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Bridge Between Islam & Organ/Tissue Donation. What is Islam?  Islam The monotheistic religion where Allah is the One and only God, worshipped by followers.

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1 Bridge Between Islam & Organ/Tissue Donation

2 What is Islam?  Islam The monotheistic religion where Allah is the One and only God, worshipped by followers of Islam called Muslims, articulated by the Holy Book, The Qur’an and the teachings of the Prophets described in Hadith, which are the reported ways of these Prophets.

3 Islamic Denominations

4 Speaker’s Demographics  Name Raunak Jahan, Runi for short.  Religion Islam of Sunni denomination  Culture Bengali born in Bangladesh but raised in Houston, TX  Education Graduated from high school in Houston in 1999. Went on to medical school in Bangladesh at North Bengal Medical College. Worked as an OB/GYN for 5 years post graduation to serve the indigent habitants of the slums of Bangladesh, who were deprived of proper medical care.  Current Employment Donation Clinical Specialist at LifeGift in Houston, TX.

5 Runi’s Cultural Background  Asian(other)  Muslim  2 Parent, 3 sibling household  Celebrate religious holidays, birthdays, family gatherings (dawat)  Educational Background composed of college graduates to professional degrees  Men are decision makers, some respecting women’s point of view, some not.  Primary goals: Respecting all religious views, obtaining full education followed by marriage.

6 Residence of majority family  50% (Mother’s side) live in Houston, TX  50% (Father’s side) live in Bangladesh

7 My Family's Views on Donation  Isn’t that against our religion??  Our body should go in the same way it was sent.  I want to leave this world with what Allah (God) gave me.  I do not want to be chopped up.  They will sell my organs for money not to save people.  Sickness is a type of repentance for sins, so even if I gave someone my organs, if God chooses for that person to stay sick, no one can change that.  10% of persons I interviewed changed/avoided the subject and said they were busy.  I’m not poor, I don’t need to sell my organs. Oh! Donate, isn’t that against the law?  I will not be provided full treatment if I am in a critical medical state and they see I am a donor.

8 Images to illustrate my points… Women subordinate to men Organ trafficking False References True References Does Islam permit organ transplant??? Three conditions arise. One, it should not be damaging for the donor. If a donor dies just by donating his organ, in that case it’s Haram. Second condition is different. A person can live on one kidney. If I donate one kidney and the other person survives, both of us are saved. Then the third point is that you cannot donate your organs for the cause of money. If these conditions are fulfilled, then organ transplant can be done. -Zakir Naik

9 Bengali Infusion into Islam  Growing up as a Bengali Muslim, I have observed how cultural tradition has affected how I follow my religion and how some traditions divert away from the documented ways of Islam. These altered ways are being practiced without correction by many of the Bengali and Pakistani communities I observe everyday.  As a bengali muslim dcs, of the LifeGift Team, my role has become a focus of attention for my community since most of the people in it are minimally educated on the Islamic views towards organ and tissue donation, mostly manifested by their fear of sinning. Their many questions and comments have cleared up a fog of confusion in themselves as well as my own self, making a bridge between Islam and organ /tissue donation more visible, thus making people of my culture more approachable with my occupation and its concept.

10 Rana’s Cultural Background  Arab (Caucasian)  Islam, Muslim (Most Arabs are Muslims but Most Muslims are not Arab)  2 parent 5 sibling home  College Educated and higher  Celebrate most holidays, birthdays ect.  God, dignity, family, self respect, honesty, education are important. Reputation is very important. Contrary to popular belief the word Islam is derived from the Arabic word for peace and Islam gives specific rights to women to protect them from oppression. The Koran was the 1 st book to say all men and women were created equal and not just all men are created equal. A few corrupt people stuck on their own agenda or culture have miscued the facts to cause the wrong perception.

11 Majority of family Live:  Rana’s immediate family lives in the USA: LA, Phx, and Ohio (Uncle) and herself in Houston.  Most all other family members live in Baghdad, Iraq.

12 Views on Donation:  Islam respects and gives rights to the dead body as much as it respects and gives rights to the living body.  The debate over donation is still on going due to peoples own interpretation and cultural views. Islam permits donation under specific circumstances. And as always Islam ensures the best for all members of society. Saving a life in Islam is a high honor.  Most Arabs say it’s a good thing but personally would not do it. An Arab Muslim is statistically more likely to donate then a Indian/Paki Muslim.  My family is in the medical field and it very taboo to talk about ones decision on donation, if you talk about it you will jinx yourself to die. And that view is shared in the Arab culture, as it is bad luck. Talking w/ my family about what I do they are very proud of me and think I am doing a great thing for society but donation is only talked in general terms.  I believe the younger generation of Muslims/Arabs (like many other races) are becoming more pro donation due to many factors in our modern society. As w/ any family, if you approach a family at the right time w/ respect and a true understanding of who they are then I believe you have a good enough chance as anyone else.

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