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How I entered the jailbreak scene Aaron Ash

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2 How I entered the jailbreak scene Aaron Ash @aaronash@aaronash


4 I’ve always liked computers...

5 Popular Tweaks I wrote Multifl0wBarrel

6 Tweak making It’s not as easy as it looks I promise! (always unexpected bugs) But it’s also not impossible If you work at it, you can do it

7 How I make tweaks Idea Hack at it Test it Share it Polish it Release it Improve it I

8 Idea Useful Looks cool (hopefully both of the above) It works well

9 Sources for ideas What can be improved? What is annoying? What could be given more shine? What do people want? What do you want?

10 Hack at it class-dump-z the binary Hack around with cycript ( Log stuff to see what’s going on Figure out the best places to hook Code it (check out Logos/Theos framework by DHowett)

11 Test it Put it on your actual device If you can stand it, you’re off to a good start If you can’t, try fixing biggest bugs If it just won’t work, don’t force it

12 Share it See what your friends think about it Show Twitter Listen to feedback

13 Polish it Fix as many bugs as you can Fix crashes (nobody likes unexpected resprings) Double check for memory leaks First impression might be your only impression

14 Release it! Write up a clear description Maybe make a website Submit to a repo (I prefer BigBoss)


16 Improve it Tweet about it on release I normally make a YouTube video demonstrating the tweak Squash any bugs you missed Add features users request Repeat! Have fun

17 Multifl0w I had an iPhone, wanted to make stuff Was <18, couldn’t join Apple’s program Solution: jailbreak! Friend in high school had a Palm Pre I thought its “cards multitasking” was cool Why didn’t iPhone OS have it? “hmm, I could try making that”

18 Problem: Didn’t have a mac (or money) Solution: Install SDK on windows!

19 Problem: Couldn’t figure that out Solution: Install SDK on linux! Instructions are on, couldn’t be that hard right?


21 Problem: Couldn’t figure that out either (but I think I got close) Solution: need to research more...

22 Answer: install toolchain on device! I used Notepad++ on Windows 7 RC Used WinSCP to autosync files and compiled on device through SSH

23 Problem: Very little documentation on MobileSubstrate and/or examples + explanation Solution: check out open source projects, just keep hacking away at it...

24 It (kinda) works!

25 Made a video, put it on YouTube

26 Got lots of attention Felt lots of pressure to release it So I did... But I should have waited. It could have used more work.

27 Gizmodo article! Posts on almost all jailbreaking sites Engadget article got invited to “the cool” IRC channel

28 It’s all good! Few weeks later, phone starts ringing... Caller ID says “Palm, Inc.” uh oh...

29 How my jailbreak time is normally spent (estimated)

30 Icon effects Barrel!

31 Barrel I wanted to make SpringBoard more fun Inspired by Compiz/Beryl Made mostly in my Econ class

32 How it works (in a nutshell) Hooks -(void)setContentOffset:(CGPoint)offset Calculates percentage between pages Uses CATransform3D to retain frame positions

33 Popular modes

34 Tweaks that didn’t make the cut

35 Icon Stack


37 Icon Spiral


39 Multifl0w concepts





44 Questions? Aaron Ash @aaronash

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