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An experiment.

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1 An experiment

2 Aim of experiment : Required materials:
Does water flow from a bottle that does not let air in ? Required materials: an empty bottle, a bowl of water , nails , pins.



5 Carrying out of the experiment
1.We bored a hole in the bottom of the bottle 2.We enlarged these holes with nails. 3.We put the bottle into the bowl that if full of water in the bowl forces the tap and the tap is open . We waited water for swelling into the bottle from the holes. 4.We opened the tap when the bottle is in the bowl. We lifted the bottle and took it from the bowl. 5.We wrote what we observed.





10 Result: When we sank the bottle into the water we saw that water swelled into the bottle from the holes.Meanwhile the air in the bottle stepped out of the bottle.We closed the tap of the bottle then we took the bottle out of the bowl and we saw that the water in the bottle didn’t step out of the bottle because air couldn’t step out. When we opened the tap of the bottle, water stepped out. The reason of this is the stepping of the air.As far as air steps in the bottle,water steps out because air and water changes their places.

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