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Unit 4 Grammar in Context. P 118 Ex 1 1. The groom’s mother is very nice. 2. The bride’s flowers are beautiful. 3. The bridesmaids’ dresses are blue.

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1 Unit 4 Grammar in Context

2 P 118 Ex 1 1. The groom’s mother is very nice. 2. The bride’s flowers are beautiful. 3. The bridesmaids’ dresses are blue. 4. They invited many guests to the wedding. They didn’t invite the guests’ children. 5. The women’s dresses are very elegant.

3 6. Charles’s/ Charles’ sister is a bridesmaid. 7. The newlyweds’ picture is in the newspaper. 8. Do you know the children’s names?

4 P 118 Ex 2 1. The bride’s grandmother came to the wedding from London. 2. The floor of the church has a red carpet. 3. The windows of the church are very beautiful. 4. The bride’s mother is crying. 5. The name of the church is Saint Paul’s.

5 6. The men’s tuxedos are black. 7. The color of the limousine is white. 8. The girls’ dresses are pretty. 9. Who chose the color of the flowers? 10. Some people get married in their parents’ house.

6 P 119 Ex 3 1. I have one sister. My sister got married five years ago. 2. She loves her husband very much. 3. He’s an accountant. He has his own business. 4. They have one child. Their son’s name is Jason. 5. They bought a house last year. Their house isn’t far from my house. 6. My sister and I visit our parents once a month. They live two hours away from us. 7. My sister said, “My car isn’t working this week. Let’s visit them in your car.

7 P 120 Ex 4 A: What are you going to wear to your sister’s wedding? B: I’m going to wear my new blue dress. A: Did your sister buy a new dress for her wedding? B: No. She’s going to borrow her best friend’s dress. A: Will the wedding be at your home? B: Oh, no. We live in an apartment. Our apartment is too small. We’re going to invite more than 200 guests. The wedding is going to be at a church. Afterwards, we’re going to have a dinner in a restaurant. The restaurant has its own reception hall.

8 A: Are the newlyweds going on a honeymoon after the wedding? B: Yes. They have friends who have a cottage. They’re going to stay at their friends’ cottage in the country for a week. A: Is the groom’s mother a nice woman? B: I don’t know his mother. I’ll meet her at the wedding for the first time.

9 P 121 Ex 5 A: I heard your brother got married last month. How was the wedding? Was it anything like your wedding? I remember yours very well. B: My brother’s wedding was very different from mine. His was a very formal wedding in a church last month. Mine was very informal, in a garden. A: I enjoyed your wedding. I prefer informal weddings. At most weddings, I have to get dressed up in a suit and tie. At yours, I wore comfortable clothes.

10 B: My brother and his wife had a very different honeymoon too. Our honeymoon was a two-day trip. Theirs was a two-week stay at a luxury hotel in Hawaii. Their honeymoon was expensive. Ours was very economical. We drove to Chicago and stayed in a motel there. A: I remember your wife made her own dress. You saved a lot of money. B: My sister-in-law, Gina, spent a lot of money on her dress. Hers cost over $1,000. My wife’s was only about $100. A: The cost of a wedding isn’t the most important thing. The most important thing is the happiness that follows. My uncle’s wedding cost over $30,000. His was the most beautiful wedding you can imagine. But his marriage lasted only eight months.

11 P 122 Ex 6 1. I’m a student. 2. I live in an apartment near the school. 3. My apartment is on the first floor. 4. My parents often visit me. 5. They don’t have a computer. They use mine.

12 P 122 Ex 7 1. Our classroom is large. 2. We study English here. 3. We’re foreign students. 4. The teacher helps us learn English. 5. The teacher brings her book, and we bring ours.

13 P 122 Ex 8 1. You’re the teacher. 2. You come from the U.S. 3. My first language is Polish. Yours is English. 4. Your pronunciation is very good. 5. We see you every day.

