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Finn McCool and the legend of the Giant’s Causeway

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1 Finn McCool and the legend of the Giant’s Causeway

2 The Giant’s Causeway The Giant’s Causeway is located in County Antrim on the northeast coast of Northern Ireland,

3 What is it? The area consists of an estimated 40,000 hexagonal basalt columns, which were formed during a volcano eruption 60 million years ago.

4 The Legend of Finn McCool
A long, long time ago in Ireland there lived a giant called Finn McCool He was very proud to say that he was the biggest, bravest giant in Ireland No-one in Ireland dared to challenge him

5 Benandonner However in Scotland there was a giant, much bigger and fiercer called Benandonner He was known as the most fierce, fearless, bravest, and strongest giant in Scotland.

6 Fight One day when Finn was going about his daily business, Benandonner began to shout insults from across the sea. In anger Finn lifted a lump of earth and threw it at the giant. He challenged him to a fight. Benandonner threw a rock back at Finn and told him he couldn’t swim.

7 The Causeway Since Benandonner couldn’t swim and there was no boat big enough to carry a giant, Finn built a huge causeway (a bridge) of giant stones across the water so that the Scottish giant could travel across the sea to Ireland.

8 Benadonner comes to Ireland
However when Finn McCool realises the size of Benandonner and that he is much bigger than him. He is petrified. He knew that Benandonner would kill him. He knew that he couldn’t fight him so ran home to his house He asked his wife Oonagh to hide him

9 Finn disguised as a baby
Luckily Finn’s wife Oonagh was a very clever and tactical woman. She told Finn not to worry, she disguised him as a baby told him to go to the sofa and pretend to sleep there.

10 Ben arrives furious at Finn’s house
Ben asks Finn’s wife where he is Oonagh tells Ben that Finn is out but invites him in for some tea She tells Ben to be quiet and shows him the “baby” (Finn McCool) that is sleeping

11 Ben cannot believe how big the baby is
He is so shocked at the size of the baby that he runs away “If the baby is huge the father must be extremely GINORMOUS!!” He runs back to Scotland He destroys the Causeway so that Finn McCool can’t find him

12 Giant’s Boot On the way home he lost his boot It is still there today





17 What is a legend? An unbelievable story handed down by tradition from other generations and popularly accepted as historical.

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