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Editor’s Speak… So we have come to the end of the DPS tourneys for the year 2008-2009. It has truly been a journey of sorts. All in all, a great success.

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2 Editor’s Speak… So we have come to the end of the DPS tourneys for the year 2008-2009. It has truly been a journey of sorts. All in all, a great success. And we couldn't have done it without you. No really. We couldn't. Thus have brought together this newsletter as a big, heartfelt THANK YOU because it was you who cheered our teams to victory. "Teamwork: Simply stated, it is less me and more we." - Author Unknown. (Isn't it amazing as to how the most brilliant pearls of wisdom are followed by "Author Unknown"? Irony at it's best i guess..) One man play was never really the name of the game. In DPS, our coaches always knew this and made sure that it was always the name on the front and not the one on the back that mattered. Selflessness is a great virtue, not only on the field but also in life itself. Giving a teammate the ball when you could've been the hero of the game, or covering up for your friend when he cuts class (Best example i could get. Honestly.) are all forms of selflessness and teamwork. In this tournament we saw some brilliant examples of it, and I am more than proud to be part of a system which promotes such wonderful values and looking at the big picture, makes us responsible citizens of the world. Like I said, we couldn't have done this without you. It was quite a sight to see the enormous crowds that turned up at the basketball court as well as the cricket pitch to watch the sports that we love being played at their best. The chants of "DEE PEE ESSS DEE PEE ESSS!" and "Maaro maaro"(A Personal favourite.) resounding in the court and the whistles and cheers backing not only our team but others as well was a very good example of our enthusiasm and love for the game. We really hope this tournament has been a great experience for everyone associated with it in any and every way and promise an even better show the next time around. Yours truly Mohit kant (Vice President, Editorial Board)

3 PRESS TEAM Diksha - President editorial Sakina - Vice president editorial Naveeda - Vice president editorial Saurabh - President editorial Sasha - Secretary editorial Mohit - Vice president editorial Ankit - Vice president editorial Advait - Secretary editorial our special thanks to the following reporters:- Dhruti Erin Fatima Nikita Teacher in charge Ms. Leena

4 PRINCIPAL’S NOTE Welcome to the 5th Sundeep Batavia Cricket Tournament and the 3rd DPS Interschool Basketball Tournament for Boys and Girls. The initiation of the Sundeep Batavia Cricket Tournament was a vision in the making. Bringing cricket as a major sporting event into our schools and opening the same to others within the community, broadening its prospects would be considered as an important tool of social development. This year the DPS Interschool Tournament turns global with participants from the Asian Subcontinent and from the GCC countries. If sports are serious work, it no doubt is an enjoyable one too. However sports today have evolved into the great games we play today. Sports bring people together. They bring together in that a team a sense of belonging, loyalty and trust. Involving oneself in competitive sports encourages healthy competition. Taking up captainship in team games inculcates leadership qualities. Playing as a team will encourage co- operation among players. You hone your skills, hand-eye coordination, speed, agility, endurance, and overall strength. Where else can a young, impressionable youth learn values like discipline, responsibility, self confidence, sacrifice, and accountability? Where can a young man learn discipline? Learning to follow rules, fair play, to cope with winning and losing not only helps the students to toughen up to life’s small tests, but this also helps children do better in real life. As far as on the field goes, sports can show us beautiful examples of how individuals from different backgrounds can come together and work as a team to achieve. They’re working for a common goal, and when that works, what better lesson could there be for all of us? The United Nations also stresses that sport is not just for entertainment. Recreation and physical education were also tools for the socio- economic development and peace. Sports are a unifier of peoples and cultures. If the sporting student understands the great responsibility placed upon his shoulder, he would recreate in sports the same passion he has for life. The Sundeep Batavia Cricket Tournament and the DPS Basketball Tournament will fan this spirit of competition, loyalty, strength and bring into this sport the zest of life. Congratulations to the team that works towards such a goal, a team that not only inspires the best from the students, but a team that preserves to give the best. Mrs. Vandana Marwaha

5 Host DPS Sharjah shocked last 2 year’s champion Indian High school Dubai by 62-48 in the 3rd DPS interschool basketball tournament for Girls. The match was evenly poised up to the end of 3rd quarter. In the first quarter DPS got a slender lead of 13-12 but in the 2nd quarter HIS scored 14 points against the DPS’s 8 points to take 5 points lead at Half time. DPS girls fought back again in the 3rd quarter to level the score at 36-36. the last quarter DPS girls applied full court pressure defense and scored 26 points against IHS’s 12 to seal the game in favour of DPS by 62-48. In another semi final match last year runner up Our Own English High school Dubai defeated Ecole Mondiale World School, Mumbai by 60-48 to meet DPS Sharjah in the finals. Score DPS Sharjah : 62 Juliet Johny 40, Janet Johny 10, Najat 6 I H S : 48 Henna 25, Tania 7, Harshana 6 OOEHS Dubai : 60 Anitha 26, Nandini 14, Christine 8, Priti 7 EMWS Mumbai :48 Vibha 27, Sherya 12

