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Integrated skills. Step1 First, let’s listen to everyday English and the free talk. Now, who’s on duty today? Please come to the blackboard.

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1 Integrated skills

2 Step1 First, let’s listen to everyday English and the free talk. Now, who’s on duty today? Please come to the blackboard.

3 1 .昨晚我早睡觉。 I went to bed early last night. 否定句: 一般疑问句: 对划线部分提问: I didn’t go to bed early last night. Did you go to bed early last night? What did you do last night? Yes,I did. No,I didn’t. Step2:Have a revision:

4 2 .李雷昨天下午打了篮球。 否定句: 一般疑问句: 对划线部分提问: Li Lei played basketball yesterday afternoon. Li Lei didn’t play basketball yesterday afternoon. Did Li Lei play basketball yesterday afternoon? Yes,he did. No,he didn’t. When did Li Lei play basketball?

5 3.他们八年前是学生。 They were students eight years ago. 否定句: 一般疑问句: 对划线部分提问: They weren’t students eight years ago. Were they students eight years ago? Who were students eight years ago? Yes,they were. No,they weren’t.

6 A Talking to Mr Wu A1:Suzy, one of the Class 1,Grade 7 students, is afraid of animals. Mr Wu Wants to help her. He is showing her photos of different animals. Help her Write the correct names under the picture. Then match the words with the letters. A--slow moving land animal with a hard shell B---long necked African animal C---insect living on ground and famous for hard work D--- animal with one or two large HUMPs on its back A. tortoise D . camelC . ant B. giraffe Step3 Learn the new lesson

7 Look at the pictures, then listen to the tape and try to answer these questions. 1.How many bones does a giraffe have in its long neck? 2.How old can a tortoise live up to? 3.How many eyelids does each of a camel’s eyes have? 4.Can ants smell? 5.Can ants smell things as well as dogs? A2:Mr Wu is telling Suzy some interesting things about animals. She is making some notes. Listen to their conversation and complete her notes. a giraffe ---has only ⑴ bones in its long neck a tortoise--- can live up to ⑵ yeas old camels---each of their eyes has ⑶ eyelids ants---can ⑷ things as well as ⑸ can seven 150 three smelldogs

8 A3:Suzy is interested in animals now.She is writing a thank-you letter to Mr Wu.Help her finish the letter.Use notes in part A2 on page 70 to help you Dear Mr Wu: Thank you for your help. Now I know more about animals. I can see that they can be very pretty and lovely. I told my friends that a ⑴ has seven bones in its long ⑵ My friends found it interesting too. I still remember your words about tortoises. I still cannot believe that a ⑶ can live up to ⑷ years. It is really amazing. It is also interesting to know that each eye of a ⑸ has ⑹ eyelids. I now understand why my mother always tells me to clean the table after a meal – I know ants ⑺ things as well as ⑻ can. Now. I am not afraid of animals any more. I want to learn more about them. Suzy giraffeneck tortoise150 camelthree smelldogs

9 知识要点: 1.for: 是介词,后面加名词或动名词。 谢谢你帮了我这么多。 Thank you for helping me so much. 2.more: 是 much 的比较级。 我想要了解更多有关中国的事情。 I want to learn more about China. 3.told: 是 tell 的过去式,后面可以加从句。 ( 在文章中,从句表述的是客观事实,所以 从句用了一般现在时态,动词用了 has.) tell sb. to do sth. 叫某人做某事 tell sb not to do sth. 叫某人不要做某事. 4. found: 是 find 的过去式。 find sth. + 形容词 觉得某物 … 我觉得英语重要. I find English important. Step 4: Explain the text

10 5. remember sth 记得某事 remember doing sth. 记得做了某事 remember to do sth. 记得要去做某事 remember one’s words about… 记得某人说关 … 的话 6.believe : 相信.后面可以加 (that ) 从句. 我不相信他会修自行车 I don’t believe (that) he can fix the bike. 7. up to : 直到 这老人活到 100 多岁. The old man lived up to over 100 years old. 8. It is +adj.+to do sth. (动词不定式作主语)做某事 …… 这个问题很容易回答. It is very easy to answer the question. 9. understand: 懂, 了解, 理解, 熟悉, 它的过去式为: understood. 他总是明白下一步该做什么. He always understands what to do next.

