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Introduction 2014 Contract for Service Community Involvement Service Delivery Organizational Integration Joint Interagency Committee.

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2 Introduction 2014 Contract for Service Community Involvement Service Delivery Organizational Integration Joint Interagency Committee

3 Financial Update Current Year Financial Reporting Reported on a monthly basis to Board Budget reallocation for capital needs Resolution for radio grant Audit for FY 2013-14 Complete Tax Certification Assessed Value increased 3.87%

4 Financial Update Current Concerns PERS liability Budget for Fiscal Year 2015-16 Budget Committee Meeting: April 28, 2015 Contract fee increase 3.87% Contract amount for FY 15-16 = $4,107,105 Auditor selection for FY 14-15

5 Emergency Services Update Clackamas Fire Deployment Model Boring Fire deployment prior to July 1, 2014 3 full time at Boring, 2 full time at Pleasant Valley Current Deployment of Personnel Boring Station – 3 full time 24/7 Damascus Station – 3 full time 40 hours Pleasant Valley – 3 full time 24/7

6 Clackamas – 4 full time 24/7 Chief Officers – 40 hours in Boring, 24/7 from Clackamas Augmented by Volunteer Resources – Damascus and Eagle Creek Stations Depth of resources First Alarm = Minimum 23 Firefighters Advanced Life Support on every staffed unit at all times Move ups/Station Coverage


8 Future Opportunities/Considerations Continue to explore staffing options for Damascus and Eagle Creek Continue to maximize the use of volunteer forces Continue to implement efficiencies that are beneficial to both agencies Make the most of both agencies’ assets Surplus and dispose of unused resources

9 - East Battalion Update  East Battalion Integration July 1, 2014 Boring Community Fire Station Damascus Community Fire Station Pleasant Valley Community Fire Station Eagle Creek Community Fire Station Programs integrated, efficiencies found, duplications eliminated  Personnel Integration Boring personnel - opportunities Clackamas personnel integrated Station Captains Boring community station admin and volunteer staff -

10 Community Interaction Community meetings and event attendance Boring CPO, Eagle Creek CPO, Good Morning Damascus, Boring Business Alliance Partner with regional agencies – Boring Water, Estacada and Sandy Fire Emergency Response East Battalion Fire Response – Telford Road September 4th, 2014 Fire Response – Odyssey Lane February 5th, 2015 Barton Brush Fires – Summer of 2014 Numerous triple and quad emergency responses Misc other notable emergency responses since July 1 st

11 Citizen Input “The firefighters at Damascus spent many afternoons helping the Damascus Fresh and Local Market set up. We couldn't have done it without them. This has been a positive experience and I'm very happy with the change.” – Mary Westcott Damascus “I want to express my continuing support for the contract that expanded our much needed firefighting services in Damascus.” – Larry and Susan Weber – 180 th Ave. “Thank you Boring Fire District for giving us the people, the security blanket and being good neighbors.” – W. Cook Jr. – Vogel Estates “Our property has split tax lots between Boring and Clackamas Fire. It would be to our advantage to have one Fire District. I support the continued contract for services.” – Karen McFall – Foster Road Corridor

12 Volunteer Program Update Program Oversight, Categories, Recruitment And Retention, Academy Volunteer Station Coverage Stations 12, 13, 18 and 19 Community Events Day in Damascus, Boring Dull Day, Boring Celebration, Operation Santa Volunteer Association

13 Fire Prevention Update Business Occupancy Inspections New Construction Fire Investigations Public Education – businesses, local schools Community Involvement

14 Open Burning Special Burn Permits: Recreational, ceremonial land clearing-site preparation for land improvement Christmas Trees Agricultural permits – 3-year cycle Backyard debris does not warrant a special burn permit. Falls under backyard burning guidelines. March 1 st to June 15 th October 1 st to December 15th

15 Emergency Management Current Activities Emergency Preparedness Seminars Happy Valley, Clackamas, Damascus – (Oak Lodge) Seismic Grant ($650,000) Station Security and Controlled Access Clackamas CERT Consortium Grant writing (recently received $7,000 and have applied for $13,000) CERT Summit Boring / Damascus CERT Oak Lodge CERT


17 Current Activities Cascadia Rising – FEMA Region X full-scale exercise in 2016 Schools – Crisis Planning and Response Oregon City School District North Clackamas School District Clackamas Education Service District Oregon Trail School District

18 Summary Develop Fiscal Year 2015 Budget Appointment of Budget Committee Members Complete Facility Inventory Plan Address Surplus Equipment / Apparatus Completion of Capital Improvements projects Evaluate deployment model


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