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Literacy Autobiography

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1 Literacy Autobiography

2 Why This Artifact? This PowerPoint is an essential aspect of my portfolio because it illustrates my growth in literacy as an individual. This is a reminder to me that literacy is a process that can take various paths, and as a literacy educator this should always be present in my instructional planning. This artifact demonstrates what I have come to discover as a literacy professional: literacy development rests on many socio-economic factors, and opportunity and access are crucial to literacy success.

3 BACKGROUND Country of birth
Born to Guyanese parents of East Indian descent. The first of five children Grew up in a large, extended family Mostly traditional and culturally conservative Country of birth

4 Components of my Literacy Autobiography
Listening Speaking Reading Writing

5 Listening Jumble of voices Mother sang old love songs
Father sang old Hindi songs Observed the nuances of other people’s language and expressions Father spoke “differently” when speaking to strangers Stories and music on the radio Learned greatly from listening closely

6 Speaking Cultural Influences Development Always the “quiet” one
First words: mama Spoke fluently: 2 years old “Speak when you are spoken to” “Children should be seen and not heard” First public presentation – fear and embarrassment Found my “voice” in late teens Though confidence came with motherhood, remain the “quiet” one Cultural Influences East Indian, African, and British Words for foods, clothing, and rituals Resulted in a form of “pidgin” English Code switching: Informal “English” at home with family and friends, and standard English at school and with strangers

7 Reading Learning the English alphabet.
Images made letter-sound coordination easy to remember. Books with images and sentences Ex. Dick and Jane Readers Then ………..

8 Favorites

9 Reading Became a Passion
Materials Newspapers Mysteries Westerns adventure Romance Murder Mystery

10 Limitations After Marriage Social (no library services)
Economic (couldn’t afford) Social (no library services) School (no library) After Marriage Informational texts, such as health magazines Religion based texts Newspapers dominated reading Internet reading College required reading

11 Writing Early writing Letters of the alphabet Simple sentences
Special moments or events Letters to family members Reflections I hated writing It seemed like too much work Handwriting was atrocious Just couldn’t get it right

12 Later Writing Reflections
Failed entrance writing first time First English course Writing about literature Graduating seminar writing Reflections Still hated writing Anxiety about college writing Amazement at my own writing Realizations about my own writing Confidence in my own writing

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