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Windows Server 2012 R2 ModernBiz. ModernBiz: Your path to the Modern Business Windows Server overview Key business solutions Get the most out of your.

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1 Windows Server 2012 R2 ModernBiz

2 ModernBiz: Your path to the Modern Business Windows Server overview Key business solutions Get the most out of your IT investment Be prepared for the unexpected Get scalable storage without spending a fortune Enable remote access while protecting business data Why pay more? A great time to modernize your server Get started Agenda

3 3 ModernBiz Choose your own path to modern, with flexible, familiar, and trusted solutions for your business—desktop to mobile, server to cloud. Connect with customers Grow efficiently Safeguard your business Business anywhere Increase your sales Get the most out of your technology Be prepared for the unexpected Protect and control your data Work together easily Get your work done anywhere Understand your customer ModernBiz Adapt to change

4 4 ModernBiz Windows Server 2012 R2 helps enable the modern business across a range of solution areas. Get the most out of your server hardware, and when ready, easily extend to the cloud Increase your sales Get the most out of your technology Be prepared for the unexpected Protect and control your data Work together easily Get your work done anywhere Understand your customer ModernBiz Adapt to change Get scalable storage without spending a fortune Know your business can be back up and running in minutes Enable remote access to on-site business applications like CRM, HR, or accounting Keep business data protected, even when mobile devices go missing

5 5 Windows Server 2012 R2 The server platform for the modern business. As a key part of the Microsoft hybrid IT vision, Windows Server 2012 R2 provides small and midsize businesses a strong foundation for today and a platform to grow in the future.

6 Are you getting the most out of your IT investment? Play video

7 Increased use of email and applications New software packages (CRM, accounting) Added file storage for new projects Support for customer service demands You need to get the most value from every investment you make… 7 As your company grows, so does your IT spending Growth for us means more employees, more email and file storage… more IT investment.

8 Most businesses today use only a fraction of their server capacity. 8 Use software innovation to get the most out of your hardware 12% 20% 17% 12% 20% 17% Click hereClick here to jump to a slide in the appendix with more technical information on this solution.

9 Printing firm achieves significant ROI with a single IT investment To deploy a new application that would enable customers to submit, review, and monitor jobs online, Clarke Murphy Print had to update their technology. Their Microsoft partner, XCentral, helped them upgrade to the latest Microsoft technology across desktop, server, mobile, and cloud – in about 10 hours – with minimal end-user training required. The result: Employees are 30-40% more productive with Windows 8. Sales conversions have increased 20% thanks to faster service and new online capabilities. Get the most out of your technology “If we hadn’t partnered with XCentral and upgraded to the latest Microsoft technology, this business model shift would not have been possible.” Benn Murphy, Director, Clarke Murphy Print Gained scalability via built-in virtualization with Hyper-V and seamless expansion to Microsoft Azure Deployed business-critical applications and enhanced mobile access – all with a single, integrated solution Minimized training costs thanks to intuitive and familiar user experience 40 employees | Printing |

10 Is your business prepared for the unexpected? Play video

11 If your systems go down, you can lose deals, you can lose customers- you can lose your business. The high price of traditional disaster recovery solutions can leave small and midsize businesses stranded… 11 40% of businesses hit by a disaster never reopen 1 1 Federal Emergency Management Agency,

12 Get your business back up and running in minutes Peace of Mind 12 Know that you’re open for business, even if disaster strikes With Windows Server 2012 R2, your server can automatically replicate as often as every 30 seconds Built-in to Windows Server 2012 R2 Only included in premium versions of VMware Click here Click here to jump to a slide in the appendix with more technical information on this solution.

13 Legal firm sails through Hurricane Sandy with Windows Server IT at the Law Offices of Aaron I. Katsman couldn’t keep up with the firm’s growth. Slow performance and the need to frequently restart servers significantly reduced productivity. Microsoft partner WorkITsafe deployed Windows Server 2012, using Hyper-V to create virtual servers and desktop computers. They set up automatic backup and failover capabilities to guard against disaster. The result: During Hurricane Sandy, employees served customers from home – without even realizing they were using the failover system. “Our computers are our lifeline. When Hurricane Sandy hit, Hyper-V Replica saved our business.” Aaron I. Katsman, Owner, Law Offices of Aaron I. Katsman Delivered uninterrupted customer service despite a natural disaster that could have impacted business continuity Increased IT agility and reduced costs with virtual servers desktops running on consolidated hardware Gained time to focus on growing the business by reducing IT hassles and improving system performance 30 employees | Law | Be prepared for the unexpected

14 Protect your files AND minimize business disruption Keep a replica of your entire server and keep it updated frequently Get your applications and services back up and running in minutes Protect your files quickly and simply – the first line of defense Save copies of your files to a second location Quickly restore your files when accidentally deleted or lost 14 Backup vs. Disaster Recovery: What’s the Difference? Together, two complementary layers of protection for your business Disaster RecoveryBackup

15 Do you need to buy storage… again? Play video

16 16 Today’s work involves all kinds of data - storing it should be easy Storage solutions are too expensive for most small & midsize businesses Getting the space to store your data often involves long waits and downtime An explosion of data in the workplace Spreadsheets Presentations Photos and videos Customer data

17 Built-in to Windows Server 2012 R2 at no extra cost 17 Get as much storage as you need, fast, and without spending a fortune Know your employees have the data storage they need, when they need it …without spending a fortune for expensive solutions Click here Click here to jump to a slide in the appendix with more technical information on this solution.

