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Panthera tigris A disappearing beauty.

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1 Panthera tigris A disappearing beauty

2 The Tiger is a Mammal. Let’s take a look at other Mammals.
All mammals have these characteristics Warm blooded Bodies covered with hair Nurse their young via Mammary glands Let’s take a look at other Mammals.

3 Name this Mammal: Elephant

4 Name this Mammal: Moose So I couldn’t find a moose call…

5 Name this Mammal: Macaque This is a type of monkey
that is native to Japan (Which is where I went this summer!)

6 Name this Animal: Bat Is this a mammal? YES, IT IS!
The only flying mammal

7 And what rhymes with bat?

8 Some other cats are: (Click on the name if you have never seen it!)
Lions Cougars Cheetahs Lynxes Leopards Bobcats

9 The tiger’s shrinking habitat (From 1900-1990)

10 Here is video of a tiger This Tiger lives in Asahikawa, Japan

11 How many tigers are there?
Sub-species Minimum est. Maximum est. -Siberian ~360 ~406 -Bengal ~3,250 ~4,700 -Indo-Chinese ~1,227 ~1,785 -Sumatran ~400 ~500 -South China ~20 ~30 -Caspian EXTINCT -Java -Bali

12 Why are the tigers disappearing?
Population Fragmenting Separating family group Poaching Illegal hunting and killing Urbanization Destruction of natural habitat

13 What can we do to save the Tigers?
Stop buying tiger products Support law makers who support environmental issues Become educated TEACH OTHERS

14 How can we practice? We will go to the computer lab and visit:
You will need to complete 4 adventures. You choose the 4. See if you and the tigers can survive!

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