11 10 . as well as: 如同......一样 我知道蚂蚁与狗一 样能闻出东西的味道来. I know ants can smell things as well as dogs can. 11 . not..any more =no more 不再 12. happen to sb. 在某人身上发生 你能告诉我他发生了什么事吗? Can you tell me what happened to him? 13 . weight: 是名词:重量,它的动词是: weigh

12 B Speak up: talking about amazing things You and a friend are reading a book and are talking about the amazing things in it. Work in pairs. Use Kitty and Amy’s conversation as a model. Kitty: Is there anything about animals in the book? Step5: Let’s come to the dialogue. Amy: Yes, there is. It says that goldfish can only remember. things for three seconds. They don’t know what happened to them three seconds ago. Kitty: That’s interesting. Is there anything about people? Amy: Yes, there is. It says that we eat about27,000 kilos of food during our lives. That’s the weight of about six elephants Kitty: That’s amazing.

13 1)listen to the tape and try to answer the questions. 2)follow the tape 3)work in pairs: make dialogues Useful expressions: 1. Is there anything about…(elephants)? 2. Do you know anything about…(goldfish)? 3. Can you tell me more about…(China)? 4. I’m interested in…(going shopping)? 5. I can’t believe it 6. I think …(foreign people) are amazing. 7. I’m not afraid of anything. (I’m afraid of tigers.) 8.This book is about animals. That book is about plants. Some information: 1.Wolves are amazing animals. They live in a family and they are friendly to each other. 2.Dogs are man’s true friends. A dog in England helped a child out of danger.

14 Step6: 补充练习 一. 词组互译: 1. 活到90多岁 2. 如同......一样 3 某些重要的事情 4. 同平常一样 5. 发现它很有趣 crazy about football 7.happen to his friend fond of music 9.What a pity! 10.Thank you for teaching me French. live up to more than/ over ninety years old as well as something important as usual find it very interesting 痴迷于足球/醉心于足球 发生在他的朋友身上 喜欢音乐\爱好音乐 真可惜!\真遗憾! 谢谢你教我法语.

15 二.句型转换: 1 . Millie and Amy had a good time in the Sunshine Park. (同义句) Millie and Amy ________ ________in the Sunshine Park. 2. They couldn’t see anything unusual. (同义句) They could ____ _____ unusual. 3. There’s a ghost in the park. (反意疑问句) There’s a ghost in the park.,______ _______? 4. Let’s take turns to play games. (反意疑问句) Let’s take turns to play games,_____ _____? 5.We have to go there on foot.( 否定句 ) 6.Lucy did very well..( 否定句 ) 7.We found it very interesting (一般疑问句) 8.The girls heard a whisper from the bushes . 9. They play football every day (用 yesterday 改写句子) enjoyed themselves see nothing isn’t there shall we We don’t have to go there on foot. Lucy didn’t do very well Did you find it very interesting? What did the girl hear from the bushes? They played football yesterday.

16 三.翻译句子: 1.我相信狗能活到12岁. I ________(that) a dog ____ _____ _____ ______ 12 years old. 2.她不再害怕蛇了 She _____ ______ _____ snakes_____ ______ . 3.他们仔细听,但什么也没听见. They ______ ______, ______ they______ _______. 4.我们能通过电视和收音机来更多地了解世界. We _____ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ through TV and radio. 5.每天早上,我母亲6点把我叫醒. My mother_____ _____ _____ ______ ______ every morning. believe can live up to isn’t afraid of any more listened carefully but heard nothing can learn more about the world wakes me up at six

17 Step7:Homework 一. 完成补充练习. 二. 请同学们发挥想象,并且合作编写对话 .

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