18 Did your business data just walk out the door? Play video

19 The challenge is to enable your people to be productive anywhere, while maintaining the peace of mind that your data is protected. Your employees need to access on-site applications from remote locations Remote PCs & DevicesOn-Site Applications Accounting CRM Product database HR They want access from remote PCs and mobile devices to business applications hosted on-site. You want to make sure your data is secure in light of: Risk of lost or stolen laptops. Use of personal devices at work. Lack of control over who can access what. 19

20 Offer remote access with greater peace-of-mind Remotely access applications while keeping company data on the server, where it is backed up and up-to-date. 20 Use capabilities in Windows Server 2012 R2 to enable easy remote access to applications, like accounting and CRM, that are hosted on-site – or in the cloud. Have the peace of mind that sensitive data is kept on the server, not the laptop or device. Offer a more seamless, “local-like” remote computing experience. HRCRM Click hereClick here to jump to a slide in the appendix with more technical information on this solution.

21 Toole Design Group specializes in bicycle and pedestrian transportation consulting. With many small, regional offices located far from HQ and rapid growth, their IT solution – based on Google Apps and Linux – could not deliver the ease of collaboration and reliability they needed. With the help of District Computers, Toole Design Group moved to a system based on Office 365, Windows Server 2012 R2 and Microsoft Azure. The result: Specialists inside the company can work together no matter where they are located – at the click of a button. “We have a lot of passionate experts in different locations who want to connect with each other. We need our people to feel like they’re part of the larger team even if they’re an office of one. That’s what Microsoft technology delivers.” Ben Sigrist, GIS Coordinator, Toole Design Group Improved employee satisfaction and retention in branch offices by connecting individuals to the larger team Provided real-time document collaboration and sharing with consistent formatting across devices Enabled access to the same file structures and versions across all locations with DFSR replication Set the stage for further growth with a highly scalable solution Transportation consultancy connects experts company-wide with Microsoft solutions 60 employees | Transportation Consulting Get your work done anywhere

22 22 Why pay more for VMware and get less? Business BenefitKey Capability Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V vSphere Essentials 5.5 Basic server virtualization Hypervisor-the fundamental virtualization layer for abstracting hardware resources Reduce downtime Simplified VM management, built-in Migrate running VMs with zero downtime  Migrate virtual storage with zero downtime  Migrate running VMs without any shared storage with zero downtime  Improve business continuity Replicate changed data at an interval of 30 seconds, 5 minutes, or 15 minutes for fast systems recovery  Get cost-effective, scalable storage Enable space to be easily allocated to servers, on a just-enough and just-in-time basis  Price Built-in at no extra cost with Windows Server 2012 R2 $495 licensing price only Why pay nearly $500 to get VMware and get less functionality than you get built-in to Windows Server 2012 R2? Source for VMware features and pricing: and

23 Take action now to avoid security and compliance risks and ensure continued compatibility. 23 Now is a great time to modernize your server Windows Server 2003 End of Extended Support is July 14, 2015. Windows Server 2008 End of Mainstream Support is January 13, 2015.

24 24 Windows Server 2012 R2 – a major leap forward FEATURES Windows Server 2012 R2 Windows Server 2012 Windows Server 2008 R2 Windows Server 2003 R2 Scalability & Performance ComputeEnterprise-Class Scale & Performance + + + Network Network Interface Card (NIC) Teaming +  Virtual Receive-side Scaling (vRSS)  Storage Low-cost, highly available storage (SMBv3) +  Virtual hard disk format (VHDX) +  Availability Live Migration + +  Virtual Machine Live Cloning  Business Continuity/ Disaster Recovery Failure recovery through Hyper-V replica +  Simplified Management Server Manager console + +  Flexible, Affordable Storage Storage Spaces +  Automatic storage tiers (HDD/SSD)  Easy, Managed Remote Access Windows Server Essentials Experience +  Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) powered by RDS + +  Work Folders  + indicates enhancements were made to the prior version. For more detail, please see the Windows Server 2012 R2 Feature Comparison by Versions.Windows Server 2012 R2 Feature Comparison by Versions

