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MacWet Gloves ‘ All grip, no slip’ Shooting products 2011.

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1 MacWet Gloves ‘ All grip, no slip’ Shooting products 2011

2 Introduction MacWet Gloves A technologically advanced glove, designed to perform in all weather conditions. Aquatec Unique and climate responsive fabric, key to MacWet Gloves’ performance.

3 The brand MacWet gloves are famous in several sports and are well established in the UK equestrian, shooting and golf sectors MacWet is the official glove supplier to the UK Horseguards and the gloves are used by numerous UK police shooting teams MacWet Gloves have become the No 1 selling glove in the UK The MacWet brand (including the instantly recognised gold MW symbol) is synonymous with premium quality and peak performance

4 The two products: The mesh glove The mesh glove has been developed specifically for warmer weather, designed to aid circulation around the hand The mesh glove comes in 6 colours and 14 sizes and is also available in either long or short cuff Mesh long cuffMesh short cuff

5 The climatec glove has been developed specifically for cooler weather, with a windproof, water resistant and fleece lined material on the back of the hand for comfort and warmth The climatec glove comes in 4 colours, 14 sizes and is also available in either long or short cuff The two products: The climatec glove Climatec long cuffClimatec short cuff

6 Although we have 14 sizes to ensure the perfect fit, measuring your hand couldn't be simpler The measurement across the palm width of the hand in cm gives you your actual size and saves time in choosing gloves. This measurement can also be seen on the back of every packet to help your customers

7 The product benefits – a ‘second skin’ fit which provides sensitivity and dexterity, with 14 sizes you can guarantee you will get a glove that fits like a glove should – perfectly! – a constant grip at all times, thanks to the glove’s breathable palm fabric, Aquatec. Whether it be perspiration, humidity or precipitation, Aquatec ensures comfort, without compromising grip performance. Any moisture on the skin is wicked to the outside of the material where it is used to increase grip – durability & machine washability – range of sizes, colours and styles to suit your shooting discipline

8 Testimonials (from the people who should know!)

9 Becky Bream Currently No 2 in the World ‘I have worn MacWet gloves for three years now, from the Climatec glove I use in the winter, to keep my hands warm, to the superb breathable Mesh summer glove. I used the MacWet when gaining two silver medals at The World Sporting Championships this year, as well as in the extreme heat of the World FITASC Championships in Italy. They give great grip, have a nice snug fit and are very comfortable, you really do not notice them at all! I never leave home without my MacWet’s, they are fantastic!’

10 Amber Hill Berkshire Junior Supreme Champion 2009 & English Double Skeet C Class Champion 2010 ‘I never thought of wearing gloves until MacWet got in touch, since then I never shoot without them. They fit like an extra skin and are really good in the heat as I found out when I shot the US Open. They wash really well and come in different colours. I love wearing different colours, one on each hand as it’s fun to mix and match’.

11 Steph Kirkwood UKAHFT Ladies Champion 2009 and Top Lady at the World Championships 2010 ‘I could never find any gloves which I could load a pellet with unless they were fingerless, but my hands get so cold in the winter it became a nightmare to find something to suit. I then tried the MacWet gloves, which are amazing. I absolutely love them! I don’t shoot without them now as they keep my hands warm in the winter, so I can load a pellet and still be able to have complete control of the light trigger even when wet’.

12 Graham Evans Wales & GB Clay Shooting Team ‘In 35 years of shooting in top class events I never wore gloves; now I can’t shoot without them, they are brilliant!’

13 Dave Wincott Met Police Shooting Team ‘I never used gloves for shooting, now I can’t shoot without my MacWets. I use the standard gloves for clay shooting and the tactical gloves for game shooting. Both are extremely comfortable and sensitive, the tactical gloves in particular have been tested for 6 months, have been washed frequently and are still as good as new.’

14 So if unrivalled grip, touch, feel and sensitivity are what your customers need, look no further than

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