14 P 122 Ex 9 1. I have a brother. His name is Paul. 2. He’s married. 3. He has four children. 4. My apartment is small. His is big. 5. I see him on the weekends.

15 P 123 Ex 10 1. I have a sister. Her name is Marilyn. 2. I visit her twice a week. 3. She lives in the suburbs. 4. She’s a teacher. Her husband is a doctor. 5. My children go to private school. Hers go to public school.

16 P 123 Ex 11 1. The school has a big library. It’s comfortable and clean. 2. It has many books and magazines. 3. Its hours are from 8a.m. to 8p.m. 4. I use it every day. 5. It’s on the first floor.

17 P 123 Ex 12 1. My parents rent their apartment. 2. My apartment is small. Theirs is big. 3. They’re very old now. 4. They live in a suburb. 5. I visit them on weekends.

18 P 124 Ex 13 1. Whose car is that? 2. Whose gifts are those? 3. Whose necklace is she wearing? 4. Whose suit are you wearing? 5. Whose advice do you follow? 6. Whose dress did the bride borrow?

19 P 125 Ex 14 1.The bride doesn’t enter with the groom. He waits for her, and she goes to him. 2. The groom takes the ring. He puts it on the bride’s hand. 3. The bride wears a veil. The groom lifts it to kiss her. 4.The bride doesn’t throw the bouquet to all the women. She throws it to the single women only. 5. People make toasts to the bride and groom. They wish them health and happiness. 6. The groom promises to love the bride, and the bride promises to love him.

20 P 125 Ex 15 A: How was your cousin Lisa’s wedding last Saturday? B: It was great. A: How many guests were there? B: Maybe about 200. I couldn’t count them. A: Wow! That’s a lot. It sounds like an expensive wedding. How did they pay for it? B: Lisa and Ron worked when they graduated from college and saved money for their wedding. Their Parents helped them a little, but they couldn’t depend on them too much. Their parents aren’t wealthy.

21 A: Did Lisa wear a traditional white dress? B: Yes. In fact, she wore her mother’s wedding dress. She looked beautiful in it. A: Where did they go on their honeymoon? B: They went to Hawaii. I was surprised – they sent me a postcard. They had a great time. A: I hope they will be happy. The wedding and honeymoon are important, but the marriage that follows is what really counts. B: I agree with you. But I’m sure they’ll be happy. She loves him and he loves her very much.

22 A: Did you take pictures? B: Yes. Do you want to see them? I took them with my new digital camera. A: I don’t have time now. Can you show me the pictures tomorrow? B: I’ll e-mail them to you later this evening.

23 P 129 Ex 16 A: How was your cousin’s wedding? Can you describe it to me? B: It was beautiful. The bride read the groom a lovely poem/ a lovely poem to the groom, and then the groom read her a poem/a poem to her too. A: Did they get married in a church? B: No. They got married in a beautiful garden. Why didn’t you go? I thought they sent you an invitation/ an invitation to you.

24 A: They did. But I couldn’t go. I wrote them a letter/ a letter to them, and I explained my problem to them. I had to take an important exam for college that day. But I sent them a lovely present/ a lovely present to them. B: I’m sure they’ll appreciate it. It’s too bad you couldn’t go. A: I’m sure I mentioned it to you a few weeks ago. B: You probably did, but I forgot. A: Do you have pictures from the wedding? B: I took a lot of pictures. I’ll e-mail them to you tonight. A: Thanks.

25 P 130 Ex 17 1. You told me the groom’s name, but I forgot it. 2. Can you tell me where the wedding is? 3. Tell the truth, do you like the bride’s dress? 4. The bride hates to say goodbye to her family. 5. During the ceremony, the bride and groom say, “I do.” 6. We told the band to play romantic music.

26 7. My neighbor wants to come to the wedding. I wasn’t planning on inviting her, but I can’t say no. 8.We told our daughter to economize on her wedding, but she said she wanted a fancy wedding.