6 In the exciting boys first semi final match last years runner-up Indian High school Dubai defeated NIMS Sharjah by 48-42 to repeat the last years final line up with DPS Sharjah. The match was neck and neck except in the 2nd quarter, there Indian High got a lead of 7 points and maintain that lead till the end of the game. In the other semi final match DPS Sharjah (A) team defeated DPS Sharjah(B) team by 62-27. Score I H S Dubai : 48 Sidarth 22, Terry 13, Peer Mohammed 9 NIMS Sharjah :42 Abdulla 17, Mohd.Jashir 14, Jaseem 7 DPS Sharjah(A) : 63 Kunal 19, Sidheek 18, Harsh 10 DPS Sharjah (B):27 Defending champions DPS Sharjah will meet last years runner up Dubai Modern in the 5th Sundeep Batavia memorial cricket tournament for Boys under 12 years. In the first semi final Dubai Modern School beats Indian High School Dubai by 95 runs. Dubai Modern’s Nikhil Srivasan Scored 60 runs not out to take their tally to 123 for 4 wickets in 15 overs. In reply I H S were all out for 28 runs in 21.1 overs. Nikhil Srinivasan of Dubai Modern has been Adjudged as the Man of the Match. In the 2nd semi final defending champions DPS Sharjah defeated Our Own High School Al Warqa by 17 Runs. DPS Scored 92 runs for 3 wickets in 15 overs. In reply Our Own H S were all out for 75 runs in 12.3 overs. For DPS Shobit and Joseph scored 32 not out and 28 runs respectively. Shobit of DPS has been Adjudged as the Man of the Match. The Finals are scheduled to be held at 3 pm on Sunday, 2nd November 2008.

7 In the Sundeep Batavia Memorial Cricket Tournament Dubai Modern High took away the Rolling Trophy while DPS, Sharjah were the runners up. The cricket field came alive with shouts from spectators cheering their teams. Set to score a target of 37 runs, Dubai Modern High team responded with fence hitting shots. The winners were given a run for their trophy which they rightly deserved. In the 15 over match, the U-12 champions showed their grit and strength on the field placing shots at all possible corners of the field. Shourya Chopra of Dubai Modern High School was awarded the Man of the Series while The Man of the Match(Best Batsman) award was given to Nikhil Srinivasan. Both took home a Flight Ticket sponsored by Air India. The best Bowler title was lifted by Rohan Mahesh of DPS, Sharjah and the Best Fielder title award was picked up by Nikhil Venkatesh of IHS, Dubai. They both walked away with a trophy and a cash prize of Dhs.250/- each sponsored by Alpha Data LLC.

8 MR.VIKRAM Mr. Vikram, the coach of the cricket team of D.P.SHJ, says that he had an amazing experience working with the team. He said that every moment was enjoyable as the school and especially the P.E department supported him a lot. He strongly feels that a team requires team spirit, which actually is true. Without team spirit, and courage, a team cannot work. After reaching the finals, he was overjoyed. Our school team could not win the trohy but he has no regrets. He feels his team played better than what they were expected to play and that there is always one winner. But this does not mean that the others did not play well. Definitely with coaches like him, we can expect more promising cricketers becoming brilliant players in future “I only regret the fact that had I had my ex- players in team, we would have given a better performance. Perhaps the trophy would then have been ours.”

9 The Basket Ball match was a thrilling and hair raising experience with two strong contenders battling it out in the court. Edging on the initial lead of 13-6, the DPS school team(boys) clinched the title showing their supremacy in the game. The quick dribbling of the ball between the players and the perfect aim at shooting the baskets helped the team in their quest for victory.They won with a convincing score of 75-26. In a very close finish, the girls team of DPS, Sharjah put up a good fight giving the opponents a tough time.The DPS girls were leading the game at one stage but too many faults on their part and the inability to convert free throws into baskets lead it in favour of Our Own English High School, Dubai girls; who won 52-50. In an effort to recognize young talent many special prizes were also given away for the Basket Ball Tournament: Most Valuable Player (girl) Juliet (DPS) Most Valuable Player (boy) Razak (DPS) Most Promising Player ( girl) Najat Abdul Wahab (DPS) Most Promising Player ( Boy) Kenneth (DPS) Player of the Day(girls) Anita (OEEHS, Dubai) Player of the Day ( boys) Kunal Vohra (DPS )

10 MR.ALI Mr. Ali, the basketball team coach is very happy for both the girls and boys team. Although he admits that the boys team had not much competition as compared to the girls but he still cherishes the victory. He feels that the most important component in any team’s victory is the team spirit as well as sportsmanship. He is happy that both his teams have done him proud and have excelled in all areas. He says that the most promising players were the 8 th graders who managed to play against the 12 th graders of other schools. The girls had a neck to neck competition. He also cherishes that moment when our school team defeated the Indian High School team who have been winners for the past 3 years. Mr. Ali has not only been a guide or a coach but also a teacher and has incorporated in his students the basic elements which comprise a winning team. “the most important element of success is not the capability or capacity to win but the will and courage to win. Team spirit is all what is required to make a team, a winning team.”

11 Out of all the schools that played in the tournament, the press has decided to appreciate those teams who might not have won the tournament but comprised of the basic elements like discipline, courage, sportsmanship and enthusiasm. We would like to appreciate the following teams:- -INDIAN SCHOOL MUSCAT, for cricket -- D.P.S SHJ – for basketball Congratulations to the winning teams.

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