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1 Presentation by: Shelby MacKay 4/20/2011 2 nd Period English

2 A long time ago, some animals looked different to the way they look now. Kangaroos had no tails and wombats had high, round heads. Mirram the Kangaroo and Warreen the Wombat were good friends. They lived together in a hut that Warreen had built from tree bark. They liked being with each other, but Mirram liked to sleep outside at night and he made fun of Warreen who always wanted to sleep inside. "Come, Warreen, sleep outside with me" said Mirram. "It's much better to look up at the stars at night and listen to the fresh wind in the trees." "It's too cold outside" snuffled Warreen, "and sometimes it rains. I might get wet! I like sleeping in my hut with a nice fire to keep me warm." Mirram the Kangaroo would not accept this. "Your bark hut is dark and smelly. It is much better to sleep out in the clean air under the bright stars!" "No, thank you" said Warreen. "I will stay in my hut where I am comfortable." HOW KANGAROO GOT HIS TAIL BASED ON AN AUSTRALIAN ABORIGINAL LEGEND

3 Mirram was impatient. "You are too scared to sleep outside with me. You are frightened to feel a little wind." "I'm not frightened" snuffled Warreen. "I just like sleeping in my bark hut!" Mirram kept on taunting Warreen, until one night the wombat agreed to sleep outside. During the night he got really cold and waddled back inside the hut. Kangaroo laughed at him. All summer they played together as friends, but Mirram sometimes still made fun of Warreen's hut Things changed when winter came. The wind became colder at night while Mirram slept outside. At first he didn't mind. He snuggled up to a tree to protect himself, and laughed at the thought of Warreen in his smelly hut. "Wombat would not brave the wind like me" he said to himself. The wind became stronger and colder. Mirram curled himself into a tight ball, hugging his tree. He told himself that the wind couldn't hurt him - he wasn't afraid. When it began to rain, he muttered "a little wind and rain won't hurt me. I'm not afraid." One night, blasts of wind lashed the kangaroo with raindrops that felt like icy needles. Mirram was so wet and cold, he couldn't take it any longer. He struggled onto his hind legs and blown by the wind, hopped slowly towards the bark hut. CONTINUED…

4 "It is me!" screamed Mirram, banging on the door. "Now, let me in!" "No!" yelled Wombat. "There isn't enough room." Mirram's teeth were chattering. He became very angry and pushed hard at the door until it opened. "I'm inside now - and you aren't big enough to throw me out!" "H'mmph" snorted Warreen. "Well, sleep over there - in the corner. You're all wet and I don't want cold rainwater dripping on me." Wombat stretched out near the fire again and went back to sleep. Mirram lay down in the corner, but there was a hole in the wall of the hut and the wind and rain came in. He couldn't dry himself or get warm. The fire went out, but Warreen didn't notice. He snored as he slept and laughed every now and again, enjoying a nice dream. This made Mirram more angry. In the morning his body was stiff and sore. He hobbled outside and picked up a large rock. When he came back, Warreen was stretching and yawning as he woke up. Mirram dropped the rock on Warreen's head, flattening his forehead and making his nose curl around "This is for not helping me get warm and dry" said Mirram. "And from now on, you will always live in a damp hole. Your flattened forehead and cold home will remind you of last night." CONTINUED…

5 "This is for not helping me get warm and dry" said Mirram. "And from now on, you will always live in a damp hole. Your flattened forehead and cold home will remind you of last night." After that, Warreen and Mirram didn't speak to each other or play together and Warreen planned revenge. He made a big spear and waited until Mirram was busy washing himself. Then he threw the spear with all his strength and it hit the kangaroo at the base of his spine. Mirram yelled in pain and tried to pull the spear out, but it was stuck. "From now on, that will be your long tail" yelled Warreen, "and you'll never have a home to live in!" That is why wombats now have flat foreheads and live in dark, damp burrows underground and why kangaroos have long tails and always sleep outside, under the stars. The End Source: CONTINUED…


7 AUSTRALIA'S CULTURE Religion: But they all believed in the Dreamtime, which is the ‘time before time’ or the time when the Great Spirit Ancestors came out of the earth and created all the things we know today. The Ancestors began to travel around, and on their journeys they created the landscape – the mountains, rivers, trees, waterholes and plains. They made the tribes of people, who became their descendants, and they made all the animals. They also made water, air and fire – and the moon and stars. The Ancestors were tired after creating everything. They lay down to rest and sank back into the ground again. But their spirits stayed on the Earth. They went into particular rocks and trees and other parts of the landscape. These things and places were very special. People believed they were sacred, and could only be visited and seen by men who had learned about the Ancestors and had been initiated, or made keepers of their knowledge. Unlike other religions, however, aboriginal belief does not place the human species apart from or on a higher level than nature. Aborigines believe some of the Ancestors metamorphosed into nature (as in rock formations or rivers), where they remain spiritually alive.

8 What do explanations about phenomena tell us about particular cultures? The aboriginal people of Australia have a strong religious back ground of gods that came down in the dreamtime, a time before time, to create their world. With this belief, they stay close to the land and how things came to be. In “How the Kangaroo got his Tail” these close ties show through. The aboriginal people have a great respect and appreciation for the land and animals around them. This legend expresses these views of the world. It shows how they find certain animal’s stories and how they appreciate each one. It also shows that the tribes were curious and imaginative. This story expresses the people behind it and lets you see a little of what the tribe and its people were like. QUESTION # 9

9 What themes or lessons are important to particular cultures? How does the legend show the importance of those lessons or themes? A universal lesson shown in this story is to be kind to others. In “How the Kangaroo got his Tail”, the kangaroo is not kind to his friend and that ends up having a permanent consequence. Not only did he lose a friend but he got hurt himself in the process. It created an unnecessary issue and although the kangaroo’s new tail ended up helping him, it was a painful beginning. This legend shows how life came to be so it is very important to the culture. The ancient aboriginal people had no advanced science like modern day people do so they used their religion to give an explanation of their world. These lessons and tails were passed down through generations and became what was known. Lessons such as be kind to your friends are always very important especially to people who live off the land, because people are not their only loved ones. Their appreciation for the world around them remains true. QUESTION # 10

10 What traits are valued within the cultures? How does the legend communicate these traits to us? The Australian Aboriginal people valued things such as intelligence, kindness, wisdom, loyalty and love. In this legend the kangaroo is not wise nor does he act with intelligence. He doesn’t really think about the coming season (winter) and he torments his friend, the wombat. This ends up to be a mistake because when winter does come, Kangaroo is left in the cold. But because he tortured his friend, Wombat has no interest in helping him. Kangaroo was not wise to be mean to his friend with a house and ends up getting what it appears he deserves. Kangaroo and Wombat are disloyal to each other and cross each other for something that could have been avoided. Kangaroo is also not kind to his friend. He made fun of Wombat because he was different and didn’t like what Kangaroo did. And finally, their loving friendship is destroyed over something that wasn’t necessary. All could have been avoided. QUESTION # 11


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