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Review Game World History: Chapter 13. What type of farming/lifestyle was used up until the mid 1700s?

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1 Review Game World History: Chapter 13

2 What type of farming/lifestyle was used up until the mid 1700s?

3 What equation is used to solve how/why the agricultural revolution occurred?

4 List a new method of farming used during the agricultural revolution.

5 What was the first breeding farmers did that pushed out poor farmers to the city?

6 What was the early industry where people were making cloth at home on spinning wheels?

7 What invention did Jethro Tull invent that put seeds in rows?

8 Who invented the cotton gin?

9 Andrew Meikle invented what machine that separated wheat?

10 Who invented a reaping machine that cut wheat more quickly and allowed one to harvest much more?

11 What important invention did john Fowler invent?

12 What leader led the world in the Industrial Revolution?

13 What are large buildings w/many workers making similar products called?

14 What was the constant and reliable source of power used in the IR?

15 Who created the steam engine?

16 John Kay created a flying shuttle that helped what type of machine create cloth more quickly?

17 What is the name for a businessman?

18 What was used to protect inventors inventions?

19 Who was an inventor who helped to create patents?

20 The Spinning Jenny was created by whom that spun many strands of cotton at once?

21 List one factor why the IR happened?

22 Why did wealthy businessmen invest their money in inventors?

23 List one problem associated with growing cities.

24 What was one short-term effect on society from the IR?

25 What was one long-term improvement from the IR?

26 What happened to class distinctions during the IR?

27 What happened to the middle class during the IR?

28 What is happening to learning during the IR?

29 What determined one’s position in society during/after the IR?

30 What happened to families over time from the IR?

31 Why did factory workers want some changes?

32 Why did people join unions?

33 What new law made children under age of 9 not work in factories?

34 The Factory Act forced children to attend what?

35 What law said women and boys under 10 couldn’t work in mines?

36 A new bill said that women and children couldn’t work longer than how many hours?

37 Who was a leading religious leader during the IR?

38 Who was the other religious leader during the IR?

39 List one evidence that supports that GB had many experience heartfelt change.

40 What was happening to Europe during the 1840s?

41 What was the first nation to seek the end of slavery?

42 What group was loud early on in putting an end to slavery?

43 What is it called or what are you called if you want to put an end to slavery?

44 Who was a former slave-ship captain turned preacher that hated slavery?

45 Who led the fight for the end of slavery in GB?

46 In what year did the British slave trade?

47 What allowed slavery to become especially profitable in America?

48 List one of the vocal abolitionists in America.

49 Slavery in America was not abolished until after what war in America?

50 What religion still practices slavery today in the world?

51 What Frenchman brought slavery back to France after it was ended?

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