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Check In Make three predictions about the next unit.

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1 Check In Make three predictions about the next unit.

2 REVIEW IsolationismInterventionism





7 REVIEW IdealisticRealistic



10 Activity Goal: Biggest group without a red dot (spy)

11 Debrief 1.How did you know whom to stand with? 2.At any time were you absolutely positive about your decision? 3.Did you have doubts about your friends in class? 4.Did you change your minds at any point? If you did change, what made it change? 5.How do you think this relates to our new unit?

12 Main Idea Tensions after WWI caused an increase in political radicals – people with very new and different ideas. Two radicals who got international attention for an alleged murder were Sacco and Vanzetti.

13 1917: Lenin & Bolsheviks create Communist state in Russia 1 st RED SCARE

14 “He said his family used to live on a beautiful farm, but the government took it away from them. He said the Communists controlled everyone and everything. They couldn't even cut a tree down on their own property for firewood. He was afraid to walk from the house to the barn for fear of being shot. You had to be careful of everything you said because if you said something against the government, you put your life at risk. France's brother, August, did speak out and was pushed in front of a train and his legs were cut off. The Communists called it an ‘accident.’ August survived and went to the hospital, where he was poisoned – another ‘accident.’”

15 “We had a collie dog that I loved. One day I was hugging the dog and France told me that people couldn't have dogs in Yugoslavia because they couldn't afford them. He said people would stand around eating with both hands up to their mouth for fear of dropping crumbs on the floor -- they couldn't afford to drop any food because they didn't have enough to eat. He told me that the Communists brainwashed the citizens with propaganda and changed the history of their country. I couldn't believe it. ‘How could they get by with that?’ I thought.”

16 Communism: an economic and political system based on a single- party government ruled by a dictatorship 1 st RED SCARE


18 Communist Party is formed in U.S.  Fear of socialists, communists & anarchists Opposed all forms of government! 1 st RED SCARE

19 Palmer Raids (1919)  US Attorney General & agents invaded private homes, offices and jailed suspects without allowing them a lawyer  Foreign-born radicals deported 1 st RED SCARE

20 Nativism: prejudice against foreign- born people  “Keep America For Americans” Ku Klux Klan (KKK) rises in prominence again 1 st RED SCARE

21 Quota System: established the maximum number of people who could move to the U.S. from each foreign country Created by Emergency Quota Act of 1921 1 st RED SCARE

22 1924—amended the law to limit European immigration to 2% of the number of its nationals living in the U.S. in 1890 1927—only 150,000 per year Why would this discriminate against eastern and southern Europeans? 1 st RED SCARE


24 Nice ‘stache! Thanks, dude! I mustache you a question… Guilty? Innocent?

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