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Unum LifeWorks Launch Presentation

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1 Unum LifeWorks Launch Presentation

2 What is Unum LifeWorks? What is Unum LifeWorks?
LifeWorks is an Employee Assistance Programme. What does that mean for me? It means you get support with work-life and personal issues, free of charge. How? You can use Unum LifeWorks whenever you want, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Call Unum LifeWorks: Visit: Lets look at some recent evidence from surveys in the UK Asking for help is difficult

3 How Unum LifeWorks has helped others…
Sarah rang Unum LifeWorks because she couldn’t cope. She was upset by a recent bereavement and found it impossible to concentrate at work. Unum Lifeworks helped her come to terms with her loss and start to get back on track. Caroline was too busy to find what childcare arrangements were in her area. Unum LifeWorks found them for her. Graham rang in and told Unum LifeWorks that he was badly in debt. His wife was recently made redundant and he couldn’t look after his family alone. He said: “If she finds out how much debt I am in, she will leave me.” Unum LifeWorks told Graham how to get advice and support Rakesh was alarmed that his mum and dad wanted to move out of their home and want to move in with him. He was unhappy about this. Unum LifeWorks helped talk through options for him and his mum and dad.

4 How can Unum LifeWorks help employees?
Confidential help with family problems Advice on debt issues Putting together a Health & Wellness programme Finding childcare in your area. There is always someone to talk to… Call: Visit:

5 How can Unum LifeWorks help managers?
Difficulties managing your team Concerns about an employee Talking through an employee’s performance issues High absence or sickness in your team. Unum LifeWorks can support you… Call: Visit:

6 Support materials and publications

7 LifeWorks is confidential
Your Unum LifeWorks Call free on Phone lines are open 8am - 8pm Overflow service 24/7 365 days a year LifeWorks is confidential (unless risk to self and others) Call as often as you like You can view, order or download free publications from

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