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Narrative Writing Strategies: Plot 1. 2 “Harrison Bergeron” Plot Map.

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1 Narrative Writing Strategies: Plot 1

2 2 “Harrison Bergeron” Plot Map

3 Reminders You will NOT earn credit for any annotations until I have your signed consent form! Zeros will be entered into the gradebook with NO RECOURSE! Don’t forget ASD if you have it!

4 Narrative Writing: Plot What is plot? Events in a story What is the purpose of plot? Move reader toward turning point (climax) Develop conflict Develop character Develop themes 4

5 Plot Elements Exposition Introduction to setting, character, conflict Promises are made Rising Action Build suspense Fulfill promise(s) Climax Turning point Resolution Tie up loose ends Conclusion Last event 5

6 Making Promises Event: A guest at a fancy party is murdered. Promise: A hunt to find the killer will ensue A monster escapes a top-secret laboratory. Promise: It will commit horrific acts until it is stopped. Event: A boy sits next to the cute girl in class; they exchange shy smiles. Promise: They will become a couple. 6

7 Fulfilling Promises Only promises you intend to keep – every scene should progress toward fulfilling them. Plot threads – different promises progressing simultaneously – main plot plus subplots Finding Nemo Plot Threads: Adventure plot – Marlin's journey Relationship plots – Marlin and Nemo's father-son relationship; Marlin and Dory's friendship Heist/escape plot – Gil's goal 7

8 8 “Harrison Bergeron” Plot Map

9 Choose a Premise A guy loses his briefcase at the mall and is trying to find it. A woman is hiking in the wilderness and thinks she hears someone stalking her, but isn't 100% sure if it's just her imagination or not. A boy finds a watch on the side of the road, but the watch is running backwards. A soldier returns home from Afghanistan on Halloween. A little league game gets interrupted by tornado sirens going off. 9

10 Planning Your Story Name: Premise: Main Plot: Subplot: Plot Map: 10

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