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Reflexology – The Proof Part 6 of the Reflexology Presentations.

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1 Reflexology – The Proof Part 6 of the Reflexology Presentations

2 The first scenario is of a mature lady who suffers with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The client works as a nurse, therefore works shifts and inconvenient hours to eat a full stable diet that is suitable for her condition. A consultation is to be carried out determining her diet, lifestyle, exercise routine, medical background and home life. During the consultation it became clear that due to her work she could not eat set meals and she found that she often took snacks at work and did not drink enough water.Very little exercise was taken mainly due to lack of time, as she had two children age 7 and 11. There were no medical concerns but quite a stressful situation at home as she was having to work around the children as her husband also worked long hours. During the consultation we agreed on a treatment plan which could be changed if necessary.

3 Once the consultation had taken place we began with the first treatment. A full treatment was to be carried out paying particular attention to certain areas. Little and extra time was given to working over the stomach, intestines and to the bowel area on both feet. Thumb walking and hook and back up movements were used during the treatment of these areas. Slight discomfort was felt therefore only little time was spent on the areas. StomachIntestinesBowel

4 The treatments were successful and the treatment plan was carried out as planned. After three treatments the client felt the discomfort easing in the stomach area and by the end of the scheduled treatments the clients condition had improved greatly. Diet was also improved and her water intake was increased enabling toxins to be removed more efficiently. A further treatment plan was to be carried out reducing the treatment from twice a week over four weeks to weekly for six weeks. Her diet must be kept controlled to avoid a flare up of the condition. The client feels less stressed as the condition has eased this in itself will help the clients Irritable Bowel Syndrome as it can be stress related. She was desperately trying to improve her exercise routine and started aerobic classes one night a week as and when she could, depending on her shifts. The client continued with her treatment which carried on improving and now still has the treatment once a fortnight.

5 The second scenario is of a young man who suffered dreadfully with migraines. On the initial consultation it became clear why his migraines were so severe. His occupation was a long distance lorry driver, therefore working long hours, driving in the dark and general eye strain. He was questioned about his eating habits, which were not good at all, this was down to his job ‘eating on the job’. He was a single man therefore had no family commitments but very little time to relax. He did not work at weekends and was his only free time to relax and have the chance of treatments. We had scheduled weekly treatments on a Saturday providing he was home and other treatments where possible. It was a difficult treatment plan to organise due to his work, but tried his best to have at least one a week, for a month and then review it.

6 After the initial consultation was carried out, we began with the first treatment and at that time the client had a bad headache almost migraine pain. Full treatments were carried out concentrating on certain areas such as the head and neck. Friction circles were applied to both areas, only a little at a time. Often this they made the client feel quite nauseated but he wanted to carry on with the treatment. In time this wore off and the migraines eased.

7 In general the client was pleased with the results of his treatments and wanted to carry on with further treatments. He would have liked to of had more regular treatments but just couldn’t because of work. The client confessed that he felt quite sceptical about reflexology but was willing to give it a try and is now glad he did. He has tried to improve his diet by eating sandwiches instead of chocolate and crisps, which he found helped his migraines. A future treatment plan was made this was to carry on, on a weekly basis. Overall his migraines eased and reduced them but as explained to him that if he could have more treatments, then they would improve even more. It was a very difficult case to treat because of his circumstances and a shame as I feel he could have benefited more by having more frequent treatments

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