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Welcome To Florida keys.

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1 Welcome To Florida keys

Florida keys is located 15 miles from Miami The Florida keys ends 145 kilometers (90 miles) north of Cuba

The water depth is from 0.6 to 610 meters (2 to 2,000 feet) average (50 feet) It rains about 125 times a year that makes 125,000,000 gallons There's a lot of fresh water and salt water fish (50% of each).

4 TEMPATURE & SUNLIGHT Temperature up to 105 degrees.
The hottest day is 110 degrees. The sunlight is very important for the tropical flowers and plants. Some people don’t know that with out sunlight the coral couldn’t grow, and if the coral couldn’t grow the smaller fish couldn’t eat then, the big fish would go hungry then the food web would be out of it’s place.

5 Florida Keys Marine Bacteria zooxanthelle phytoplankton human
barracuda moray eel parrot fish black sea urchin knobbed porgy Coral turtle grass algae

6 Fun Facts Parrot Fish use there small, bony, sharp teeth to scrape off polyps off the coral bodies. A quarter of all species are found in coral reefs. There are 1,700 islands near the Florida Keys.

7 Florida keys Abiotic affects

8 Abiotic Affects Florida keys
The Florida keys are dangered by not just people and biotic affects, but by abiotic factors too. Some of the abiotc affects are Pollution. over harvesting of sea life. Ship wreck. Florida keys

9 People’s affects Over one-half of the world is at high or medium risk from human disturbance, this often leads to a sickness where corals come diseased or bleached. People noticed a spread of damage and bleaching in coral reefs, this happened not only in places with lots of human movement but in undisturbed areas too. Motor boats can tear up sea grasses in shallow lagoons. Careless snorkelers come break and damage corals by standing on or leaning against the reef. Even a light touch can destroy the animals living in the hard bodies.

10 Main affects The main affects for people are touching, leaning, or standing on coral and boats pollution.

11 What is killing the coral?
It’s estimated that it takes a coral reef years to recover from a single touch, it could take up to 500 years before the corals return to normal stage.

12 Made by….. Caitlin Goedert Miah Ellis Sidnie Jackson DeWayne Hayes

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