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204 102 01 117 176 0 87 133 62 69 8471 141 255 89 89 91 0 171 146 166 166 166 95 186 70 Driving Cost and Complexity Out of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.

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1 Driving Cost and Complexity Out of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Adrian Groeneveld - Partner Manager, UK & Nordics 31 st October 2013

2 Atlantis Computing Confidential © Atlantis Computing  Software company focused on virtual datacenter optimization  HQ in Silicon Valley with offices in Europe  350+ customers  Over 400,000 licenses sold  Strategic relationships with key industry vendors  Some of the largest VDI and XenApp deployments in the world:

3 Atlantis Computing Confidential © Successful desktop projects depend on making everyone happy IT Organization Simplify operations and avoid PC refresh Proven and reliable, easy to manage High availability and disaster recovery Users Enable user mobility and BYOD Provide better-than-PC user experience Allow access anywhere and anytime Chief Financial Officer CAPEX cost lower than a PC Tangible datacenter OPEX costs reduction Lower risk with no hidden costs

4 Atlantis Computing Confidential © Virtual Desktop Challenges & Risks Costs and Complexity of storage and networking infrastructure Need for high availability and rapid recovery from failure and natural disasters Delivering a User Experience that is equal or better-than-PC Deployment Risks that derail VDI projects Managing VDI at Scale – tens of thousands of desktops

5 Atlantis Computing Confidential © The Virtual Desktop Storage Trap Source: Attacking the High Cost of Desktop Virtualization (July 2013 Gartner ID: ID:G ) VDI Cost By Component

6 Atlantis Computing Confidential © Atlantis ILIO - De-risking the Desktop Lower Cost than a Physical PC Enables High Availability and Disaster Recovery Faster than PC Lowers deployment risk with automation Proven Management at Scale

7 Atlantis Computing Confidential © Atlantis ILIO - In Memory Storage Platform DesktopApplication Acceleratin g storage- intensive Cloud workloads High performance cost-effective Virtual Desktops Delivering applications at the speed of Memory Cloud Automation Management

8 Atlantis Computing Confidential © Atlantis ILIO at Work ILIO Diskless ILIO Virtual Desktops Atlantis ILIO Storage Optimization Physical Server Virtualization Layer Storage Server Hardware NFS or iSCSI Application Analysis Inline Deduplication Compression Coalescing (I/O Blender Fix) Content-Aware I/O Processing Hypervisor

9 Atlantis Computing Confidential © Deployment Flexibility ChallengesTypical Virtual DesktopAtlantis ILIO Virtual Desktop Flexibility Limited storage and network options Difficult to integrate components Any storage with simplified networking SAN, NAS, Local Flash, In-Memory Storage Expensive Tier 1 SAN Fibre Channel RAM Local Flash SAN/NAS

10 Atlantis Computing Confidential © Persistent VDI – Cost Per Desktop (1,000 user example) ChallengesTraditional Persistent VDIAtlantis ILIO Persistent VDI Cost Per Desktop More Expensive Than a PC $1,000-$2,000 to equal PC performance Cheaper than a PC! Cut CAPEX/OPEX up to 80% Virtually unlimited IOPS of RAM 70% Reduction in Storage Costs $800K+ in Storage Savings 70% Reduction in Storage Costs $800K+ in Storage Savings Cost Per Desktop under $300

11 Atlantis Computing Confidential © Virtual Desktops – Deployment Time ChallengesTraditional VDIAtlantis ILIO VDI Deployment Time 6 months to years Complexity leads to project delays Go live in weeks! Automated deployment “Within two weeks of contacting Atlantis Computing, we deployed 1,400 virtual desktops using Atlantis ILIO deliver a significantly faster desktop experience.” Andrew Rice, Global Head of IT BLP (Berwin Leighton Paisner) “IT organizations must carefully plan and size the storage infrastructure to avoid SHVD deployment failures.” How to Implement Storage for Virtual Desktop Deployment January 2013 Gartner ID #G

12 Atlantis Computing Confidential © The Atlantis Enabled Desktop Delivers lowest cost per desktop – faster than PC Only solution for VDI and XenApp with “NO storage” 4 to 10 times more users on any shared storage or SSD/Flash Reduce project risks & human errors with automation and simplification Migrate from Persistent to Stateless with no infrastructure changes …all delivered with just software

13 Atlantis Computing Confidential © Round Table Breakouts - with Jim Moyle, CTP  Session 1 Atlantis ILIO - Beneath the Covers A technical drill down into Atlantis ILIO and the different architecture and deployment models, followed by a live demonstration  Session 2 Virtual Desktop Architectures Q&A A no-nonsense overview of the different desktop deployment models and your chance to get straight answers to your questions  Session 3 Open Forum Discussion After a day of information this is a great forum to make sense of it all. Jim Moyle has 20 years experience working with virtual desktop technology so there isn’t much he hasn’t experienced

14 Thank You Any Questions?

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