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July 29 – 31. A Mission of Discovery, Friendship and Teamwork.

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1 July 29 – 31

2 A Mission of Discovery, Friendship and Teamwork

3 18 YEARS OF SUCCESS!! YC 07 = 261 youth & 256 camp staff YC 08 = 253 youth & 224 camp staff YC 09 = 268 youth & 244 camp staff YC 10 = 213 youth & 257 camp staff

4 Share New Experiences! Make new friends! Have fun together!

5 You’ll Experience... Unique Opportunities Team Building Camaraderie Support Network

6 And So Much More… Ride in Military Vehicles Drill & Ceremony Sleep in Barracks Physical Training Click Here for More Youth Camp Photos

7 8-10 YEARS OLD8-10 YEARS OLD 11-13 YEARS OLD11-13 YEARS OLD 14-17 YEARS OLD14-17 YEARS OLD Activities broken down by age appropriateness Activity Youth Groups

8 ACTIVITIES 8-10 Beach Party Design T-shirts Sports Conditioning Course

9 ACTIVITIES 11-13 Sports Conditioning Course Beach Party ROPES Course Drill Competition

10 ACTIVITIES 14-17 Static Displays ~Field Exercise ~Survival Skills ~Rappelling ~Bring Your Sleeping Bag Confidence Course Water Activities

11 “I had fun getting dragged in the mud” Campers Like… - The food - Riding in Trucks - Swimming - Dance - Push ups “Rappelling was awesome” “We couldn’t have completed the tasks we were asked to do without teamwork and communication”

12 Prohibited Items Cell Phones Knives TVs Digital Music Players Tobacco Guns of ANY kind Matches/Lighters Candles/Fireworks Pets Perfume Skateboards Locks Bikes Money Food Valuable Jewelry Click here to view Youth Camp Handbook Click here to view the Staff Handbook

13 Bears at Mill Bluff

14 Packing List for Campers and Volunteers Hyperlink below to WI NG Youth Camp – Youth Camp Handbook, page 6 Click for more Camp Packing List items

15 Registration Report 1 – 3 pm, Bldg 475 Volk Field, Camp Douglas, WIReport 1 – 3 pm, Bldg 475 Volk Field, Camp Douglas, WI What you will do at Registration?What you will do at Registration? –Receive a T-Shirt & Water Bottle –Receive Lodging Assignment –See Medical Staff to discuss any Medical Concerns/Considerations –Identify and Meet with Campers –Site Orientation Click Here for More About Registration!

16 Co-Directors Joni Mathews Tammy Gross Tina Jeffords Administration Sue Hale Tammy Schlichtmann Security Jeff Ernisse Bob Garralts Operations Jerald Eastman Wendy Kleist Logistics Phil Kilbane Medical Michelle Seavers Donations Coordinator Mac McClatchey Public Affairs Cindy Stansfield 8-10 Head Counselor Scott Southworth 11-13 Head Counselor Shane Morris 14-17 Head Counselor Jim Engeler 8-10 Activities John Gaedke 11-13 Activities Vicki Edgren 14-17 Activities Lead Counselor John Keating Dining Facility Bill Rogge Drill Sergeants Communications Dave Owen Camp Leaders

17 Frequently Asked Questions What will the sleeping arrangements be like for the Camp Staff? Can I attend if I have a physical limitation? How will that affect my participation? Who do I contact if there is an emergency and someone needs to reach my family member at camp? What will happen if my child gets hurt at camp?

18 CAMP STAFF Youth Camp Depends on You!

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