27 P 133 Ex 18 Sylvia’s Story: Now that I’m married, I don’t have time for myself anymore. We used to spend time with each other. Now that we have kids, we never have time for ourselves. We both work, but Frank doesn’t help me with housework or with the kids. I have to do everything all by myself. My husband thinks only of himself. When he wants something, like a new digital camera or new software, he buys it.

28 He never buys me flowers or presents anymore. I tell myself that he still loves me, but sometimes I’m not so sure. Sometimes I think the problem is his fault, but sometimes I blame myself. Frank’s Story Sylvia never has time for me anymore. We used to do things together. Now I have to do everything by myself. If I want to go to a movie, she says that she’s too busy or too tired or that the kids are sick. I rarely go to the movies, and if I do, I go by myself.

29 It seems like all I do is work and pay bills. Other married people seem to enjoy themselves more than we do. She says She wants me to help her with the housework, but she really prefers to do everything herself because she doesn’t like the way I do things. She wants us to see a marriage counselor, but I don’t like to tell other people about my problems. I like to solve my problems myself.

30 P 134 Ex 20 Frank and Sylvia used to do a lot of things together. They went to movies, went out to restaurants, and took vacations together. But now they are always too busy for each other. They have two children and spend most of their time taking care of them. Frank and Sylvia bought a house recently and spend their free time taking care of it. It’s an old house and needs a lot of work. When Frank and Sylvia have problems, they try to solve them by themselves. But sometimes Sylvia goes to her mother for advice.

31 Frank never goes to his mother. He doesn’t want to bother her with his problems. Frank often complains that Sylvia cares more about the kids and the house than about him. Sylvia wants to go to a marriage counselor, but Frank doesn’t want to go with her. He always says to Sylvia, “We don’t need a marriage counselor. We can solve our problems by ourselves. You just need to pay more attention to me. If you want to see a counselor, you can go by yourself. I’m not going.” Sylvia feels very frustrated. She thinks that the marriage isn’t going to get better by itself.

32 P 137 Ex 21 1. Who holds the rings? 2. Whose car has a “just married” sign? 3. How many people say “congratulations?” 4. Which woman wore a black dress? 5. Who pays for the bridesmaids’ dresses?

33 P 139 Ex 24 1. When does the bride throw the bouquet? 2. Which women try to catch the bouquet? 3. Which hand does he put it on? 4. What kind of music does the band play? 5. Who dances with the bride? 6. What kind of presents do guests give? 7. Who cries at the wedding? 8. What happens after the dinner?

34 P 139 Ex 25 A: How do you have time to work, go to school, and take care of a family? B: I don’t have to do everything myself. A: Who helps you? B: My husband helps me. A: I usually cook in my house. Who cooks in your house? B: Sometimes my husband cooks; sometimes I cook. We take turns.

35 A: I usually clean. Who cleans in your house? B: I usually clean the house. A: How many children do you have? B: I have five children. A: How many children go to school? B: Three go to school. The younger ones stay home. A: Do you send them to public school or private school? B: One of my sons goes to private school.

36 A: Which one goes to private school? B: The oldest does. He’s in high school now. A: It’s hard to take care of so many children. How do you find the time to go to class? B: As I said, my husband helps me a lot. And sometimes I use a babysitter. A: I’m looking for a babysitter. Who do you recommend? B: I recommend our neighbor, Susan. She’s 16 years old, and she’s very good with children.

37 A: Maybe she’s too busy to help me. How many families does she work for? B: I think she works for only one other family. I’ll give you her phone number. If she’s not busy, maybe she can work for you too. A: Thanks. I could use some help.

38 P 140 Ex 26 1. Who did you invite to your wedding? I invited all my friends and relatives. 2. Who took pictures? My brother did. He borrowed a camera because his is broken. 3. Whose camera did he borrow? He borrowed my aunt’s camera. She has a fantastic camera. 4. Who’s your aunt? She’s that woman over there.

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