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"Metal Hits at WWTP’s Class ”A” EQ Biosolids To Class “F” And Back Again.

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1 "Metal Hits at WWTP’s Class ”A” EQ Biosolids To Class “F” And Back Again

2 Cadillac WWTP Class “B” tertiary treatment plant Grit removal Primaries Aeration tanks Secondary's RBC Sand filters Anaerobic digesters Discharge into trout stream

3 The Story Microscopic Evaluation Hauling Biosolids Point Source Study Wet Test We Have a problem Confirm Tests Investigation Incoming Trunk lines Factories On the trail of the Guilty Sampling Trailer

4 Story (continued) Guilty Party The Meeting Results Toxic Sludge Bidding Geotubes Geotubes II Disposal Outcome

5 Microscopic Evaluation Evaluate three Activated sludge slides a day Noticed decrease in life on Mondays Increased life all week Decreased life next Monday Life in tanks are not stable Begin trying changing operations.

6 Massive Colony of Stalked Ciliates


8 Biosolids Five years of study for class “A” EQ status Sent in application for certification Received certification Applied 1 st time as Certified Class ”A” EQ Emptied both biosolids tanks(800K &700K)

9 Point Source Study DEQ show up to do Point Source Study Everything appears to be normal Received a phone call on biosolids Sample of digester #1 to #2 transfer is Hot! Zinc Level shows 6010mg/L Are our numbers right?

10 Wet Test Sent in WET test sample to ASCI Lab. Before second sample get call Everything is dead in 100%/66% samples What is happening Sodium thiosulfate remaining sample No die off. Heavy metal present.

11 We have a problem Low bug populations High zinc level in Point Source biosolids Toxicity caused by heavy metal Better find out what’s wrong

12 Confirm tests Do we have or had a problem? Start testing influent & effluent daily Internal Testing lab. Test seven days a week Start testing Digester solids What for results to see what we will do.

13 Investigation We have a problem Start testing trunk lines & plant Start testing industries on a more frequent basis. Two Isco Samplers plus Plant Sampler Hard to test and keep IPP program to date

14 Incoming Trunk Lines Four Trunk lines Converge at WWTP Able to test each line on plant ground Narrowed down to two trunk lines Investigated further- One trunk line now Our most Industrial trunk line. Also had Major county flow in it

15 Factories Many Industries on line plus county. Must eliminate one at a time. County first Military Pallets Rubber Factories Boat manufacture Power plant Foundry

16 On the Trail of the Guilty Always Chasing tail Couldn’t find guilty party Had Industry that was retrofitting Cooling tower at the correct time. Not guilty Only one industry never had a hit at plant while we were sampling it. Couldn’t catch.

17 Sampling Trailer Sampling trailer Problem? Great deterrent Community Awareness Industry Tip Off ??

18 Guilty Party Have idea who is guilty party can’t prove Sampled 1 1/2 weeks straight no upsets Moved over weekend/Had upset Tested a week longer. No upsets Moved and then hid the sampler Had “hot” sample from industry Should have known it was the Foundry

19 The Meeting Called Industry about problem Set meeting date Found out they had been experimenting Oil cans and Soup cans pH in treatment system very low Kept zinc soluble Very hard on equipment

20 Results Never said the word Zinc Never admitted to wrong doing Offer to help pay for cleanup Doing this out of sense of community They would help us They were hoping we would help them Set up extra monitoring and limits

21 Toxic Sludge Now that problem taken care of what do we do with sludge. Store all in one tank Keep adding until level falls below ceiling Start filling second tank with Class “B”

22 Bidding Decided to put out to bid Six bidders Three within 8/10 of a cent One of low bidder was our own hauler Council went with Low bid Was an application not familiar with

23 Geotubes Fill tubes with sludge Add polymers Sludge will dewater Tubes will weep Add more sludge Repeat until tubes are filled Wait until dry

24 Geotubes II Filled tubes Suppose to be 2 tubes Became 5 tubes Needed more polymer More space Time,time,time

25 Flat Geotube

26 Polymer

27 Filling Geotube

28 Weeping Geotube

29 Disposal Never dried fully Add sawdust Take to landfill Increased landfill rates More cost and time Pleasantly surprised contractor stayed.

30 Starting disposal

31 Looks Messy

32 Very Messy

33 Outcome Be vigilant Test often Test on weekends Be prepared Work with industry Want to keep industry not drive away

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