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Day 1- 1 st Entry from Morgan’s journal The helicopter ride to the Tropical Rainforest was unforgettable and I couldn’t believe this was where I was.

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3 Day 1- 1 st Entry from Morgan’s journal The helicopter ride to the Tropical Rainforest was unforgettable and I couldn’t believe this was where I was going to be living for 3 days! When the helicopter started leaving, gliding across the bright blue tropical sky, I saw a colorful Sun Conure swooping from canopy to canopy. As I took a deep breath and headed into this amazingly beautiful biome, my thoughts were interrupted by a screeching orangutan dangling from a Strangler Fig treetop. I glanced around me one last time before heading into this adventure of survival.

4 I exited the helicopter and looked all around. I couldn't believe that this was going to be my home for the next 3 days. Morgan must have been feeling the same way because she suddenly looked nervous. As I took my fist few steps towards this tropical rainforest, I was so excited to finally begin my adventure of survival. Olivia’s First Entry

5 Day 1- 2 nd entry We immediately started looking for shelter. As I looked around trying to find the perfect spot for our camp, I saw many Lobster Claws. Their red and yellow tear dropped shaped leaves were so striking. Soon I found 2, Giant Red Cedar trees. They looked very young and were 5 feet away from one-an-other. I got my 2 sharp sticks that I broke off of a Kapok tree. I pushed the Kapok sticks into the Giant Red Cedar tree and took vine and wrapped it around the tree so the poncho would stay up. Olivia took her huge green poncho off. She poked a hole in her poncho with the other Kapok stick and took a vine and wrapped it so her poncho will stay up as well. Olivia’s poncho was under mine. The top was for storage and the bottom was for sleeping. As I stood back looking at our shelter, a small wind began gusting around me. As I listened to it rustle the leaves in the canopy above, I felt such pride for accomplishing our first task. From Morgan’s journal

6 Entry-2 Day-1 From Olivia's Journal My stomach is growling. Morgan and I have only eaten a banana all afternoon. We need to find some thing to eat before night falls. We were searching for food when suddenly we walked into a humongous spider web. I felt the silk strands of the web tickling my skin. As I tried to pull the web off. I realized something was crawling on my head. As I slowly reached my hand up to my ponytail, I saw Morgan's jaw drop and her eyes grew wide. Morgan mumbled the words poisonous wolf spider. She tried to reassure me that its venom is not lethal. I didn’t want to take my chances so I freaked out and wacked it off my head and onto a teak tree. I knew it was a teak tree because it appeared to be a tall tree which color was a yellow, red and brown. We knew that the wolf spider can run very fast. So we ran in a different direction. As we were looking for fruit we came upon a twin kauri tree. We started heading back to our camp site.

7 Day 2- 3 rd Entry from Morgan’s Journal I broke off a long stick from a Teak Tree. The loud crack echoed throughout the canopies. I know that it was a Teak tree because it was a tall evergreen tree with reddish brown bark.The Teak stick had a sharp point at the top of it. This “poking stick” was for poking dangerous animals in the eye if they ever get too close. My stomach was growling so I got Olivia and we started hunting for food.

8 Entry-3 Day-1 from Olivia’s journal When Morgan went under her canopy tree, I decided to build a fire to keep us warm all night and to keep the bugs away. I tried desperately to make a fire but didn’t succeed. I was about to call Morgan but she was already fast asleep. Poor thing was still gripping her poking stick. I decided to use a different technique. I took stones to use like flint and proceeded to strike them together. I got some sparks which caught the tinder. I continued to blow very gently while I picked up dry twigs on the ground next to me and added them slowly to the burning fire. As the fire began to grow, I stopped blowing and the fire continued to burn. I felt so amazed that I was able to make a fire all by myself. I can’t wait to get home and brag to Aiden.

9 Day 2- 4 th Entry from Morgan’s Journal It was getting late and I was grumpy and hungry. Olivia and I were out hunting for food. I walked by a Kapok tree and I saw 2 bananas in the hands of a Proboscis monkey. He swooped down from the Kapok tree and I quickly jabbed him in the eye with my poking stick before he could get any closer. Liv took the bananas as they were flung out of the monkeys hands. We charged back to our trees before the monkey attacked. My heart was pounding. I had just robbed a monkey! We ate the bananas and it started to rain. The pitter, patter sound of the raindrops on the canopy was pleasant all around. We stood out in the rain for water. I held a handful of leaves and cuffed them so the water would stay in the leaves. As I slurped up the glorious tasting water, I was thrilled to be having something so wonderful.

10 I heard a loud noise. My heart started pounding. I knew it was my flight back to America. I had tears trickling down my face. I was so excited. I quickly took a last glance at the home that was mine for the past three days. I can’t believe I survived this adventure. I ran over and as I stepped onto the helicopter, I caught a scent of our campfire burning out. I will miss my adventure here but I’m so relieved to finally get back to my family. I have missed them all so much…..even my annoying brother. Final Entry- Olivia’s Journal

11 Day 3- 5 th Entry from Morgan’s journal It was the last day of frustration in the tropical rainforest. Today was the day that the helicopter picked us up. I started unwinding the vine and picked my rain poncho up, folded it, and put it under my arm. Olivia did the same. I haven’t been this happy since we finished making our shelter. As Olivia and I started dancing off to the area where we were dropped off. I saw a colorful Sun Conure airing out it’s wings on a branch covered with epiphytes. As it croaked and screeched, I could here the helicopter blades spinning. The helicopter glided over and landed right in front of us!! I was jumping up and down with excitement.! I was leaving this beautiful place, and going HOME!! As I raced over to the helicopter, I saw Mrs.Dudek waving! I ran up the 3 steps and Olivia and I threw our arms around Mrs.Dudek, giving her a big hug. I just wanted to burst out crying happy tears. I was overjoyed and I couldn’t help it. As we started leaving, I looked out the windows and I saw a Bengal Tiger under the canopy tree where we were camping. He almost stepped on the poking stick. I was incredibly overjoyed that Olivia and I got away from that area before he could attack. I looked away from the window and realized that I was very happy and could tell I was going to cry.

12 Big commotion Swinging, crawling, screeching Alive and full of energy. Playground By Olivia Mattiello

13 Rainforest Rainforest Colorful and lively Skipping around this forest of life Heart thumping as I listen to sounds all around.Tropical

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