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Fallen Angels By Walter Dean Myers.

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1 Fallen Angels By Walter Dean Myers

2 Fallen Angels – Tracking Characters: Richie Perry
Main character, 17 yrs. old and just out of high school From NYC and family doesn’t have much money Has a brother (Kenny) and mother Smart enough to attend college, but couldn’t afford it Dreams of being a writer

3 Peewee Gates From the Chicago ghettos Family didn’t have much money
Likes the army because he has what everyone else has Best friend to Richie

4 Lieutenant Carroll Platoon leader Does everything “by the book”
Accessible to his platoon and willing to listen Dark hair and calm eyes

5 Lieutenant Gearhart Replaces Lt. Carroll 25 or 26 years old
From Delaware and was a linebacker in high school Makes a major mistake while on patrol

6 Lieutenant Dongan New sergeant for the platoon replacing Sgt. Simpson
“old” to the soldiers – in his 30s or 40s Platoon believes he’s racist because he puts Johnson in the back

7 Walowick A Polish kid with dimples who has “more teeth than he needs”
A member of Richie’s platoon

8 Lobel Tall and a “little pudgy” Hair with curls like a perm
As tall as Richie and Jewish Experiences prejudice for his religion and his suspected sexual orientation Obsessed with movies

9 Brew Real last name is “Brewster” Got into Theology school Religious
Nicknamed “Rev. Brew” by the platoon

10 Jenkins Very scared From Fort Dix Good at imitating people
His father’s a colonel with a “game plan” for Jenkins’ success

11 Johnson Black, tall, bigger than Richie Strong, from Savannah, GA
Surprisingly sensitive Refuses to believe Brew is dead

12 Sergeant Simpson Sergeant of the squad Black with a high voice
Only has 120 days left in the army and counting down

13 Monaco sweet-faced Italian kid
Always takes the dangerous position as “point man” – slightly braver than the rest Couldn’t decide if he should marry his girlfriend

14 Brunner Corporal, very ambitious
Constantly kisses up to the higher ranked soldiers Abuses those beneath him

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