25 Next steps 25

26 Appendix 26

27 Case studies

28 Chemical company transforms business with all-in move to the latest Microsoft platform “We have the right tools in place so we can go and sell chemicals. We don’t think about computers – they just help us do our jobs better.” Art Hein, Managing Director, JARCHEM Industries, Inc. JARCHEM delayed an IT investment for many years, resulting in system conflicts, business slowdowns, and reduced capabilities. With Microsoft partner eMazzanti Technologies, JARCHEM updated PCs and servers to the latest Microsoft technologies including Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012 R2 & Hyper V, Office 365 and SQL Server 2012. Now, everything “just works” and JARCHEM can focus on the business of delivering innovative chemicals to customers around the world. JARCHEM Industries Inc. Consistent, up-to-date software saves employees time from system startup to sharing documents Systems are automatically replicated off-site every 15 minutes for fast disaster recovery Mobile access including Remote Desktop Services means employees can work anywhere Fast, responsive technology helps JARCHEM maintain a customer service edge 40 employees | Chemicals | ModernBiz

29 Fun fitness pioneer keeps business bouncing forward Adapt to Change “As we welcome new franchise partners, it’s easy to fold them into Office 365 and get them up and running right away.” Tom Boyle, Director of IT, Sky Zone Unifies disparate products into one enterprise-grade solution that scales with the business Enables regional managers and franchisees to present a unified face to the world Simplifies licensing and management for streamlined user onboarding Integrated mobile access eliminates device management challenges 450 people | Recreation | The global success of their indoor trampoline park concept spurred rapid growth at Sky Zone, but their productivity tools couldn’t scale. They called on Microsoft partner CorpInfo to help them move to a unified cloud productivity solution: Office 365. The result: Sky Zone now has a reliable, integrated productivity platform that will grow with their needs no matter how big they get.

30 Windows Server 2012 R2 Key features and capabilities

31 2 31 Top 10 Features in Windows Server 2012 R2 6 8 9 10 1 3 4 5 Get the most out of your server hardware investment as you grow your business Hyper-V Quickly scale your data storage to meet your business needs at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions Storage Spaces Provide employees the flexibility to work anywhere and have the peace of mind that your data is protected Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) powered by RDS Offer a consistent, well-managed experience across all the PCs and mobile devices in use by your organization Windows Server Essentials Experience Know you’re prepared for the unexpected, with the ability to recover from system failure and get back online quickly Hyper-V Replica 7 Upgrade your applications and fix issues faster, without downtime Live Migration with RDMA Ensure more resilient connectivity and faster network performance Dynamic NIC Teaming Take advantage of the power of multi- core computers to handle the most intensive workloads Virtual Receive-side Scaling (vRSS) Reduce downtime and improve application performance Server Message Block v3.0 (SMBv3) Perform IT maintenance tasks and troubleshooting by duplicating running VMs without downtime Virtual Machine Live Cloning

32 32 Hyper-V Server Basics Hyper-V Role Installation Local or Remote using Server Manager or PowerShell. Hyper-V Server settings Live Migration, Hyper-V Replica, Default Paths, Adding Hardware. Parent and Child Partitions. Virtual Switch Manager Private, Internal, External Switch Types. Not the same as HNV and SDN. Storage (Remote and Local Storage Options) Host Scalability - Up to 320 logical processors, 4 TB RAM, 1024 VMs/host. Hyper-V hypervisor Windows Server 2012 R2 Parent partition to run and manage the Hyper-V role Windows Server 2012 R2 Child partition running a virtual machine Hardware Back to solution slide

33 Hyper ‑ V Replica Replicate Hyper ‑ V VMs from a Primary to a Replica site Affordable in-box business continuity and disaster recovery. Configurable replication frequencies of 30 seconds, 5 minutes and 15 minutes. Secure replication across network. Agnostic of hardware on either site. No need for other virtual machine replication technologies. Automatic handling of live migration. Simpler configuration and management. Hyper ‑ V role and tools Hyper ‑ V cmdlets Hyper ‑ V PS integrated UI Hyper ‑ V Management Module tracks and replicates changes for each virtual machine Hyper ‑ V role and tools Hyper ‑ V cmdlets Hyper ‑ V PS integrated UI Hyper ‑ V Management Module receives and applies the changes to the replica virtual machine Primary site Replicate over WAN link SMB file share Send/receive replica traffic SAN Replica site R1 R2 R3 P1P2 Back to solution slide

34 Virtualization of storage with Storage Pools and Storage Spaces. Storage resilience and availability with commodity hardware. Automatically tiers data across memory, SSD and spinning disks. Write-back cache to absorb spike in random writes. Resiliency and data redundancy through n- way mirroring or parity mode. Use optimized through thin and trim provisioning and enclosure awareness. Integration with other Windows Server 2012 capabilities. SSD, Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) and Serial AT Attachment (SATA) interconnects. Storage Spaces Back to solution slide (Shared) SSD, SAS or SATA Windows Server 2012 R2 capabilities Windows Application Server or File Server Physical or virtualized deployments Hyper-VSMB MultichannelSMB Direct Storage Space Tiered Physical Storage SSD HDD Storage Pool Windows Virtualized Storage

35 VDI with Windows Server 2012 R2 Back to solution slide Firewall Public Location Corporate Office Branch Office Home Powered by Windows Server 2012 R2 1 platform 1 experience 3 deployment choices Personal VMs Desktop sessions Pooled VMs

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