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CONSTRUCTION ADMINISTRATION TOOLS CATPlan Web Based Document Management CAT  New Zealand  Australia  Pacific Islands  Middle East.

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1 CONSTRUCTION ADMINISTRATION TOOLS CATPlan Web Based Document Management CAT  New Zealand  Australia  Pacific Islands  Middle East

2 CONSTRUCTION ADMINISTRATION TOOLS If your company is like most modern organisations, information doesn't so much flow as flood. And as for living up to the expectation of a paperless office, well it couldn't be further from the truth. The fact is, we'll never eliminate paper documents. Introduction CAT The processes around them - the storing, retrieving and sending of information offer great potential for improving office efficiency and achieving time and cost savings. If you ask the typical Design Consultant or Project Management Company what applications they use to manage documents on projects, it would most likely be PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook. Although these applications are beneficial, they also lead to a scattered collection of files and information and no audit trail. “Swapping emails is yesterday’s answer to sharing documents and information.”

3 CONSTRUCTION ADMINISTRATION TOOLS What is CATPlan? CAT CATPlan is a web based document management system. It has been designed for Project Managers and Design Consultants to use on construction projects. Save time and dollars by increasing efficiency The upload and download speed of documents is very fast and provides a level of ease that is superior to any other solution on the market. Significant time and cost savings can be achieved, which allows an increase in capacity with no additional staff.

4 CONSTRUCTION ADMINISTRATION TOOLS CATPlan Functionality CAT Speed for Upload and Download is Stunning  Set up a new project and modify existing projects  Branding can be different for each project  Invite associates to become part of the Project Team with a professionally branded email invitation  Upload documents fast using the unique document wizard  Send a Project Notice that goes to either all or selective Project Team Members  Audit trail on all uploads showing who, what and when  Audit trail on all Project Notices  Audit trail of documents viewed or downloaded  View, print or download documents on line  View, print or download either all or selective documents fast using the unique document wizard  Downloaded documents are automatically date & time stamped to prevent overwriting of previous revisions  Auto folder organisation after download  Set up and manage logins for Team Managers  Edit and add to your discipline templates  Add or edit associate contact and discipline information  Team Members can only access projects they have been invited to participate in


6 CONSTRUCTION ADMINISTRATION TOOLS CATPlan Roles CAT Roles and subsequent access are split by Team Manager and Team Member. Often a company will have a different role for different projects, in that situation all projects you are a member of can be accessed but admin functions such as setting up projects, adding associates or inviting team members are only available to the Team Manager(s) on each project. The only accessible projects for a Team Member are projects they have been invited to participate in so you have excellent security for each project.

7 CONSTRUCTION ADMINISTRATION TOOLS CATPlan Benefits CAT “No upfront costs or monthly fees, costs are relative to workload”  Time and cost saving for printing, collating and distribution of documents  Time and cost saving on courier and postage  Access all the latest project documents in an instant, no hunting through the server or personal pc’s  No frustration on upload and download of documents due to the stunning speed  No restrictions of file format  Instant document share with invited members of the Project Team  Stay in control of your own business  Improve your green footprint  Keep your client informed of all documentation, project notices or even project photo’s.  Unlimited documents for each Project  No upfront costs or monthly fees, pay as you go per project so costs are relative to workload

8 CONSTRUCTION ADMINISTRATION TOOLS COST COMPARISON Average Cost Per Month Web Based Document Management for Construction Projects C 60,000 plus 50,000 30,000 20,000 15,000 10,000 5,000 05001,0001,5002,0002,5003,0004,000 plus Based on 100 Users or Sub Users, 50 GB and a 12 Month Project A v e r a g e C o s t P e r P r o j e c t Aconex per project per month BuzzSaw monthly fees only CoreCom Public FTP monthly fees per user CollaberIT per project per month Nothing affordable for small to medium sized commercial projects $5 - $25m Nothing affordable for small or residential projects CATPlan large projects - per project per month CATPlan minor projects pay once per job CATPlan is a smart, fast and affordable web based document management system for Construction Projects CATPlan unlimited small jobs 12 month contract

9 CONSTRUCTION ADMINISTRATION TOOLS CAT offer really flexible payment options to suit your typical job size and the level of commitment you are prepared to make. There are no upfront costs, capital costs or monthly fees. “Pay As You Go” per project or negotiate a 12 month contract rate for unlimited use. Talk to us, we are flexible. CAT What Does CATPlan Cost? COMMERCIALPriceComment Casual Pay as You Go Single Major Project (over $30m)$400Per Month for Project Duration Small - Med Per Project (1st 10)$1,450Rolls over every 12 months Small - Med Per Project (thereafter)$1,250Rolls over every 12 months RESIDENTIALPriceComment Casual Pay as You Go Per Project (1st 10)$625Rolls over every 12 months Per Project (thereafter)$450Rolls over every 12 months “No upfront costs or monthly fees, costs are relative to workload” We are that confident that you will be delighted with your time and cost savings and the user friendliness of the site we offer you a Money Back Guarantee on your first project. The table below shows indicative pricing (including GST).

10 CONSTRUCTION ADMINISTRATION TOOLS CAT Support is awesome, our people are knowledgeable and skilled with both how best to use CAT Software and Services but also in their understanding of the construction industry and how the project administration flow works. We are Construction People!! CAT CAT Support

11 CONSTRUCTION ADMINISTRATION TOOLS If you are interested in purchasing the CATPlan Service or finding out more information please contact us by phone or email: - New Zealand: +649 574 5735 Victoria:+613 9981 5728 Queensland:+617 3175 0559 Email: CAT How to Get CATPlan

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