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Dr Suzanne McGowan Head of School of Geography UNMC The role of technicians in internationalisation.

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1 Dr Suzanne McGowan Head of School of Geography UNMC The role of technicians in internationalisation

2 UNUK (est. 1929) UNMC (est. 2000, 2005) UNNC (est. 2004)



5 HomeInter- national Total UK24766917833944 Malaysia296913914360 China50072505257 Student numbers 2012-13 “Transnational teaching and learning environment hosting the largest number of international students of any British university”

6 Faculty of Science and Engineering Civil Engineering Computer Science Electrical and Electronic Engineering Geographical Sciences Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering Faculty of Arts and Education Centre for English Language Education Education English International Communications Faculty of Social Sciences Contemporary Chinese Studies Economics International Studies Nottingham University Business School China Faculties at UNNC

7 Faculty of Engineering Chemical & Environmental Engineering Civil Engineering Electrical & Electronic Engineering Mechanical, Materials & Manufacturing Engineering Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Applied Psychology Business (NUBS) Economics (NSE) Education English Modern Languages & Cultures Politics, History & International Relations Centre for English Language Education Compulsory Subjects Unit Faculty of Science Biomedical Sciences Biosciences Computer Science Geography Pharmacy Psychology Faculties at UNMC

8 University strategy- teaching “One of our top priorities is to further internationalise our curriculum” Expand and enhance the teaching at the campuses in China and Malaysia and increase their student populations. UNNC Expand mathematics, economics and the sciences Introduce additional postgraduate taught courses Increase the proportion of postgraduates to 18% UNMC Develop undergraduate courses in the arts and humanities, the sciences and economics Expand the range of master’s courses offered.

9 MSc in Environmental Monitoring and Management Started in 2011 and takes elements from two UNUK MSc programmes in Environmental Management and Geographical Information Sciences School of Geography at UNMC

10 Foundations of Environmental Management module (UNUK) Field visit to Attenborough Nature Reserve

11 Foundations of Environmental Management module (UNMC) Field visit to UNMC campus lakes

12 School of Pharmacy “We generally do try and replicate the UK T&L activities but this isn’t always possible. For example, one lab class used codeine which we couldn’t easily obtain and use in Malaysia so that activity had to be replaced with something which covered the same learning outcomes.” Andrew Morris (Head of School)

13 School of Pharmacy “We’ve been through quite an extensive course redesign process over the last couple of years and UNMC staff have contributed in many ways to this process. We are now starting to see more and more UNMC staff producing material which is then delivered by our UK colleagues. It’s still relatively small numbers of lectures at the moment, but I’m hoping that this will increase so that the flow is not so unidirectional.” Andrew Morris (Head of School)

14 University strategy- Research Invest strategically in the research infrastructure across all our campuses Increase the size and proportion of our postgraduate population across all campuses to 25% Achieve a research profile at our campuses in Asia in key areas comparable to that of the Nottingham campus. Expand research capacity at the China and Malaysia campuses in a way that takes advantage of Nottingham’s strengths while responding to their national and regional priorities. Enhance the research environments at both campuses in Asia.

15 Environmental research at UNMC Human-wildlife conflict: elephant translocation as a conservation strategy Khao Lak, Thailand ASTER and SRTM Using geospatial technologies to track tsunamis Peatland biogeochemistry and land use alteration Wildlife endocrinology facilities Geochemistry analytical facilities Geospatial computing facilities

16 Green anole eating a dronefly. (Photo from Wikipedia) Research visits UK-UNMC Dr Adam Algar- biogeographer

17 University strategy- Global reach Expand student and staff mobility Increase the proportion of outward study abroad participation to 25% Improve support for staff and student mobility between our campuses Develop and enhance international teaching and research partnerships Develop new and existing international research and teaching partnerships Strengthen our Universitas 21 member collaborations

18 BSc Environmental Sciences (2+2 UNNC-UNUK)

19 BSc Environmental Sciences (2+2 UNNC-UNUK)

20 Environmental Science field trip to Tioman Island (Malaysia) UNMC + UNNC

21 Study Abroad ERASMUS/SOCRATES - Grenoble, Seville, Eichstaett UNIVERSITAS 21 - McGill, UBC, Virginia, Queensland, NSW, Melbourne, Auckland, Peking, Fudan, Korea, Shanghai Jiaol Tong, Hong Kong, Singapore, Lund, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Glasgow, Nottingham

22 Summary Teaching & curriculum development Laboratory facilities Sourcing materials/ suppliers Safety & ethics Pastoral support Communication is key

23 What does Malaysia have to offer? Diversity: Shopping & restaurants KL is 4 th best shopping city in the world Starhill Gallery shopping mall (luxury shopping) Mid Valley mega mall) Night market, Bangsar Hawker stalls in Chinatown

24 What does Malaysia have to offer? Variety of natural environments Rainforest Beaches MangrovesMountains Gateway to SE Asia (Camboia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Laos about 1-2 hours away)

25 What does Malaysia have to offer? Photos from the Environmental Science field trip (Tioman Island) Biodiversity hotspot

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