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2006 SMYFFL PRO DIVISION KANSAS CITY CHIEFS. TEAM ROSTER Coach David Joyal CoachPaul Skeens Aaron Patton Adam Vahle Brandon Burrow Brandon Spangler.

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3 TEAM ROSTER Coach David Joyal CoachPaul Skeens Aaron Patton Adam Vahle Brandon Burrow Brandon Spangler Erik Duncan James Bowling Kelsi Skeens Luke Chapman Nathan Anspach Zach Richards

4 *** Mouth Guards are required*** (Practice and Games) TEAM NOTES PRACTICE WEDNESDAY 25 OCT AND FRIDAY 27 OCT 530 @ MILTON TWO GAMES SATURDAY

5 GAME SCHEDULE Sept. 16 th Cowboys Cowboys vs ChiefsWIN Sept. 23 rd Broncos Broncos vs ChiefsLoss Sept. 30 th Jets Chiefs vs JetsWIN Oct. 14th Cowboys Chiefs vs CowboysLoss Oct. 28th Broncos Chiefs vs Broncos12:00pm Oct. 28th Jets Jets vs Chiefs2:00pm Nov. 4th Cowboys Cowboys vs Chiefs1:00pm Nov. 12th SMYFFL PLAYOFFS 12:00pm

6 Next Team Support SUBMITTED PICTURES WILL BE POSTED Team MomTeam Mom Miss VahleMiss Vahle Asst. Team MomAsst. Team Mom Miss JoyalMiss Joyal Team EditorTeam Editor Miss VahleMiss Vahle Team Photographer ALL PARENTS ARE WELCOME TO TAKE PICTURES

7 KHIWUPEFHOHF{ Final Score CHIEFS 20 CHIEFS 20 COWBOYS 28 For the first rematch of the season the Cowboys had polished up their buckles and boots and were ready to lay down the LAW and get some respect back… The Chiefs coming off an exciting victory were not going to let a couple of boot scooting cowpokes with shiny stars and boots get in their way!!! At least that was the PLAN!

8 Perfect football weather, cool, calm and sunny, met us Saturday as we squared off against the Cowboys. In what would turn out to be a defensive game both teams were chomping at the bit so to say and were ready to RUMBLE!!!!! The Cowboys won the coin toss and on their first play broke for a long run. An interception on the next play by Brandon B. ended the Cowboys drive. The Chiefs took over and in a mirror image the Chiefs ran for a first down and then threw an interception. Back on defense Luke made a great tackle to end a Cowboy run followed by Brandon B. intercepting a pass for the turnover GREAT JOB DEFENSE!!!! Brandon S. at QB began the Chiefs drive with a short pass to Nate. After a good defensive play on second down stopping the pass Brandon S. threw a perfect pass to Nate for the first down. Using a play action pass play Brandon S. handed off to Brandon B. who then passed to Nate for a TD. Way to go! The extra point attempt danced off the receivers fingertips incomplete. CHIEFS 6 Cowboys 0

9 The Cowboys were hot, driving down the field. Kelsi and Aaron ended two of their runs but the defense couldn’t stop the pass into the endzone for a TD. The extra point was good. CHIEFS 6 Cowboys 8 Starting on their own 5 Yard line the Chiefs fumbled in the end zone for a Safety. CHIEFS 6 Cowboys 10 The Cowboys looking to put more points on the board passed to midfield then for the first down. Zach made a good tackle to stop them on first down and Aaron made a GREAT play tackling the runner at the line of scrimmage for NO gain. On third down the Cowboys had to get in the endzone and their receiver made a juggling NFL HIGHLIGHT catch in the endzone for a TD. The extra point was broken up by Erik.. CHIEFS 6 Cowboys 16 With time running out in the first half Brandon B. completed a short pass to Nate and the faked the run to Adam and passed to James who ran to the one yard line. With 1 second left in the half the Cowboys defense held the Chiefs and prevented the TD…. HALFTIME SCORE CHIEFS 6 COWBOYS 16

10 The Chiefs started the second half with a hand off to Adam for a short run followed by a play action pass to Adam that was broken up by the defense. The third down attempt was short after a good defensive tackle. Zack and Aaron were instrumental in slowing down the Cowboys next drive with Great tackles! The Cowboys unable to run passed into the endzone. Brandon B. put a lot of pressure on the receiver and tipped the ball, but it was caught for a TD. Great Catch… The extra point attempt was broken up by Erik. Cowboys 22 Chiefs 6 The Chiefs started the come back with Brandon S. handing off to Brandon B. who ran down the left side line then made an outstanding cutback to run all the way for a TD. Go Brandon’s!!!!! The extra point attempt was stopped by good pass coverage by the Cowboy defense. Cowboys 22 Chiefs 12 The Cowboys tried to put the game out of reach with a long run for a first down deep in Chiefs territory but the Chief defense stopped them with good plays from Zack and Luke.

11 The Chiefs took over on downs but could not get their offense rolling and turn over the ball on downs. The Chiefs defense lead by Kelsi stopped the Cowboys cold and a spectacular “DOUBLE TACKLE” by Kelsi and Luke ended the drive. With the game coming to the end the Chiefs started a drive with a reverse and long run by James followed by a fake run and long pass that was intercepted… The Cowboys tried to score on a quick run but Nate made a great tackle preventing the TD! The Cowboys scored on the next play and completed the extra point for 2. Cowboys 28 Chiefs 12. The Chiefs needing two scores hustled down the field and scored a TD on their first play with a long run by Brandon B. and a two point conversion to Brandon S. GREAT DRIVE!!!!!! As time expired the Chiefs came up a little short….. Final Score Cowboys 28 Chiefs 20

12 Game Photos Game 4







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