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Data Stewardship Committee Inaugural Meeting February 2, 2015.

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1 Data Stewardship Committee Inaugural Meeting February 2, 2015

2 Today’s Agenda 1.Introductions & Opening Comments 2.Orientation – Where are headed? 3.Organizing to Meet our Deadlines 4.Discuss Next Steps

3 Data Stewardship Committee Membership Ex Officio Ad Lucem Data Stewards


5 A Brief History… February 2014 – Winter Senior Leadership Retreat March 2014 - Data Governance Executive Oversight Group Formed June 2014 – Data Governance Principals Agreed Upon

6 “If you wish to converse with me, define your terms.” Voltaire

7 A Brief History… February 2014 – Winter Senior Leadership Retreat March 2014 - Data Governance Executive Oversight Group Formed June 2014 – Data Governance Principals Agreed Upon July 2014 - Ad Hoc Committee on Roles, Procedures and Standards for Data Management October/November 2014 – Memo from Data Governance Executive Oversight Group, Meetings with Provost/President

8 Data Governance Purpose Support President, Provost, Deans, University Leadership and Campus Community in: Informing strategic planning for achieving UB2020 and beyond; Managing daily educational and institutional operations through evidence-based decision-making; Supporting regulatory, accreditation, governing body, community engagement and other reporting requirements

9 Guiding Principles 1.Recognition of Primary Data Sources 2.Unambiguous Transformation of Data 3.Transparency 4.Data Quality, Integrity and Security 5.Systemic and Continuous 6.Feasible 7.Alignment of Data Management Approaches 8.Evaluative

10 Roles and Responsibilities Data Ownership – The University at Buffalo is considered the data owner of all university institutional data; individual units or departments may have stewardship responsibilities for portions of the data. Data Trustees – Senior leaders of the university (Vice- Presidents, Vice-Provosts, & Deans) who have responsibility for areas that have systems of record; responsible for ensuring that data stewards in their area are compliant with data governance principles.

11 Roles and Responsibilities Data Stewards – The responsible university officials who have planning and policy-level responsibilities for data in their functional areas are considered data stewards. Data stewards, as individuals, have management responsibilities for defined elements of institutional data.

12 Institutional Data Initial Focus o Student Records o Financial Aid o Admissions (UG and Grad) o Human Resources – Faculty / Staff (Headcount / FTE) o Finances – Budgets, Expenditures o Research – Grants (counts, dollars, allocations) o Space – Allocation to Department / Person o Publication / Citation Data – Scholastic Indicators o Organizational Structure – Entity / Hierarchy, Academic Structure

13 Enrollment Data Examples OperationalStrategic (Official) Different Uses I NSTRUCTOR LIST used to populate course evaluation system, allow access to class rosters I NSTRUCTOR LIST used to calculate faculty workloads, instructional productivity Different Measures H EADCOUNT includes students taking a class for credit, auditing, ELI, Gifted-Math, Cross- registered H EADCOUNT includes UB students with >0.5 Credit Hours

14 Headcount Definitions


16 Our Work Prepare report recommending on permanent data management organization and structure Research other Models Formalize Definitions/Roles Identify / inventory key institutional data elements across domains Select 3-5 elements from each domain to: Build inventory of definitions Define attributes (system of record, transformation, security) Store materials in accessible repository Begin work of conforming UB’s institutional data warehouse to official definitions

17 Deadlines April 2015 Progress Report to Data Governance Council Inventory of key institutional data elements Preliminary definitions for students, degrees, faculty June 2015 Recommendation for permanent data management structure Define and document 3 to 5 elements from each institutional data domain, begin implementing

18 Two Pizza Rule Never have a meeting where two pizzas couldn't feed the entire group. Jeff Bezos

19 Working Team 1 Structure, Roles and Responsibilities Craig Abbey – Lead Gary Pacer Laurie Barnum Chris Connor Kim Yousey-Elsener Other Volunteers?

20 Working Team 2 Enrollment and Degrees (Student Records) Kara Saunders - Lead Brian O’Connor Greg Olsen Mark Molnar Lynne Depasquale (RP) Troy Joseph (GEMS) Leah Feroleto Other Volunteers?

21 Working Team 3 Faculty (Human Resources) Sue Krzystofiak – Lead Tom Okon Gary Pacer Lauren Young (OIA) Tilman Baumstark (VPFAC) Other Volunteers?

22 From Everyone… Inventory Key Institutional Data Will send template for sharing your thoughts on what are the key institutional data that UB: …makes decisions from …uses to monitor institutional performance …needs to define …needs to make available

23 Next Steps Website for sharing materials February 23 rd Next Data Stewardship Meeting (Tentative) 1 st Report to Data Trustees on February 26 th

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