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EvolutionStack - USDA Building a Bazaar in the Cathedral.

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1 EvolutionStack - USDA Building a Bazaar in the Cathedral

2 The team Introductions….

3 Who we support...

4 USDA / NITC In the beginning… ●NITC dates back to 1957 ●Primarily mainframe shop ●Grew into a traditional hosting center ●Slow and steady

5 Shifting Customer Needs ●Customers wanted fast, flexible, agile and cheap hosting o Customer independence required! o Customers want Amazon but in Govt. space

6 Not Keeping Up ●What customers got… o Virtualized version of old Managed Hosting product o Lots of iterations o Long path to production o IT / Business processes don’t align

7 HopeStack The dream begins… ●Hallway convos, smoke breaks ○What is this “OpenStack” thing…? ●A few believe in the idea of a revolution

8 All bets on the table... ●Zach shares idea o Wagers parking space for 5 min. with the ACIO ●Leadership vision o They can see beyond the red tape! ● Team is selected to evaluate idea o Non-conformists recruited

9 Do or die in 90 days ●Charged to research private cloud o Greenfield opportunity o Given unlimited resources (with zero $$$) o Research and report back in 90 days

10 GO! Day 1 Begins

11 Do the impossible... ●Build a WORKING demo/POC o SDN + OpenStack + Ceph o Oh, and its got to do stuff that works…………...

12 No Funding! ●Diverted gear destined for trash ●NO R&D capital to be found o Budget = 0$ ●Team doing two jobs

13 AngryStack ●Endless possibilities in OpenStack o If you can make them work ● Feature Greed! o Over-ran the docs that were ‘available’ o Current problem are always solved in the next release o I always have a current problem

14 Mad Googling! Day 30

15 “Sticky” room (Cloud Cave) ●Burn through two scrummasters ●Whiteboards filled with ideas ●Whole team in one room

16 Building a cloud… ●They said it couldn’t be done ●500 ways not to build a cloud discovered ●Late nights

17 Tech debt! ●Things breaking! ●Every service is a huge victory! ●Atmos clap is developed

18 Inception Day 60

19 On the heels of dev... ●Literally 2 days behind Nicira developers during our Quantum build o We were begging for the next code bits o Plugins/integration with Open vSwitch o Scratching of heads ●Amazing support from Nicira

20 AwesomeStack ●We got stuff to work! o Main feature collection working o VM’s deployed successfully via Horizon o SDN to OpenStack successful!  Deploy networks and routers - Yourself  NO MORE VLANS!  Self directed FW’s!

21 Additions Made... ●Because Open Source o Boot from volume o Instance deploy wizard o Monitoring - Atmos Monkey

22 1 day left - Do or Die Day 89

23 Demo day... ●Security group errors (quick refresh) ●Ceph stable ●Crossing fingers the HW will hold out

24 Winning! ●The Impossible is done! ●Executive mgmt was beyond impressed!

25 A declaration is made... ●This OpenStack thing is our future o Mgmt said make it so! o The message is sent to the org. ●Wait… There's no money o Found a customer that would invest o Pitched the dream and they bought in

26 Schism... ●The Cathedral is completely freaked out!!!!!! o Those OpenStack guys are trying to kill the unicorn factory! o But.. But.. The customer can do whatever they want in the new thing! o Why would you build such a thing!?

27 SolutionStack ●Build a world class cloud o Stable o Sustainable o Not able to hire like a RackSpace o Looked for companies that understand our vision o Long term support o Plan for FedRAMP

28 I am Zach’s Sleepless Nights

29 Operationalizing... ●Piston o Provisioning o Impressed by operational philosophy ●VMware NSX o Maturity o Troubleshooting capabilities ●Silicon Mechanics o Amazing fulfillment

30 Get what we want…

31 Questions? AMA

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