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Anytime, Anyplace: Learning for Today’s Students! Jennifer Tiller Chief Academic Officer EducationPlus.

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1 Anytime, Anyplace: Learning for Today’s Students! Jennifer Tiller Chief Academic Officer EducationPlus

2 Are we best preparing all of our students for college & career success?

3 A student is at risk of dropping out, but will stay enrolled if she can take classes that better fit her schedule and lifestyle A middle school student is struggling and could benefit from taking two specialized classes as part of his regular school day Student Learning Needs

4 A small group of students wants to take Spanish 3 and Spanish 4, but there are no funds to hire another Spanish teacher District wants to expand course catalog to include more AP / advanced classes available to honors students. Student Learning Needs

5 Why Do Students Drop Out? 47% classes weren't interesting 43% missed too much school and couldn't catch up 38% too much freedom and not enough rules 35% were failing 32% get a job and earn money -88% had passing grades -70% could have graduated if they had tried 69% not motivated to work hard 66% would have worked harder if more had been demanded of them 2006 survey, The Silent Epidemic

6 An Alternative Learning Opportunity Photo from:

7 Online Classes 2000: 45,000 K-12 students 2009-10: more than 1.5 million K-12 students 2010-2015: forecasted growth at a compound annual rate of 43% Data from Keeping Pace with K-12 Online Learning

8 Online Learning Nationwide

9 Keeping Pace with K-12 Online Learning 2011 report

10 Virtual Schooling in Missouri

11 Missouri SB 291 = District Opportunity Allows a school district to provide virtual education and be eligible to bill the state of Missouri for ADA based on course completion not on attendance hours in building. Receive 94% ADA of full-time virtual students State reimbursement is paid half at 50 percent of course completion and half at full course completion

12 Virtual Education in Missouri School districts identifying their own solutions for virtual education, and are often not able to serve as many students as they would like due to high costs

13 Which Students Can Benefit? Students at risk of dropping out Students want to take AP or enrichment courses Credit recovery students Independent learners Home-bound students Home-school students Hospitalized students Students in detention centers

14 “We have looked for a way to address both our struggling students and high flyers, District’s-Choice Edgenuity product is the answer. I think the options it offers are what appeals to us the most.” High School Ass’t Principal

15 Idea: Potential new service to school districts Research: Conduct overview meetings and focus groups Curriculum & Instruction NEA reps Superintendents

16 RFP Process = Program Quality Vendors were selected based on the quality of their offerings and pricing Select courses reviewed by a committee of local educators quality of course variety of assessments Multiple vendors provide broad collection of courses

17 Price negotiated as guaranteed lowest in Missouri Each district / school create a customized “course catalog” Students/counselors begin enrolling Rolling enrollment offers flexibility

18 Grade K-5Grade 6-8Grade 9-12 Core Curriculum (47 courses)xx Career Electivesxx STEM coursesxx Games, reading, animationx APx World Languagesxxx Courses

19 “Some of our students have never felt a sense of accomplishment or success prior to e2020… the system allows me to easily input and output data, while keeping parents informed of daily progress and success.” Admin tools Customize mastery level Reports on student progress Administrator, Re-Entry Center

20 Time management for student (calendar) Instruction w/ video (view multiple times) Journal for student notetaking Assignments Assessment

21 “I took an online course and thought it would be easy, but it was hard. I learned a lot and plan on taking more next semester.”

22 Middlebury World Languages

23 Closing Considerations Will offering these courses improve your dropout and graduation rates? Will you be able to offer more AP and other challenging courses to your top students? What is your district already paying for virtual education programs? Will this program allow you to more efficiently serve your students at lower operational costs?

24 Photo from: For questions or more information, please contact: Jennifer Tiller 314.692.1264

25 Photo Credits Students at computer

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