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Haroun and the Sea of Stories „Introduction“ By Salman Rushdie Adapted by Tim Supple and David Tushingham.

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1 Haroun and the Sea of Stories „Introduction“ By Salman Rushdie Adapted by Tim Supple and David Tushingham

2 Ein Projekt der Kl. 10 WRS der Oststadtschule I HSWRS Ludwigsburg Die Texte wurden von Schülerinnen und Schülern der Klasse gelesen und als Wave-Dateien den einzelnen Folien zugeordnet. Aus Speicherplatzgründen enthält diese Präsentation keine Audioobjekte.

3 2 There was once, in the country of Alifbay, a sad city, the saddest of cities, a city so ruinously sad, that it had forgotten its name.

4 2.1 In the north of the sad city stood mighty factories in which (so I‘m told) sadness was actually manufactured, packaged and sent all over the world, which never seemed to get enough of it.

5 3 Black smoke poured out of the chimneys of the sadness factories...

6 3 and hung over the city like bad news.

7 4 And In the dephts of the city beyond an old zone of ruined buildings that looked like broken hearts...

8 There lived a happy young fellow by the name of Haroun. The only child...

9 of the storyteller Rashid Khalifa, whose cheerfulness was famous throughout that unhappy metropolis...

10 ...and whose never ending stream of tall, short and winding tales had earned him not one but two nicknames.

11 To his admirers Rashid was the Ocean of Notions the Ocean of Notions

12 the Shah of Blah. but to his jealous rivals he was

13 5 To his wife Sorayah Rashid was for many years as loving a husband as anyone could wish for, Rashid Sorayah

14 5 and during these years Haroun grew up in a home in which, instead of misery and frowns, he had his father‘s ready laughter

15 and his mother‘s sweet voice raised in song.

16 Then something went wrong. Soraya stopped singing in the middle of a line, as if someone had thrown a switch.

17 Rashid Khalifa was so busy making up and telling stories he didn‘t notice. But then Rashid was a busy man,

18 he was the Ocean of Notions, the famous Shah of Blah. in constant demand,

19 Haroun often thought of his father as a juggler, because his stories were really lots of different tales juggled together,

20 and Rashid kept them going in a sort of dizzy whirl, and never made a mistake.

21 Where do all these stories come from?

22 From the great story sea.... then I feel full of steam. Glug glug glug. I drink the story waters and...

23 Where do you keep this hot water?

24 It comes out of an invisible tap... installed by one of the Water Genies.

25 I‘ve never seen a Water Genie!

26 You‘re never up in time to see the milkman, but you don‘t mind drinking the milk. You have to be a subscriber.

27 And how do you become a subscriber?

28 Oh, that‘s much Too Complicated To Explain. Now kindly desist from this Iffing and Butting and be happy with the stories you enjoy.

29 8 Soraya joins Haroun and Rashid.

30 9 Why don‘t you have any more children?

31 9 We used up our full quota of child-stuff just in making you. It‘s all packed in there, enough for maybe four or five kiddies. Yes, sir, there‘s more to you than the blinking eye can see.

32 We tried 9 We tried. This child business is not an easy thing. Think of the poor Senguptas.

33 9 The Senguptas lived upstairs.

34 Mr Sengupta Mr Sengupta was a clerk at the offices of the City Corporation and he was as sticky thin and whiny- voiced and mingy as his wife Oneeta was generous and loud and wobbly-fat.

35 2.2 They had no children at all, and as a result Oneeta Sengupta paid more attention to Haroun than he really cared for.

36 11 Mr Sengupta ignored Haroun, but was always talking to Soraya.

37 That husband of yours, excuse me if I mention, he‘s got his head stuck in the air and his feet off the ground.

38 What are all these stories? Life is not a storybook or a joke shop. All this fun will come to no good.

39 What‘s the use of stories that aren‘t even true?

40 Haroun couldn‘t get the terrible question out of his head.


42 ...

43 Produziert im Schuljahr 99/00 Klasse 10 WRS Fächer: Englisch und Musik

44 Musik improvisiert von Schülerinnen und Schülern der Kl. 10 der Oststadtschule I HSWRS Ludwigsburg auf Roland Synthesizer XP 60. Als Midi-Sequenz aufgenommen mit LogicAudio.

45 Zeichnungen: Schülerinnen der Kl.10 Leitung: Joachim Grötzinger

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