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Tracing - Restoring Family Links. Henry Dunant (1828-1910) © ICRC / hist-00022  Photothèque CICR (DR)/

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1 Tracing - Restoring Family Links

2 Henry Dunant (1828-1910) © ICRC / hist-00022  Photothèque CICR (DR)/

3 Story of Claudius Mazuet

4 International Committee of the Red Cross

5 Provide minimum standards of humanity during times of armed conflict Recognise the right of people to know the fate of loved ones (eg GC4/25 and AP1/32) Geneva Conventions

6 ww1 1914 - Australian soldiers traced by small office in Cairo 1915 – Gallipoli and Western Front campaigns caused huge numbers of wounded, missing and POWs. 1915 – Establishment of Australian Wounded and Missing Enquiry Bureau 1916 –Bureau moved to London Australian Red Cross & World War 1 1st Battalion troops waiting for relief near Jacob's trench, Lone Pine, Gallipoli, 8 August 1915. Image from (Public domain)

7 Secretary of ARC Wounded and Missing Enquiry Bureau Personally wrote 400,000 letters to families at home. Established POW Department of Bureau Organised 395,000 parcels for Australian POWs. Vera Deakin Elizabeth Chomley Red Cross Heroic Women

8 ww1 World War 1 tracing systems London, England. Women at work in the Index Card Department at the Prisoners of War Information Bureau. (Donor British Official Photograph BB6) Images from (Public Domain)

9 ww1 World War 1 relief packages Goods made by the Northcote Red Cross branch for sick & wounded Australian soldiers. (Source: AWM, Public domain) Red Cross Unit in NSW collecting funds in WW1. RC Archival image AX10 1264

10 A vital service 40 million people displaced by armed conflict, persecution Thousands more by natural disasters and forced migration. Separation can lead to serious physical, psychological, financial repercussions.  Fédération/MAYER, Till

11 World War 2 Balkans conflict 2004 tsunami Missing migrants at sea 100 years of service Over 100 years Australian Red Cross has responded:  Australian Red Cross

12 Networks cross 189 countries  ICRC/BARRY, Jessica  ICRC/VII/HAVIV, Ron

13 What the service does 1.Clarifies the fate of the Missing 2.Helps families re-establish contact 3. Facilitates the exchange of family news  Marko KOKIC/ICRC  Kate HOLT/ICRC  Marko KOKIC/ICRC

14 Success! Joy!  Australia Red Cross / Mourne de Klerk After 19 years of separation, and with the assistance of the Australian Red Cross International Tracing Service, Isha Munya is reunited with her daughter, Faduma. On the reunion day Isha exclaimed: “It was so emotional, you could feel it in the air. I saw Faduma come off the plane. I couldn't hold my tears back.”

15 Visits around Australia Nauru This image has been amended from DIBP website

16 Case Study  Australian Red Cross/DEKKER, Rodney Samuel, a nurse, was separated from his two young children by violence in war-torn Sierra Leone in 1999. For years, Samuel desperately tried to locate and contact his children with no success. Samuel contacted Australian Red Cross to see whether they could help find his children. Two months later, Red Cross called Samuel with the good news. His children had been found safe, well and happy. Samuel is now in regular contact with his children.

17 Questions For further information please contact your local Red Cross office Tracing team or Entre Ríos, Guatemala. Pedro Coc hugging his grandmother. © CICR / C. Amezquita

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