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About the only thing ‘spectacular’ here is the full length yellow bodysuit.

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1 About the only thing ‘spectacular’ here is the full length yellow bodysuit.

2 Some guys would find it hard to be cool and relaxed when surrounded by other hairy naked men.. Not these dudes! Note the finger point to the nipple on the left – nice touch.. Scuse the pun!

3 What can I say? You can never have too much flannel!

4 About the only ‘sinful’ thing about these guys (??) is the bad hair, the white outfits.. And of course the wrist bands!

5 They say that black men can wear anything and look cool.. Well this disproves that theory!

6 The follow up album was apparently.. ‘Our Hearts Keep Singing.. And Our Hair Keeps Growing’.. Talk about the village of the damned!

7 I call this the ‘Joe Dirt’ album. Apparently includes the ‘smash hit’ – ‘Screwed & Tattooed Wild Hog”.. What a toe tapper!

8 Note the mother and daughter wearing exactly the same outfit. And if these are really God’s children.. Boy has He got some explaining to do!

9 This one contains the hits.. ‘You can take your rectal thermometer and shove it’.. And ‘If I turn my head and cough will you at least by me a drink’.. Classics!

10 If I was Freddie.. I’d be looking to join them as soon as possible! Nice white tie though..

11 This classic album was followed up by ‘Will Somebody Shoot that Bloody Mutt’ and contained the hit.. ‘I really do love my dog.. If it gets cold enough’..

12 Six arms.. What a woman!! That means that she could vaccuum, do the dishes and iron a shirt all at the same time. Where can I find me one of them?

13 Nice tea cosy.. Nice unibrow.. Nice Yellow sheet. The Gorilla Sermon included the hit ‘You couldn’t get laid in a monkey whorehouse with a bag full of bananas’..

14 Not many people could be happy with coke bottle glasses, a green suit, a yellow shirt.. And not to mention red hair. A true example of the little aussie battler!

15 Oil me up boys.. I’m ready to join!

16 Somebody call Telstra and tell them that Millie is laying a huge cable..

17 Contains the hit.. ‘Have you finished with that fire hydrant?’

18 These aren’t exactly the kind of playmates that need to be photographed rubbing up next to one another.. But I guess that’s just my opinion.

19 A bit fuzzy this one.. But a black dude riding a mouse – why didn’t they think of that years ago?

20 3 women.. 5 men.. And a dog. As a male.. I just don’t like those odds.

21 What a versatile character Roger must have been. The Rowan Atkinson of the disco scene… hang on.. The first and the last and the 3 rd and the 4 th are almost identical.. What a phony!

22 I’ll have to try this move.. ‘Oops.. I accidently dropped my gum on your nipple.. Here.. I’ll get that’.. Why didn’t I think of that years ago?

23 You wouldn’t think that an Indian woman wearing a green sheet and playing a sitar on a big magic carpet could possibly look cool.. You’d be absolutely correct. My theory is that the sitar went international because she was booted out of India.

24 Unfortunately Hugo, I reckon it would be near impossible to be a spy if you had a bloody great orchestra following you around.. But the chick in the white bikini making a gun with her hands is timeless.

25 All I can say is that this Superman must have been smoking some wacky kryptonite! I reckon this dude would have trouble seeing a tall building.. Let alone leaping it in a single bound!

26 Now Laverne was obviously ahead of his/her time. Standing in front of a projected image of the world and getting someone to take a picture for an album cover – pure bloody genius.

27 This gem contains the classics ‘Honk If You’re Horny’ and ‘My Other Car is a Holden Torana’

28 The original title of this album was ‘If Only I Could.. Remember Where I Put My Shirt’.. My theory is that this was actually an action shot and was taken mid-fart… hence the misty effect and the relaxed look on Zigby’s face.

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