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Student Number One was spanked by his teachers for bad grades and poor attitude. He dropped out of school at 16.

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3 Student Number One was spanked by his teachers for bad grades and poor attitude. He dropped out of school at 16.

4 Student Number Two failed remedial English and came close to flunking out of college.

5 Student Number Three feared he would never make it through school and might not have without a tutor.

6 Student Number Four finally learned to read in third grade, devouring Marvel Comics, whose pictures provided clues to help him untangle the words.

7 Student #1 Richard Branson Developed Britain’s Virgin Records and Atlantic Airways

8 Richard Branson “At some point, I think I decided that being dyslexic was better than being stupid.”

9 Student #2 Charles Schwab Created the Discount Brokerage Business

10 Dyslexics don’t outgrow their problems. Reading and writing could be hard work all their lives. Schwab – very strong in math, science and sports –but English was a disconnect. He couldn’t listen to a lecture and take notes.

11 He couldn’t memorize four words in a row. Brain's Lobes Brain's Lobes

12 Student #3 John Chambers CEO of CISCO Dyslexic Each year John Chambers increases Cisco’s profits by 2 billion dollars

13 Chambers – “This is very painful to talk about, even today. The only reason I am talking about it is 100% for the kids and their parents.”

14 You have just got to learn your way through it. What works is to go a little slower.

15 Chambers reads right to left up and down

16 Student #4 David Boies Celebrated Trial Attorney The guy who beat Microsoft Dyslexic

17 Boies “It is a disability in learning. It is not an intelligence disability. It doesn’t mean you can’t think.”

18 What do they have in common? They are all

19 Craig McCaw Billionaire – Cellular Industry Thinks differently – invented the cell phone because he couldn’t see why people would want to be tied to the wall by a six foot cord. All the other experts thought he was crazy. But he could vision a person standing in their front yard talking on a phone. No one else could.

20 Learning Disabilities have NOTHING to do with intelligence.

21 John Reed Led Citibank to the top of the banking industry

22 Donald Winkler Headed up Ford Financial

23 Winkler remembers coming home from school bloodied by fights he’d had with kids who called him dumb.

24 Gaston Caperton Former Governor of West Virginia Head of the College Board

25 If you can survive childhood, you will be great in the business world.

26 Paul Orfala Founder of Kino’s 800 stores around the world

27 Orfala failed second grade and spend part of third in a class of mentally retarded children. He could not learn to read. He was taken to testers, tutors, therapists, special reading groups, and eye doctors. Nothing worked.

28 Orfala – As young classmates read aloud, I felt as if angels must be whispering the words in their ears.

29 I have always been a bad reader. I was 40 years old before I would let anyone see my handwriting. Never made it through high school.

30 Orfala in college did all the photocopying for his writing team working on a business project. That copying gave him the idea for Kinko’s.

31 Diane Swonk Chief Economist of Bank One Can’t remember phone numbers Forgets which way to turn when she gets off the elevator. Forgets which number is her train

32 Bill Samuels, Jr. President of Maker’s Mark Dyslexic

33 Think in 3D Like having a CAD in your brain Thinking in MOVIES not words

34 Winston Churchill Prime Minister of Great Britain Writing and reading problems

35 Albert Einstein Physicist and Mathematician Greatest mind of the 20 th century

36 Dyslexics think outside the box. Cerebral Cortex Neurons Hippocampus Neurons

37 Dyslexics don’t outgrow their problems. They learn to manage them. Without coaching, the problems can snuff out dreams and make people give up.

38 Dyslexia Superstar

39 Whoopi Goldberg Actress and Superstar

40 Scott Adams - Dilbert Jay Leno Tonight Show

41 Bill Hewlitt – HP Laserjets

42 Leonardo Da Vinci

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