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C&C Empathy Training Ltd

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1 C&C Empathy Training Ltd
Carolyn Cleveland & Vanessa Carter The LEED Programme©

2 ‘Our emotions, they say, guide us into facing predicaments and tasks too important to leave to intellect alone’ Daniel Goleman Emotional intelligence C&C Empathy Training Ltd

3 Every action starts with an emotion. But what emotion?
Anger Love Happiness Fear Sadness

4 Complete debilitation
‘Weather the storm’ - The illness The Abnormal Reality Couldn’t eat Couldn’t walk Complete debilitation Couldn’t drink Couldn’t sit up Couldn’t talk



7 she can’t communicate, she is too ill
156 hours of constant pain ……………..No concern Blinded for 3 days ……..………No Concern Throat was so sore ….…….……No Concern she can’t communicate, she is too ill FIT CARDIAC ARREST MULTI ORGAN FAILURE DIC BACTERIAL TOXIC SHOCK SYNDROME

8 Potassium was 6.9 and platelets now at 25
3 days before her collapse and admission to ITU Platelets fell from 199 to 50 with her liver failing and a high white blood count. “Getting better” Haematologist advised further investigations, concerned at her results “Feeling better” Potassium was 6.9 and platelets now at 25 “Looking better” The inquest concluded death by natural causes. Were missed Ignored Carelessly tossed aside

9 Why should medical teams listen to them?
They can be a font of knowledge They have more time Often already an existing level of trust and rapport

10 They have an investment…. It is Their
Their Life Their Mum Their Dad Their Friend Their Husband Their Wife Their Partner Their Sibling Their neighbour Their Son Their Daughter

11 OR Share Knowledge Service User Clinical Staff
Clinical Staff Service User

12 Conscious & Unconscious Processes and emotions
Past Experience Present Situations Emotions Concern Worry Fear Future Beliefs

13 fear noun 1. an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm (Physical, emotional or Psychological)

14 Don’t FEAR it…….Understand it.
FEAR = SELF PROTECTION We all do this You do I do It’s normal Don’t FEAR it…….Understand it.

15 Listen Engage Understand
Empathise Ask - Am I getting all the pieces of the puzzle? Clinical knowledge Patient knowledge = Patient safety

16 Thank you very much for listening
‘Every addition to true knowledge is an addition to human power’ Horace Mann Thank you very much for listening

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