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COLLINGWOOD. After 20 years of suffering.. After hitting rock bottom,

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2 After 20 years of suffering..

3 After hitting rock bottom,

4 This great man decided to do something about the one club he loved.

5 He put together a powerful team.

6 Whilst others chose money over success

7 This proud club continued to rebuild.

8 .. with hurt in their hearts, they continued their mission.

9 Yes the taunting cut deep.

10 Yes others wrote us off year after year.

11 Yes others enjoyed the pain our club was feeling….

12 Then finally, when enough was enough,

13 ..we unleashed hell on those who stood in our way.

14 Smashing teams week after week. Including the scum.

15 As the season moved on more and more haters began to envy the Magpies.

16 Reality had set in. They couldn’t handle watching the Magpies win.

17 Finally the real stuff came around. FINALS. Yes there were the pretenders.


19 Then there was a team called Geelong…. LOL!! SMASH!!!

20 Finally the big one.

21 Grand Final #1 There was hope for those who hated us.

22 By Grand Final #2 all hope had gone. One team did what it had done all year….punish the weak.

23 Nothing will stand in our way.

24 So for all you Collingwood haters particularly those who cheered against the PIES, I truly hope you suffer in the Mighty Magpies Glory!

25 PREMIERS 2010

26 Oh, for those who were laughing at this great club, looks who’s laughing now! GO PIES!!!!

27 Collingwood

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