with a green mantle on their shoulders. The room was very wide, with frescoes on the walls and on the left there was a large rectangular window. The floor was checkered and they were sitting in a corner.


9 4 After breakfast the feudal lord went into his room and wrote a message to invite his friends to the tournament of the following week: Dear friends, You are invited to the Tournament to be held in the court of my castle next Friday Count Charles of the Castle of the Red Rose The lord called the servant messenger and told him: “You must go to all my friends and give them my invitation, so they can participate in our celebration." The servant departed immediately.


11 5 Count Charles went into the stable, took his four dogs, his horses, a falcon, and went hunting. Then he ordered his equerry Peter and his two friends, William and Richard to go with him. They walked towards the woods and heard a slight squeak, but they couldn’t understand where it came from; a fox crossed the path, but it stopped to look at the hunters, because there was her little baby behind her, and she went slowly closer to her puppy to protect it; the lord’s friends were pointing their weapons at it, but the count immediately stopped them and said that they had to continue, so they followed him.

12 They approached a small lake and met a goose, they took their bows and arrows and killed it. They tied a rope around its neck and brought it with them. Richard took the falcon with its head covered with a cap, when he saw the ducks he took the cap off and the bird flew to catch them. Quickly, they took the arrows off the goose and managed to kill a wild boar. The dogs ran after the prey and recovered it. They brought everything in the kitchen where the servants provided to keep the game, that should be prepared for the banquet the following week.


14 6 In a room of the castle, decorated with frescoes, Robert was preparing a painting for the winner of the tournament which would take place shortly. In the picture there was a stream and a green green lawn, with thousands of flowers and three mulberry trees. The mountains on the horizon were covered with white snow that looked like cream, in the blue sky the clouds looked like candy floss. The colours were bright and clear because of the dazzling sun. The painting was finished and the result was very good. Months before the feudal lord had asked Robert to paint a portrait of his son for the time he would become a knight; he had begun to do it immediately. The boy had green eyes and brown hair, his armour was gold and silver, he was very muscular and had huge shoulders, his ears were barely visible because of his long hair. Also this painting was finished.

15 7 A few days later, the peasants of the village started to gather food to bring to the castle. In the village there was a lane where you could walk along cultivated fields and fruit trees. In the fields you could see crops oats, rye, barley and vegetables. Some people went in the barn, took the grain, brought it to the mill to grind and produce the flour for making bread. In the storehouse they took legumes, fruit, cheeses made with goat's milk, fish and pork fat. They brought everything to the servants of the castle to prepare the dinner that would be held after the tournament.


17 8 On Friday Lord Charles’ and his wife Anna’s friends came to the castle. They were entertained by the minstrels who had just arrived to attend the show. The knights put on their heavy armour and took their spears, the tournament began. Henry, Andrew, Alexander and Federico took part in it. The first challenge was between Henry and Andrew, the first one managed to land the second one with all his strength, beating him: then Federico and Alexander clashed with each other: the second one managed to resist to the spear arrived at his side and threw his opponent down from the horse. Henry and Alexander got to the final. Their fight lasted a long time, so long that it was interrupted to allow the knights to rest. As the tournament went on, Alexander’s horse got soon tired, the knight continued to fight, but he lost consciousness and fell down. So the winner was Henry. Alexander was taken to the sick bay to be revived. The winner received loud applause and was given the picture painted for him as a gift.


19 9 After the tournament the lords and the ladies of the castle went in pairs into the dining room, sat down and saw that the hall had many tables, with well embroidered tablecloths, a checkered floor, decorated walls, and many chairs. The minstrels played to entertain the guests and after a while the servants began to serve. The musicians began to play the harp and sing. Everyone ate with their hands in the same plate and drank from the same cup. The ladies who ate legs of duck threw the bones under the table and a dog gnawed at what remained. From time to time a servant passed with the bowl full of water to allow the guests to clean their hands.

20 Acrobats, jugglers and jesters danced and jumped to entertain lords and ladies. Couples faster to eat began to dance popular dances such as the Carol. The ladies stood in a line one behind the other and began dancing by holding each other’s hand. Every now and then two of them stopped to do a bridge with their arms, while the others began to form geometric shapes.


22 10 A few days after the son of the feudal lord received the investiture and became a knight. In the throne room you could admire a coffered ceiling. The walls were very decorated, some iron chandeliers lit up the room, the wooden benches, on which the guests were sitting, leant against the walls. During the investiture, the lord named knight the squire, touching his head and shoulders. A priest wearing a white robe with a cross, told him to swear on the Bible that he would have always defended his lord and the weak. The new knight had chosen the motto "Do not ever give up" and on its coat of arms there was a bull.


24 11 The guards were heading towards the dungeon to take the prisoners. When they arrived at the cells they entered and walked on the straw, they saw one of the prisoners on the straw mattress, a little light came from a small window. While the guards took them upstairs they were emaciated, without forces, with the long beard and torn clothes. The guards pushed them saying words like: "Walk and shut up." The two men were pretending not to listen to them. When they arrived in front of the lord Carlo, he asked them, “Why are you here?". And the servants answered: "We are here because we did not pay the taxes that you had requested." “But why did you not pay your debt?". The farmers answered: "We had no money because there was famine and we had no food to give you!" The feudal lord, generous, made them pay a small fee and let them free.


26 12 Two months later, the winner Henry married the daughter of the feudal lord. They went to live in a small castle that had been donated by the knight’s master for his efforts in battle. From the window of the castle they could look at green lawns and a beautiful fountain at which small animals were watering. In the nearby village the peasants who lived there every day brought them the fruits of their labour in the fields. Often both spouses went for long rides; sometimes, during the return, they met the farmers, greeted them kindly and talked a little with them.


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