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2 BMI has custom-built computer systems for Direct Marketers since 1976. Our systems have the ability to handle all of your continuity, catalog, e-commerce, “one-shot” and loyalty programs in a single system under a single master customer account Single system can support multiple programs in multiple countries, currencies, languages and character sets We build a separate and distinct system for each client, so you get exactly what you need and are not limited or affected by other users’ requirements. Your programming requests, new reports, systems modifications and inquiries are always handled quickly, efficiently and economically. Each of our programmers have been with BMI, building Direct Response systems, for over 25 years. We put their experience to work for you. We never tell a client “No, we can’t do that” because we’ve never had a request we couldn’t handle.

3 Continuity, Club, Catalog, DRTV, Direct Mail and e- Commerce fulfillment Order Processing Customer service Payment Processing – Check, CC, MO, International Credit & Collections, Dunning Returns Processing Warehouse, pick/pack/ship Support multiple websites, 3 rd party call centers & shippers/drop-shippers Online and automated email reporting in real time

4 Multiple countries, currencies, languages and character sets International Payment Processing Options Systems access can be limited to specific country/region or global based on user access Screen displays are all in appropriate language based on each system user’s profile Consolidated Reporting at the Program, Regional, Country or Global level Support consolidated warehousing/drop shipping for multiple countries or regions All systems access is in real-time via the internet. No special hardware required.

5 BMI Sample Reports We work with each client to determine the best possible reporting options throughout the project lifespan. For many, our existing reports meet their needs. Others may decide that a current report is close but needs some modifications. And, we often create new reports as requested. At BMI, your reports will be built to meet your needs.

6 We’ve run our own call center and understand how to help your CSR’s to do the best job. CSR’s can quickly and easily retrieve customer accounts based on account #, invoice #, name, address, phone number, email address or even just part of a name or zip code. BMI’s secure web-based systems will automatically display all screens in the appropriate language for each operator.

7 Screens are simple and user-friendly. We provide as much information as possible on each page to help operators handle customer inquiries and requests quickly and accurately.

8 Minimal time is required to teach operators how to use the system because it “tells” them what to do at every step. The system confirms every transaction or process in real time. If they make a mistake, the system lets them know immediately.

9 Your operators will have the tools, information and scripts they need to help them retain customers and offer cross-sells or up-sells as appropriate for your project. Customer service letters can be edited and printed or emailed directly from the system. Everything is built to meet your requirements.


11 Flexible systems built and modified to meet your requirements. No compromises necessary. Ever. Quick turnaround on new programming and reporting Competitive pricing – custom systems at “canned” system rates Over 35 years experience in Direct Response Senior-level account management Consolidated account information and reporting so you can make decisions based on the most complete and best information available. “BMI has provided fulfillment for our book clubs for nearly twenty years. Several years ago we left BMI for a competitor but soon returned to BMI because nobody else could provide the same level of service, systems capabilities and convenience. Their online systems allow us to handle our own customer service, our customers are happy, and, they saved us a bundle of money.” -Publisher, book clubs “BMI gives us an invaluable solution that supports all of our continuity programs and an array of other unique offers. In addition to creating a fast, accurate and flexible system to fulfill our orders, they’ve worked extra hard to provide superior customer service while keeping costs at a minimum. Most importantly, the staff has always gone the extra mile to meet the ever-changing needs of our business.” -VP Marketing, collectibles company BMI’s participation was incredibly valuable during our project launch. You kept everyone on schedule and made sure that all of the pieces fell into place. I don’t know how we would have managed without you. Thank you again for helping us with such a successful launch.” -Marketing Director, packaged goods company “I have worked with BMI Fulfillment Services in establishing fulfillment processing for various companies. They have a system designed for rapid deployment and which enables client specific configuration. The IT staff is very knowledgeable and understands the client’s needs. BMI is a very professional organization that puts emphasis on the client’s requirements and on-going success.” -VP of Application Development, third-party fulfillment company partner “BMI did a superlative job of creating and managing the order and shipping processing platform for my eCommerce business. Their great service and attention to detail allowed me to focus attention on other areas of the business where my time was better spent. I'd highly recommend BMI to potential new clients.” -Owner/President, collectibles continuity business “I have had the pleasure of working with BMI on three different order management projects over the last two years. BMI was always able to make their technology work in very difficult circumstances while always delivering on time.” -VP of Business Development, third party call-center business partner

12 For more information, contact Barry Blumenfield at (203) 663-6012 or End

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